The black shadow slipped almost noiselessly and effortlessly through the Rukon District of 70. A large shadow made by a large creature, he should have made more noise than he did. The only sounds he made as he moved toward the house were the light footsteps as he glided through the streets, making the occasional imprint on a building thanks to the dim streetlights. He had definitely picked the perfect time slot during which to do this. At midnight, most of the 70th District was fast asleep. Not quite as nitty-gritty as the 80th District, nobody was usually out on the streets past midnight unless they were stumbling home from a bar or whorehouse. And drunken idiots would mistake him for a hallucination, probably.

He stopped at the doorstep of one Lupe Adorani. A Rukongai homemaker, she was one of the kindest people he had observed here. He wasn't sure where her husband had gone, but sometimes, she smiled when she got the mail, so he could guess - probably her husband was dead and she was sent money to take care of herself. But she worked at the local hospital too - only not for money. She volunteered there, asking for nothing in return. He saw the way she smiled and treated everyone with the same kindness she showed the orphan children on the street. She had never not smiled at anyone before.

He knelt down on the mat that said "Welcome" and looked at the little bundle in his arms. When the frayed blanket fell loose around the child's face, it was revealed to be the same as he was: a wolf. The little cub was tiny, but his father knew he would grow faster than any human child. Soon he would be nearly ten feet in size... soon.

He placed the puppy down on the doorstep, and stroked the baby's ears one last time. The child slept, but whined in his sleep as his father touched him for the final time. Casting a loving glance at his child, the older wolf sighed and brushed the little one's whiskers. "Sorry, boy. But without your mother, I just... I can't find a way to care for us both. It'd be too hard... I'm too old for that now. I'm not young enough or strong enough to fight that kind of a battle. It's best for both of us this way... she'll take care of you. I know she will." He stood up and rapped on Lupe's door, then fled off, disappearing into the night.

Lupe Adorani was getting ready to retire to her room for sleep when she heard a knock on the door. It was so sudden and so loud, she almost dropped her scrunchie. She'd been trying to put her hair up, then a knock resounded through her house.

She wasn't sure why she was staying up this late, but she knew nobody else should be awake at midnight. She sighed, tied her stretchie around her wrist a few times, and waked to the door. Who would visit her, anyway? When she opened the door, she was faced with...


A cold, bitter wind whipped through, blowing her hair around her face as she blinked at the "visitor". She rolled her eyes and shook her head at the pesky ring-and-runners the 70th Division was plagued with. "Kids."

She was just about to walk back in and go to bed when her sensitive ears picked up a small, soft cough. She turned back around and glanced down. She saw a little swaddle of faded, threadbare blanket lying on her doormat. She bent down and picked it up.

When she moved the blanket aside, she was mildly shocked to find a little wolf cub beneath it. He had russet fur, and was so tiny she could hold him in both hands without using her arms at all. He was asleep, but the cough she'd heard had obviously been from him. She leaned out the door and looked to each side. "Hello?" she called out. "Is anybody there?"

When she didn't get an answer, she swung the door closed and carried the little baby inside. "Poor thing," she cooed as she put a hand to his furry forehead. "You're going to catch a cold if you don't get warmed up..." She took a blanket from the couch, sat down, and removed his thin one to wrap him up in her own. As she did, a flimsy little card fell out of the frayed blanket. She picked it up and read it.

My name is Sajin Komamura

Please raise me as your own

Though my parents couldn't care for me

I know you can love me and give me a home.

"Sajin Komamura," Lupe murmured, turning the name over on her lips a few times. "Hmm. I like it. Yeah... Sajin. Nice." She sighed a little as she petted the

little wolf's ears and snout. "You're so adorable... why would anyone give you away?" She shook her head, sometimes not able to comprehend the people this world was made up of. She moved the baby to cradle in her arms and rocked him for a few minutes, humming. "Cute little puppy..." She lie down on the couch and yawned, lightly scratching behind Komamura's ears, and was delighted to find that he let out a little bark when she did. "I always wanted a dog. You'll fit right in here, little pup." She lie the puppy on her lap and closed her eyes, resting a hand on his back to protect him, even when she was sleeping.

The shadow of the humanoid wolf family's patriarch moved swiftly and silently as he watched Lupe, the woman he'd left his son with. Unable to be seen, he kept an eye on her when he left. She hadn't thought there was anyone there, but then something made her turn around and look down, where she found the pup. She picked him up, with a sad look in her eyes, and leaned out the door while holding him close to her breast in protection. She shouted for him, the person who had left the baby there. When no one came, she gave a sigh and took the child inside, commenting in annoyed way that he'd get sick if he stayed outside.

He shifted his position to the window, where he glanced inside to find Lupe sitting on her sofa with the cub. She had removed the old, faded blanket and wrapped him up in a new, warmer one, and was holding him in both her hands - he was so tiny, she didn't need to use any other part of her body. A smile reminiscent of a person remembering something bittersweet was settled upon her face as she cradled the puppy. He watched her read the note he'd written with a disappointed look, but she just laid the card on the table, and cuddled the baby in her arm instead, stroking his ears, at which time the smile came back to her face. She finally placed the little wolf on her lap with a hand over him... like she was trying to keep him safe even though she needed sleep.

A smile played on the elder wolf's face as he left Lupe's home forever.

He'd made a good choice.

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