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"I can't believe they made a prat like you King. This play is losing the plot without me around." Merlin commented and strolled further into the room like he owned the place. Arthur couldn't help but stare. He was looking at a ghost, surely?

"How are you alive?"

"That doesn't matter right now. You have an entire army on the boarders of your Kingdom and yet I come back to find you giving up? What happened to the strong, determined and brave Arthur that I left behind?"

"He was gone the moment Gaius told me you were dead," Arthur admitted and went forward to greet his friend. Putting his sword away, he put his hand on Merlin's shoulder to confirm he was real and smiled in relief. "I cannot believe you are here."

"I am here because Camelot needs my help. Again. Morgause must be dealt with and no man can face her alone. Except for me. I came to tell you that you did not need to prepare your men except you aren't even doing that. What was your plan Arthur? Talk them all to death?"

"I don't know alright …" Arthur turned away and walked back to the empty throne. His hand lightly running across the back as he circled it. "My men look to me for guidance and yet I can barely look at their faces. All of them have moved past your death. I could not. Would not."

"Well I'm alive so it's time you start behaving like a King."

"What makes you think you can defeat Morgause this time? Nothing has changed."

"A lot of things have changed my friend. She will not bother you again and Camelot will see a new side to their King." Merlin smiled at him softly and turned to go, yet was stopped as a sword flew past his shoulder to bury itself in the wooden door.

"Don't you dare walk out of here like that. You owe me an explanation. You can't just shove me out of your head, let all your friends think I was the one that caused your death, come back like nothing happened and then leave again. Just because you're a sorcerer does not mean you get to do what you please. Now tell me, how are you alive?"

Merlin looked over his shoulder at Arthur and there was a look in his eye that told Arthur that he would probably never know or at least never understand. He watched as Merlin's eyes turned golden and without a single word said, the sword flew from the door and onto the ground, the sound of it hitting the floor echoing through the hall.

"Do not treat me like a subject Arthur. I'm more than that to you. Always have been and always will be. I stood by your side when others would not and protected you with my last dying breath. So next time you want to order me to do something, don't."

Arthur started to head towards him as the door came open, "Where are you going?"

"I told you, I have an army to defeat."

"You're not that powerful you idiot! Don't get yourself killed again."

"As a young boy once said, you may have no way of seeing in the dark but I do. Idiots can come in useful like that," Merlin smirked playfully at Arthur as they went through the corridors of the castle. Arthur glared at him return. He wasn't making any sense.

"You're not trying to see in the dark Merlin!"

"That is where you are wrong." Merlin being a step ahead of him went through the main door first and carried on down the steps, Arthur on the other hand found himself walking into a wall that didn't exist. His head collided first before the rest of his body did, the momentum forcing him to fall and Arthur rubbed his nose as Merlin paused at the bottom of the stairs. "You should stay here."

"Do not do this again! Last time you stopped me coming you were enchanted. Learn from your mistakes." Arthur got to his feet as Merlin began to walk away, "Merlin! Come back here! Promise me you won't die! Promise!"

Arthur felt his chest tighten as Merlin vanished into the night. No evidence that he had ever existed remained. He had to come back. Merlin had to come back so he could beat some sense into him.

I promise.

The words entered his mind as easily as thoughts did and he only realised it was Merlin talking to him by the way he felt. Merlin had promised to return and he was never one to break a promise.


Morgause sat in her tent as the army slept outside in their own tents however many stayed awake to simply battle with each other to pass the time. The sound of swords meeting annoyed her. Weapons were useless in a battle. You needed power and magic gave you power. She was the weapon.

Smiling at the thought of Camelot being hers tomorrow, she got to her feet and turned towards the bed that had been made up for her.

"Morgause," a low voice filled the tent and she turned. Ready to attack whoever was there. Yet no human stood in her tent. She remained alone.

"Who's there?"

"You didn't head my warning Morgause. I told you never to return and in turn, didn't kill your sister. Is this how you repay me?"

"Emrys," she hissed and stormed from the tent to see the army was splitting down the middle. Tents moved across the ground, fires that had been made were put out and evaporated into thin air, her men were pulled back by imaginary ropes and she watched as a single man walked down the path that had been made. "You were dead Emrys! That enchanted could not be broken. I made sure of it."

"Then you were tricked Morgause, for here I am and I am not happy." Emrys was now a few feet away and he wore pathetic looking clothes that could be worn by a servant, he posed no threat looking like this. "You dare attack Camelot after I spared you?"

"I swore I would come back more powerful than ever and I did. Camelot will be mine once more. Just you wait."

"No, it won't."

"You have an entire army surrounding you. No doubt are weaker than ever since I'm guessing it used a lot of magic to come back. You don't even have any knights to back you up. What can you do?"

She watched as he pulled off the scarf that rested around his neck, his fingers curling around it loosely and a small smile came to his lips. That wasn't a smile of someone who felt scared. "You have your men, your magic and your power but I have something worth so much more." He threw his scarf down at her feet and kept his hand raised in her direction. "I made a promise to a royal prat that I would live through this and I fully intend too." Emrys dropped his gaze to the scarf, "Bescínan."


"I, Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelot, announce from this day forward that magic will no longer be punishable by death. Over the past year I have come to realise a lot of things. I have faced sides of myself that I wish didn't exist and I have grown stronger from it." The King yelled out from the balcony as all his subjects lined the streets below.

"Magic is neither good nor bad, it is how the sorcerer wields their gift that defines who they really are. In the future I see a land where men and sorcerers are treated as equals, where no one is judged for who or what they are. No longer will they have to hide in the shadows or live in fear of being caught. Camelot is changing into a place that I believe will set a foundation for many Kingdoms to come." The people clapped and cheered in response.

"In light of this new ruling I would like to introduce to you my closest friend and my greatest ally," Arthur stepped to the side and looked towards Merlin with a soft gaze. Merlin on the other hand tensed up as all eyes in the Kingdom turned to look at him. Never had he been in focus of so much attention. "Come on," Arthur whispered and he felt a small shove from behind from his soon to be ex-friend Gwen. Merlin took a deep breath and approached Arthur, now standing at his side in full view of the judgmental eyes of the people.

"Most of you know Merlin as my manservant. What most of you won't know is that he has saved Camelot more times than you could ever imagine. He has fought off the most ferocious of beasts, killed sorcerers who threatened our land and has risked his life every time so that we can all sleep safely at night. Here you see the bravest, strongest, wisest and most of all kindest person Camelot will ever know. When you think of magic you think of him. For Merlin is magic. He is what magic stands for. Merlin will remain at my side until I am no longer King, however he won't be a servant."

Merlin frowned as Arthur turned to look at him, as did the rest of the people on the balcony, all of which looked at him with pride and happiness. "He will be known as the King's advisor but most of all, he will go down in history as the greatest protector of Camelot." Arthur smiled at him and then did the last thing he ever expected. The King got down on one knee and knelt at his feet, the people surrounding him followed suit. Suddenly he heard a sound of movement and looked down at the people to see them doing the same. Every woman, man and child knelt on the hard ground with their heads bowed in respect.

He didn't know what to feel as he looked at everyone. Never had he dreamt of a day when so many people would be thanking him, when a day would come that all his actions were recognised and no longer would he have to be scared of showing everyone who he truly was. So as Arthur rose to his feet Merlin couldn't help but smile at him, a small tear escaping his eye as he stared at his friend, finding no words to thank him for what he'd just said. "In celebration of magic returning to Camelot a festival will be held on this night every year. The sky will be lit with lights and the streets lined with tables with feasts fit for a King. Never will we forget today for it is the day that everything changed."


Arthur turned to look back at Merlin as his subjects were dismissed and saw that his friend was barely holding it together. For there was tears in his eyes and a look of bliss on his face. "You shouldn't be crying Merlin, I did all that to make you happy, can't you see that?"

"Yes. I am happy. So happy. I didn't think it was possible to feel this happy. Thank you Arthur. Thank you so much." Merlin smiled and wiped the tears from his face.

"You protected Camelot when I could not. You deserved every word that I said." Arthur went forward and brought Merlin into a light embrace, which he quickly ended when he heard Gwaine laugh in the background. "Just don't go getting yourself killed otherwise they'll be a mass panic that Camelot is doomed."

"I'm sure he could come back if he wanted too," Gwaine commented and wrapped an arm around Merlin's neck from behind. "He's done it before."

"In the end you never did tell us how you came back," Arthur commented and raised an eyebrow when Merlin looked up towards the sky. Everyone lifted their gazes to the sky to see what he looked at which was quickly followed with gasps as they saw a huge dragon fly across the roofs of Camelot and smile in Merlin's direction before it vanished behind one of the castle's towers.

"Maybe I had a bit of luck on my side."


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