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Chapter 1: Losing

The cannon rings out and I feel as though it has blasted through my body. I've won the Hunger Games – yes, I've won, but at a terrible price. Primrose Everdeen, so sweet and innocent, is dead and I am not. And here I am, bent over her small, broken body, her blood on my hands. I weep for her as Claudius Templesmith's voice announces my victory.

This isn't a victory. I haven't won. In fact, I've lost. Peeta Mellark is no more. I'm just a boy without a future.

I haven't won. The Capitol has won. They won by taking everything I was and destroying it. My family? Check. My mother doesn't want me around and the rest are too afraid of her to say otherwise. My friends? Check. I can't face them after this. My love? Check. Katniss will never be able to forgive me for standing by as her sister died. I don't blame her.

The hovercraft appears and I climb onto the ladder because, as much as I despise returning to the Capitol, anything is better than this hellish arena.

As soon as I enter the hovercraft and the door slides shut behind me, a doctor is treating my cuts and splinting my ankle. Only then do I realize that I am holding someone. Except it's not a person anymore, because the spark of life has gone and left behind an empty shell. I am numb as a gloved figure lifts Primrose Everdeen's corpse from my arms and she vanishes.

The feelings return and I am suddenly a monster, shouting and thrashing. "Get away! Don't touch me!" After only three seconds, a needle jabs into my arm and everything begins to swirl away. Somehow, I manage to remember that Prim is dead.

She's not really gone, of course. She will never be gone. I know that as long as I live I will see her face each time I close my eyes. Feel her blood, hot and wet. Hear her last message: "Please… you and my sister… make this count."

I wish.