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My eyes snapped open. I could smell the fox before the door even opened. The vermin wasn't even bothering to hide her presence; a rarity.

The door banged open."Neuro!" The louse's voice rang through the house. The loud noise was not extremely pleasant as soon as one woke up. Of course the worm already knew I could tell she was home, but she just had to scream like a banshee anyway.

I walked along the ceiling until I was above Yako. "There you are Ne-" I grabbed the top of her head and squeezed, cutting off her words.

"What is it louse?" I asked, pulling Yako up to the ceiling as the fox tried to rip her from my grasp. "And why is the fox with you? I thought you were having bonding time with your friend."

Yako wiggled in my grip. "Kira says she has a lead on who's the instigator behind my attempted murder."

Attempted murder? Ah. The kidnapping from before. I was rather irked at that. They had caused both Yako and I a great deal of trouble, both in the rescue and the after math.

"And what might that lead be?"

The fox glared at me, obviously unwilling to help me out in any way. "As I was poking around the ABC case, one of my...informants happened to be talking with one of the second in commands of the Four Generals. Got him a bit drunk, and the guy happened to spill when they got the order to target Yako."

"Four Generals?" Yako's question echoed my thoughts.

"The four most powerful Yakuza rulers in the area. Godai and Masa are two of them. The other two are Hiro Isao and Katsu Ken.

The second in command was from Hiro's clan. He said he was told to inform his underlings that you were then clan's enemy, right after a meeting with only the top dogs invited. Godai must not have been included, otherwise he would have informed you of their plans no doubt. My guess is they probably noticed he was feeding you information, and decided to leave him out.

Anyway, a loose treaty was formed stating they would work together to get rid of you. However, it seems a slight fight was started when Masa completely broke the treaty, so it's kept you off the hook. But the two remaining clans are having a meeting in a week. Regrouping. The instigator of this plan has to be one of the two Generals left. I figure if we get him under lock and key, it would discourage further attacks."

My eyes narrowed. That explained why Yako hadn't been attacked again. If she was targeted by two of the most powerful Yakuza factions, it would be like she was walking around with a big target on her back. Even her family and friends would be in danger.

"Aren't you one of those General things? I thought you were pretty powerful in the Yakuza world." Yako was trying to peel my claws off her skull. I tightened my grip.

The fox snorted. "I may have a lot of clout, but I don't have a lot of territory or followers. I mainly have friends in powerful places, and a rather nasty reputation for those who cross me. But other than that, I don't have the sheer power to take on these guys. Slow them down, definitely. Take them down, no. Not if you're planning on getting the guy with in a week. You're definitely going to need the joint help of the cops and Godai's clan. "

"Why can't we just get rid of the General? Why do we have to get Godai and the cops involved?"

Both the fox and I turned towards Yako.

"Well, well. You're the last person I would expect to suggest assassination Yako."

"What?" Yako squirmed harder. "I-I wasn't! I meant why would it be so hard to get one guy?"

The fox sighed. "If it was so easy, why do you think the cops haven't arrested him yet? Even if they had proof of his crimes, they would be afraid of starting a revenge war. Not to mention all his underlings would break him out in no time. If you want to keep this guy behind bars, you're going to have to either take down a big chunk of his clan with him, or make them start to doubt his leading abilities. Either plan you choose to take, you're going to need cooperation from both the cops and Godai."

How sad that one of the options was to make his slaves turn on him. Humans never did train their slaves well enough though.

"How forth coming you're being with this information fox. And what may be your price for this?"

The fox suddenly pulled Yako from my grip, hugging her from behind with practically glowing eyes. "Yako doesn't have to pay a price parrot."

Leaping down, I took a swipe at her, but the fox easily avoided it. "Wait, am I the only one seeing a problem here?" Yako spoke from between the fox and I as we played tug of war with her.

"Problem louse?" A kick to the fox's stomach made her fly backwards, releasing Yako in the process. "Yeah. Godai could work with the cops before because they owed me one. They would have done anything I said. The cops from our area aren't going to be so willing, and they don't even know I have dealings with the Yakuza. Not to mention explaining how I got this info from them."

Petty human worries. "Just convince them to work together."

Yako was rubbing her arm. "It's not that easy. You forget that Yakuza and cops are on opposite sides. The cops are going to be shocked that I'm even friends with a Yakuza, let alone consider working with them. They're not going to trust Godai, and maybe not trust me anymore. And it'd put Godai and his entire faction at risk, since the cops might just arrest them all on sight."

The fox grinned. "Don't worry about such things Yako. I have a plan."

Never a good sign. I glared at the fox.

"As do I louse. Don't bother frying your brain on thinking for a change." My sentence was punctuated by the fox roundhouse kicking me in the back of the next.

I turned, glowering. The gloves were coming off. Literally.


"Why are you coming with us again?" Yako was nervous, and she kept playing with her hair clip.

The fox was in her older, non-child form for the occasion, wearing long sleeved clothes that were oddly out of place in the hot weather. To hide her bruises no doubt.

"It'll make things easier in the long run."

"Easier?" Yako swallowed hard as she paused before the police station doors.

"Trust me. I've got a nice plan all worked out." I rolled my eyes at this. After breaking half the things in Yako's house during our fight, the fox and I had had a private discussion about what to do in this case. The last thing I needed was her ruining my plans. Figures the canidae would try and take all the credit for herself. Though it seemed to calm Yako down, for she nodded and opened the doors in front of her.

The fox grinned as she followed Yako into the station, slamming the door in my face. Annoying vermin.


Yako-following Kira's instruction-had already called a conference of officers who were friends of hers. Though I noted with disdain that the metal male cop was also there. Must have been around when someone else got the message.

"Hello everyone." Yako's nervousness from before seemed to have disappeared. She could definitely act well enough at least.

"Ello Yako-chan! Neuro-chan!" A familiarly loud voice pierced the general commotion in the room.

I ignored the greeting.

"Ishigaki-san! Glad you could make it!" Of course Yako didn't. "Todoroki-san, Usui-san, Tsukushi-san, Higuchi-san -haven't seen you in a while!, and..." Her smile cracked a little. "Crome-san too I see. Thank you...all for coming."

"And what exactly is this 'important business' about?" The uninvited one was the first to speak, getting a dirty look from almost every person in the room. "What is this guy's problem?" a barely audible whisper came from the youngest officer.

"W-well...um..." Obviously the louse hadn't thought up to this point. She swallowed before opening her mouth again.

"You're not going to introduce me?" The fox's voice came from behind us, dripping with the false innocence it always carries.

Yako stiffened slightly. Obviously this did not make her more comfortable.

"E-everyone, this is...Kira. Kira this is everyone."

The fox stepped in front of Yako. "A pleasure to meet you all." Her smile grew slightly.

"Are you from this precinct?" The female cop spoke up, looking rather confused.

Kira's smile grew to almost inhumane length. I sighed behind my own mask. The stupid fox really did love being dramatic.

"Not at all. In fact, I'm not associated with the police."

The metal cop spoke again. "Then why are you here? I thought this was a police investigation. Really, you should be more careful of who you invite Nogami-san."

What an ironic statement. The meeting crasher criticizing me for the one guest I didn't want present. Though I'd much rather take the fox over metal any day.

The fox's wide smile had disappeared. "I would request that you be silent, Crome-san. You, who were not even invited, have no right to criticize my being here." For once the fox and I shared a similar line of thought. Though, looking at the others reactions, it may just have been what everyone was thinking.

The metal cop looked thoroughly irritated. "Why you-"

"Silence! I.Am.Talking. "

Figures the low class fox wouldn't be able to hold her mask under pressure. She straightened herself and glared at me out of the corner of her eye; no doubt guessing what I was thinking.

"Now," The fox turned towards the others in the room, who were paying much closer attention then they were before. "sorry about that. As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. I'm not just some random katagi. Perhaps you've heard of me before? Not by Kira of course, most don't know that name." Yako's eyes had gotten wider and she started reaching for the fox's arm to stop her. "But as the Puzzle Seller."

Immediately every cop in the room [save for the loud one] took a step back. "That's impossible. You're too young." The female cop spoke first, her words carefully chosen as she tried to pull the loud one back with her.

The fox smiled, with a bit of innocence gone, no doubt unable to be recovered. "I assure you I am truly who I say I am. You can ask Yako if you don't believe me."

All eyes turned to Yako. "W-well, she is. But-" The words were barely out of her mouth before three guns were pointed towards the fox. "Isigaki and Tsukushi, raise your weapons. You're under arrest Kira-san." The cop with glasses was the first to take charge.

The fox tilted her head. "On what charge officer?" The glasses cop froze, and the metal cop sputtered; "What do you mean what charge? You're an accessory to over a hundred crimes!"

"An accessory? My, how rude! Would you put a mystery author away for a criminal copying their book? I can't be held accountable for what others do with my puzzles once they purchase them." She grin had lost all innocence at this point. "Can I officers?"

The cop with glasses dropped his weapon. "I see. That's you're angle." "Usui-san! Surely you can't-" The glasses cop snorted. "Can't what? She's right. I have no evidence other than her word she is who she says she is either. So, why are you here then self proclaimed Puzzle Seller?"

The fox's grinned widened. "You certainly are a smart one aren't you? I'm here, you see, because I don't want my dear friend Yako to die. Who of you would like to help me save her life?"

I could barely hold back a grin myself. At least the fox knew how to ask a rhetorical question.

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