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From Yako's POV:

I swear I always think I'm going to make it on time-and with plenty of time to spare. But something always seems to get in my way.

A lost child.

An old lady crossing the street.

A sale on ramen.

At least this time I had a perfectly good excuse to my lateness. Even Neuro would have to accept this one.

I've been kidnapped.


Maybe it's because I've gotten used to having my life threatened on a daily basis, but this was not that big of a deal for me.

I didn't even blink when they waved a gun in my face.

Actually, I probably would have just kept walking if they hadn't grabbed me and stuffed me in a car.


The kidnappers seemed rather on edge by my lack of fear. They eventually just tied me to a chair and left the room. I could hear them talking to someone on the phone through the door.

"Hurry up and come get her! Look man, we just take care of the grab-you gotta do the rest yourself. … Whadda ya mean wimps? Do you know how risky it is for us to kidnap someone so famous? Fine. I'll talk to the boss when he gets here we'll see what he wants us to do."

"Sheesh, he's bailing on the transport?" "Yeah, but we'll get paid double if we take care of it."

"Not a bad deal. But I still don't like it." "It's up to the boss either way."

There was about 20minutes of silence after that. During that time I explored the room [The best I could being tied to a chair]. No windows, and no clues to where I was. The only thing in the room was a wooden table and paper trash that was scattered around the room.

Nothing that could be used to free myself or be used as a weapon.

Thankfully, they didn't gag me. Maybe I could talk my way out of this. And as if on cue, I could hear footsteps quickly approaching.


"Yo." The kidnapper wearing a bandanna around his nose and mouth walked into the room with a plate of food. "I hear you have to be fed every hour or you starve to death."

Thank you media rumors. Though at least it gave me a chance to talk.

"Why did you kidnap me?"

Bandanna eyed me as if I was a snake coiled to attack. "We were paid to. Simple as that."

He untied my arms so I could eat.

"I thought so. You two seemed like pros. You kidnapped me in broad daylight, yet no one saw. Very impressive."

"Yeah, well, we've had a lot of practice."

I took a bite of food. "So, why'd you go in the criminal business?" I asked as I offered him some of my food.

He declined.

"I got into the wrong crowd. You know, the usual stuff. My-"

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" The other kidnapper [who had long sideburns] screamed from the doorway. "THE BOSS SAID WHATEVER WE DO, DON'T LET HER TALK!"

"I was just-"

"JUST NOTHING! GET OUT! As for you miss detective! I'm on to your tricks!"

And thus the door was slammed in my face.


Fortunately for me, they had left my arms untied.

Unfortunately for them, I had also managed to steal Bandanna's cell phone while he was untying me.


"Neuro?" I whispered into the phone.

"Yako you pathetic worm, you're even later then usually and you dare call me instead of putting all of your energy into running?"

"I've been kidnapped."

"That's no excuse for tardiness."

I stand corrected.

"Neuro! I'm serious! I'm not sure where I am, but these guys have guns and-"

"There had better be a mystery involved."


"Neuro! Don't hang up on…"


It was just then that I noticed the door was open and Sideburns and Bandanna were both gawking at me from the doorway. Behind them was a tall man with sunglasses who gave off a rather imposing feeling.


"I see you give your kidnapees a lot of leash."

"S-sorry boss! I don't know how she got that!" stuttered Sideburns, running over and taking the phone from me.

He gave Bandanna a killing look from where the Sunglass Boss couldn't see it. "You idiot!" He hissed.

"Now we have to change locations." Sunglass Boss said matter-of-factly. "Quickly. Load her up in the van."


Once again I found myself blindfolded, with my arms bound behind my back, in the back of what assumed to be the van.


Sideburns banned Bandanna from going with us.

"Just meet us at the drop site. The last thing I need is another screw up from you."

So I was stuck in the back alone with the Sunglass Boss.


"So you're the famous Pig Detective." Sunglass Boss said from what sounded like my left.

"It's piggish. Not pig." I did not like this guy.

"My, my. Touchy, aren't we?" The very sound of his voice was making shivers run down my spine. He was on a totally different criminal level then Sideburns and Bandanna.

"A pig is a pig I say." He said with what sounded like a smirk. "Do you know WHY you were kidnapped, Miss Detective?"

"Because you were paid to kidnap me?"

He laughed lightly.

"Don't mistake me for one of the lackeys. It's because you are an annoyance, Miss Pig, to criminals as a whole. Those who have never had anyone come even close to catching them before are suddenly being caught left and right. You're disturbing the balance of the criminal world. And, you see, I've been given the grand privilege of…making sure you stop."

"You've been assigned to kill me."

"I thought I put it in a much more tactful way, but if you insist on belittling my kindness; yes. I have."

I jumped when he caressed my cheek with the back of his hand.

He laughed again. His laughter was making me feel ill.

"You need not be so frightened, dear piggy, I'm not going to carry out that assignment."

He pulled the blindfold off.

"Why not?"

"Because I've come across a much more interesting proposal, you see. Why not use your powers of deduction to help our side? To make sure we leave no trace behind? With you on our side, we'd never get caught."

His eyes were gleaming as he imagined it. It seemed a bad time to mention I wouldn't be of any help in that manner.


He started rummaging around in the bag next to him.

"My business partner and I. We have so many plans for you. Unfortunately, Miss Pig Detective, I can't tell you any more then that. In fact, I think it's about time you take your medicine."

Sunglass Boss pulled a syringe out of the bag.

"No. ..you kn-know, I have alerg-gies! I could die-"

"You needn't worry about such things Detective Pig. You'll just feel a pinch-"

He demonstrated by stabbing my shoulder with the syringe.


I immediately felt light headed as he started to push down the plunger.

And then the car crashed.


The car lurched and I heard a huge crash simultaneously, right before my head hit the door panel.

I pulled the syringe out of my arm, and with blurring eyesight, saw he had only injected about half the stuff in me. Sunglass Boss groaned from the other side of the van, and then everything went dark.






No, I didn't pass out, my vision blacked out.

I don't know if it was the drugs that had been forced into my veins, or my hitting my head, or both; but I was completely blind.

And let me assure you, being truly blind is alot scarier then being blindfolded.


I heard a twisting of metal, and felt a breeze on my face. It smelled of gasoline and garbage.

Sunglass Boss must have pulled out a gun, because from his direction I heard the distinctive click of a guns safety being turned off.

"What the-" Sunglass Boss's voice was much different then before.

"How dare you make me look for you you worthless slug."

Thank goodness.


I already have all the first three chapters perfectly written in my head, so hopefully updates [on them at least] will be decent speed.