Booth stood in the doorway, a grin on his face that could only be described as pure naughty..

Christmas was his favourite time of year..

He just had a thing for mistletoe..

And Christmas trees.. They always looked so pretty when you were underneath them.. The glow from the lights on naked flesh, the confined space making every movement count..

Oh yes.. There was nothing like Christmas.

He leaned against the door frame, his fingers deflty undoing his tie and sliding it down his shoulder, till it hung from his hand, at his hip.

The tree was up, decorated, lit.. Candles glowed from various places around the room.

All it needed was a roaring fire and some stockings...

His lips quirked.

Fishnet preferably.

Fishnet stockings with sky high black heels, and Brennan's legs in them.

Spread around him.

Yep, that fire was lit..

There was a sound behind him, and he turned slightly, wondering what he would see...

Thier first christmas together, really together.. He had so much to teach her.

Brennan raised her eyebrows at him, and slowly pulled a candy cane out of her mouth.

Her lips were cherry red, her eyes a sparking light blue.

"Merry Christmas Bones." He ran his eyes down her body slowly.

"Not yet, but it will be." She countered, touching the candy cane to his lips before putting it back in her mouth and breezing into the room beyond him. "Did I do a good job?"

"Just fine, Bones.. The tree looks great."

She turned back to him innocently. "Do you think Santa will come?"

He ran his tongue over his teeth. If he didn't know better, he'd think that was a double entendre.. He decided to play. "I'm sure he will Bones."

Brennan smirked. "Does he go down in the chimney?"

Booth grinned. "Clever Bones..."

She grinned. She'd been saving that one up for years..

Booth continued. "He comes DOWN the chimney.. It's the mistletoe he goes down UNDER." He looked up at the ceiling.. "Did you forget the mistletoe, Bones?"

"Of course not." She replied smoothly. "I was waiting for you to put it up."

"Oh?" He raised his eyebrows. "Why me?"

"Because I did it last time.." She reminded him..

That time in the office..

The steamboats..

"Two more steamboats and I would have lost control." He stated darkly, the memory of what he'd wanted to do to her surfacing.

"I guess I stopped two steamboats too early." She replied, because she'd really wished he had lost control... They'd wasted so much time...

Booth walked over and took her candy cane away, pressing his lips to hers, her body to his, his tongue invading her mouth, like he'd wanted it to so long ago..

Her hands were in his hair, and he lowered her to the sofa, his mind full of only one thing..

The taste of peppermint..