The platform was sullen. Ali stood on there with her trunk and Roxy backpack on her shoulder. Everyone was looking at the ground and moving quickly. The air was stagnant with pain. Ali looked desperately around for her friends, but none of them were there, a group of Slytherin's were walking down the platform towards her.

"Oh, look a Mudblood." Ali flinched as the Slytherin's stood in front of her.

"Yeah, you're not really that smart are you? I'm a half-blood." She sneered looking them all in the eyes. One of them made a move to hit her and she pulled out her wand.

"You dare." She hissed pointing at all of them.

"I think you should get on the train Mr Hughes." A sneering voice drawled at the boys.

"Yes headmaster." The boys scuttled off to the train and sneered back at Ali.

"I think that you should keep your wand in your pocket Miss Robinson." Ali looked up at Professor Snape.

"It was in self protection sir." She muttered as she stared at the ground.

"Excuse me?" He spat at Ali who shrank back.

"Sorry sir." She continued to stare at the ground.

"If I hear one more peek out of you Robinson it will be the end of you. Get on the train." Ali walked shakily onto the train.

"Are you alright." Someone caught her arm and Ali was spun around to face a pale, ginger haired girl. Ginny Weasley.

"Yeah thanks. Listen, I'm really sorry about your brother going missing." Ginny smiled.

"Thanks for your concern, but he'll be okay." She smiled and walked away.

Ali walked down the aisle of the train until she came to a compartment in which sat Amelia Williams and Lucy Green, her two best friends.

"Oh my god." Lucy jumped up and hugged Ali.

"I saw what happened on the platform. Slytherin bastards." Amelia laughed and patted the seat next to her.

"Sit down." Ali sighed and threw her backpack onto the floor.

"Ugh, final year." She mumbled scratching her head. Lucy grinned and lifted up a water bottle of pumpkin juice.

"I'll drink to that!" Like Ali, her two closest friends were both Half-Bloods, which was quite lucky really as Muggle-borns, or Mudbloods as they were now so affectionately referred to by the Ministry were either banned or persecuted. Ali's mother was a witch, but she was also a Muggle. She had met Ali's father at Hogwarts. She was on the run now, Ali's dad was with her too.

"Don't do anything to rash Alison. It'll be okay." Ali knew that it wasn't going to be okay; you- know- who was back. After a while, the journey got quieter. The three girls settled down into doing different things. Amelia began to read a book, Lucy sat drumming her fingernails on the window and Ali looked out of the window. Outside, the scenery was dark and monotonous.

"I don't like this." She mumbled. The door of the compartment opened.

"Any Mudbloods?" The Alecto Carrow was looking through the door.

"No, we're all half bloods." Ali looked away from the death eater and back to her friends. Amelia had gone very pale.

"Excuse me?" Alecto Carrow growled at Ali.

"I said all of us are half bloods." Alecto pulled out her wand.

"Where is the respect in that sentence?" Alecto asked pointing her wand towards Ali.

"Um, we are all half bloods Miss Carrow." Ali said with a look of concentration on her face.

"Is that how you would address your teachers?" She asked.

"You're one of our teachers?" Ali asked and then bit her tongue.

"Sorry, I mean: We are all half bloods Professor." Alecto stood at the door but glared threateningly at Ali.

"You should watch your tongue girl." Alecto left, leaving a dark smell in the compartment.

"She's really scary." Lucy whispered. Amelia nodded. Ali looked out of the window and shuddered.

"She's a freak." Ali whispered and Amelia gasped.

"What if she heard that?" Ali shrugged.

"Don't really care. The world's fucked anyway." Lucy nodded and looked away.

"Anyway, let's talk about something else."

The journey had been very tense. The Slytherin's were on top form. Most of the bad one's screaming disgusting comments about maiming and torturing muggles. The others, not all of them pure bloods were sat in the corner ignoring it. It was very hard to remember, but not all Slytherin's were evil, the same as not all Gryffindor's were brave. Half way there the girls got changed into their robes. All of them were in Ravenclaw.

On the platform the tall, gigantic man that was the Games keeper and the Care of Magical Creatures teacher was calling for the first years. He voice was disheartened and he sounded upset. Ali bit her lip as her friends walked up the carriages. They all sat in the dark carriage silently. All around them there was manic laughter all around them. Ali was shivering and looking down.

"This is fucking mental." Lucy whispered. And she was right. Suddenly Ali hated her parents for leaving.

"But we have to go baby. It's not safe for Mum and me anymore."

As they reached the Great Hall everything was strange. All of the old teachers were gone. They were all replaced with death eaters. Even Hagrid's seat. Ali and her friends took their seats at the Ravenclaw table. Everyone was talking and when Snape stood up to the Headmaster's Plinth everyone apart from the Slytherin table ignored him and carried on talking. Lucy grinned.

"Ha." She mumbled.

Everyone continued to ignore him until Alecto Carrow stood up and pointed her wand at a stone figure head in the corner of the room.

"STUPEFY!" She screamed and the spell hit the statue so hard it disintegrated.

"Thank you Proffesor." Snape smiled coldly at Alecto and then looked back to the school.

"Students. Welcome back to school. This year, instead of sorting the students into the houses, we have put them randomly into new houses. Before we eat, I'd just like to say a few words."

"As you all know, I am the new Headmaster, we have changed a few of the members of staff, which you will meet in your lessons. But, I want to talk about a more pressing issue. We have got rid of all of the Mudbloods in the school. If one of your parents or friends is a mudblood, you need to tell me or one of your teachers. We cannot let this kind of filth infiltrate the school. We must make sure that all of them are gone. Work hard this year. It will be in your best interests." He waved his hand and the food appeared on the tables.

After a very sullen meal Ali and her friends walked upstairs in silence. It was silent in the halls, everyone was quiet and shocked that Snape was such a traitor. Back in the common room Ali left Amelia and Lucy in the tower and raced up to the dormitories. She had to get out of here as fast as she could.

"What are you doing?" Amelia was stood at the door watching.

"Getting out of here." Ali gave her a small smile but carried on packing her stuff away.

"You can't leave, where would you go?" Amelia looked at her with wide eyes.

"God knows, anywhere." Ali looked back down and continued to pack. She picked up her trunk and walked towards the door.

"I'm going to let you go." Amelia stood in front of the door.

"Amy, let me go." Ali tried to push past.

"No! I'm not going to let you." Ali pushed Amelia out of the way.

"What the fuck's wrong with you? I'm not staying here. They are all crazy. All of them. We are all slowly going to be tortured into telling them where our parents are. I'm not staying." Amelia looked away and her eyes were glistening with tears.

"It's not just hard for you! Lucy and I don't know where our parents are either! It's not just you who's hurting!" Amelia was almost screaming at Ali know.

"We all have to stick together! Or we'll never get through!" Amelia was crying and screaming all at the same time.

"Please don't leave." Amelia's voice was almost a whisper. Ali sighed and put her trunk down.

"One day." Ali muttered and walked past Amelia.

"Ali?" Ali turned around and looked back at Amelia.


At breakfast the next morning, Ali was even more convinced that she should leave. The hall was quiet, and then when she got her timetable, she found that she had Muggle Studies with Alecto Carrow.

"This is bullshit. I'm leaving." Amelia grabbed her arm.

"Please." Ali sighed and sat down again. Lucy watched on and smirked at Ali's obedience.

"Oh shit!" Lucy hissed as she looked at her timetable.

"Muggle studies with Carrow." Ali grabbed Lucy's timetable from her hand and looked at it.

"Same time as me." Lucy smiled and high-fived Ali across the table. As they ate their breakfast the girls looked around. It was sullen apart from the Slytherin table, who now had special treatment.

"Bastards." Lucy muttered.

"Potty mouth." Ali said grinning at Lucy. It was going to be fine, they'd do this year at school and then everything would be alright.

"Right, no one needs any textbooks; I just need you to get out some parchment and a quill. Alecto Carrow seemed to be in a brilliant mood, which was bad news for the Ravenclaw's.

"Today's lesson is titled 'Mudbloods- An introduction." She sat down in her chair and pointed her wand at the blackboard. The title came up in white, chalk letters.

"Some of you in this room will be half bloods. Although we have no quarrel with you, your mud blood mothers of father are people you should be ashamed of. Especially the magical one. They shouldn't have bred with such an animal. Mud bloods, are below the half bloods. We should never even contemplate mating with them." Ali's blood was boiling. This was crazy. She had to say something.

"Excuse me, Professor. Are we actually going to learn anything?" A gasp swept through the room. Alecto Carrow played it very cool.

"I think, Miss Robinson, that you should take notes on what I'm saying. If I remember correctly, your Mother was, but the illegitimate daughter of a lazy, boring, useless Mud blood. Your Father must either be dumb and or blind to have decided to marry something like that." Ali stood up and smacked her hand on the table.

"My family are good people! You don't know anything about them. Nothing!" Alecto Carrow raised her eyebrows.

"If you don't want any embarrassing secrets coming out, I suggest you keep your mouth shut and listen when I'm talking girl." Lucy pulled Ali back down onto her seat.

"I'm not putting up with this shit, I'm leaving tonight." She whispered. Lucy nodded.

"I'm coming too. This is crazy." Ali grinned. Now she only had to get Amelia on her side.

"You didn't hear what she said Amy. It was bad." Lucy sat at one of the tables in the Ravenclaw common room.

"She just slagged off Muggles, and then when Ali challenged her, she spouted a pile of shit about Ali's family." Amelia looked at Ali who nodded.

"We have to go this is mental, the rest of the day has been bad too. All of the teachers are referring to Muggles as Mud bloods. I'm not going to stay. Since Dumbledore died, this place has gone down, massively." Lucy said.

"Come on Amy, we're not going to go without you." Ali said.

"Then don't leave." Amelia said looking at her feet.

"We have to. Don't you get it?" Lucy sighed and stood up.

"We're packing now, then we'll leave later, whatever you decide, we're going." Lucy pulled Ali away from Amelia who sat in the chair looking very pale.

"She's not coming is she?" Ali asked as the two girls began to pack in the dormitory.

"Dunno." A few more minutes went by as the girls packed the rest of their belongings. The door opened and they turned around. Amelia was stood at the door.

"You're right, this is a fucking mad house."