Jane and Maura just talking... writing excercise to work on my dialogue. It's been stilted as of late. One shot, of course.

Characters aren't mine.

"Hey, Maura, how's it hanging?" Jane sauntered into the morgue with two cups of coffee.

"Good morning, Jane. How is what hanging?" Maura smiled as she took a cup from Jane.

"God, Maura, it's just a figure of speech. Must you be so literal all the time?" The detective leaned against the cabinet by the sinks. "What are you up to?"

"I'm finishing up paperwork from the last autopsy. You should have it within the hour assuming you leave me alone long enough to finish it soon."

Jane rolled her eyes. "It's good to see you, too. You know, you're always cranky on Wednesdays."

"I am not cranky."

"No, you really are. What's up with that? I even brought your favorite kind of coffee down because I just knew you'd be like this."

Maura set her coffee cup down on the 'dead table' and crossed her arms. "I'm sorry, Jane. I believe 'hump day' aptly describes my morning."

Jane did a spit take into her coffee cup. "Did you just crack a joke? Did you just crack a joke using sexual innuendo? Who are you and what have you done with Maura Isles?"

"Jane," the warning in the doctor's voice was strong.

"No way, Maura! I can't believe you actually said that. I must be rubbing off on you." The detective smirked.

"Let us hope not," the blonde mutter as she picked her cup up.

"Hey, wait a minute. What is that supposed to mean?" Jane crossed her arms, glaring.

"If anything, I would venture to say I was 'rubbing off' on you." Maura raised an eyebrow as she ran her eyes down the brunette's body. "That's a lovely Jones New York suit you're wearing. Did you get it tailored?"

Jane ran a hand down the front of her jacket. "Yeah, actually, I had that guy you suggested… wait a minute." She scowled for a second. "Okay, fine." She rolled her eyes. "But, you have to admit it goes both ways."

"I see no reason to admit anything that there is no empirical evidence to uphold." Maura smirked over the rim of her cup as she turned back toward her office. "You, on the other hand, have clearly developed a better sense of fashion. Therefore," she called over her shoulder as she entered her office, "I would say the evidence is clear that it is me who has rubbed off on you."

Jane started to respond, but was cut off by Maura's office door closing shut. She growled to herself for a moment before pushing off the cabinet and walking to the elevators. She would get Maura back for that one. She didn't know when, but the doctor's days were numbered.