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Summary: Typically, Hermione and Draco are stuck in another cupboard. With no obvious approaching escape, an interesting conversation ensues.


"OW! Get off my foot, Mudblood!"

"Move over!"

"A little bit difficult, in case you hadn't noticed!"

"Do you have to take up so much room?"

"I think you'll find you're the one compromising the space!"

"I'm the one squashed against the wall!"

"Well squash more, then!"

"Oh, shove off!"

"Have you ever even heard of a diet, Mudblood?"

"You've never seen my body, Malfoy!"

"It's not my fault you hide it under those hideously frumpy clothes!"

"Because I don't want perverts like you lusting over it!"

"You're suggesting I'd find you attractive? Don't make me laugh!"

"How could I forget? Your sleazy racist mind can't find it's way past my blood status."

"What makes you think I'd find you any more appealing if you had worthy ancestry?"

"Face it, Ferret, you shag anything with breasts."

"Quite the contrary; we've already established that I wouldn't touch you if my life depended on it."

"Newsflash, Malfoy; your arms are currently wrapped around my waist."

"I tried unwrapping them just now and whacked my elbow on the shelf."

"What a pity."

"After the tingling finally stopped I resigned to keeping them where they are. It's less painful."

"Aren't you worried I'm contagious?"

"No fear, I intend to wash thoroughly as soon as we're out of this cupboard."

"Cold shower, Malfoy? I knew you couldn't resist me."

"I've never even been able to see your figure! What's to resist?"

"So you admit it, then!"

"Admit what?"

"You've been looking! I knew I saw you staring at me during breakfast!"

"I was not staring!"

"And I thought those constant eyes in the back of my head felt oddly ferrety."

"How can eyes feel ferrety?"

"Yours do."

"That fails to answer my question, Granger."

"Ooh, we've upgraded from Mudblood, have we?"

"Makes you uncomfortable, does it, Granger?"

"Actually it does. I don't appreciate the way you're making it sound like we're friends."

"So you'd hate me even more I started calling you Hermione."


"Did you just tremble?"

"I'm cold."

"And it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you found the way I said your name incredibly


"None at all."

"You don't sound too confident there, Hermione."


"You did it again!"

"I told you, I'm cold!"

"You can't lie to me when you're flush against my chest."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"I can feel you. If anything, you're hot."

"I knew it wouldn't be long before you gave in to temptation."

"I guarantee you, Hermione, if I gave in to temptation you'd know about it."


"You did it again."


"What? You're giving me the silent treatment now?"

"There's temptation there, though?"

"I never said that."


"However, you would know about it."


"Calling you gorgeous? Definitely not giving in."

"Of course."

"It would simply be stating fact."



"What did you say?"


"Say it again, Draco."


"Look who's trembling now."

"It's just the way you say it."

"I'll say it again if you repeat what you said just now."

"I'm not sure what you're talking about."

"Yes you are."

"I've just said loads of things."

"You know exactly which one I'm on about, Draco."


"Please, just say it. It's not… I never… People don't often tell me that."


"Draco, please."

"… You're gorgeous, Hermione."

"Thank you."


"You're not too bad yourself."

"That's all you have to say? I've just called you beautiful and you say I'm 'not too bad'?"

"Actually, you called me gorgeous."


"Do you mean it?"

"Mean what?"

"Do you really think I'm beautiful?"



"Of course I do. Who doesn't?"

"T-thank you."







"Hermione, are you crying?"


"Please don't cry."


"What did I say?"

"… No one's ever called me beautiful before. Or gorgeous."


"When it comes to me, their list of adjectives is frequently limited to 'know it all', 'bookworm' and


"Then they're all blind."

"Up until now, that list included you as well."


"What changed your mind?"


"Of course."

"I'm not sure."


"I mean, truthfully, before this year I'd never been capable of looking past your blood status."

"That much was obvious."

"Then I got on the Hogwarts Express two months ago and saw you parading the carriages, head held high and proud as you showed off your prefect badge. I saw the determination in your eyes, the glint that said you refused to be dragged down."


"I guess I kind of fell in love with it."


"I don't love you!"

"Oh, that's a relief!"

"No, I just love your personality. Your immense willpower, your intelligence, your strength; even your

ridiculous Gryffindork courage. You're pretty damn amazing."

"Oh, Draco."


"You trembled again."

"Stop smirking."

"I can't help myself."

"I'm sure you can Hermione."


"Face it. You love my voice."

"You've practically orgasmed every time I've said your name!"

"I can't help it when you moan like that."

"Oh, Draco!"



"If you don't stop, I'll give into temptation."

"Draco! Oh, Draco! Draco Malfoy!"

"I mean it, Hermione."

"Oh! Oh, Drac-umphh!"



"I warned you."




"Yeah. Wow."

"Do it again."

"I don't know; maybe I didn't like it."



"Didn't like it, huh?"

"Shut up."

"Ow. Draco, do you think you could move a second? Your wand is poking me in the stomach."



"That's not my wand."







"Kiss me again."

"Try stopping me."