When he finally entered her, it was slow, and sweet, his lips whispered things against her clavicles that sent chills down her spine. The handcuffs had been loosened, and she was able to free her hands and run her fingers down his back as he thrust into her, feeling the vertebrae that made up his spine, the small scars, and the muscles that lay just beneath the skin, that moved with him.

He had taught her about making love, and it was her most favourite thing in the world, making love, with Booth. Oh sure she enjoyed all the other things they did, all the other moments stolen in places where they shouldn't have been.

She had a new fascination for closets, and a new appreciation for the bar that stretched across most of them, meant for hanging clothes or coats she'd always thought, but he'd showed her a new use, a far better one, she thought.

But staring up at the Christmas lights and ornaments above her as she moved her body with hers, she thought that nothing could top this, she wanted it to last forever...

AN: I'm really sorry it's so short, but I thought I had all day tomorrow to write this last chapter, I've just found out I don't. :( THus, this is the end. Thank you for reading!