Dedicated to a very special friend. Hope to see you out of the hospital on Christmas!

It was a cold snowy night. It was the night before Christmas Eve. Everywhere you looked, people where getting ready for the festivities. And especially at Castle Gloria.

There was not one nook or cranny that was not decorated. If one stepped in, they would be in a Christmas wonderland. There were great wreaths hung all around, stockings lined the great fireplace in the main living room. Mistletoe hung from every door way, and there were 21 trees throughout the castle. One for each member of the Eroica gang except for one. Dorian had gone through great lengths to steal a lot of millitary look garb for it. He had a special tinsel made from bullet shells of a magnum circling it. There were black, red, and yellow baubles hanging from it. Pictures of various spots in Germany could be seen here or there, a long with the prized Major's belt. As for a star, there was a German flag on top of it. In Dorian's words it was "dreadful and unromantic but wonderfully the Major." The Earl wanted to make the german come out there, but...

"James! It's only going to be for a day! I'll kidnap the Major and bring him here!"

"No! We've already gone past our budget! And besides, he'll ruin everything anyway! No one likes him! He's too scary!"

The entire castle was filled with those two arguing. It had been going on for a week now. Once the Earl got wind of the fact that the Major didn't celebrate Christmas he was determined to have him over. When Klaus refused him over the phone with a "not in a million years you bloody wanker!" the blonde got the idea to kidnap him. Fly to Bonn and kidnap the Major for Christmas Eve and Day, make him have a good time, then send him back. Maybe have a little "fun" while he was at it.

But James being his stingey self denied the Earl funds for it. He had already put all of the money in an account and there was only a small amount left over.

"Come on! It's almost Cristmas! Show some charity!"

"I already did! I let you go and buy several Christmas decorations!"

"Most of which I had to steal because you didn't want to buy them!"

Bonham looked between the two of them before stepping into the middle of them, announcing that they should get some sleep. Both reluctantly agreed. It was well past midnight. Dorian looked at James with a rather somber look on his face. "I hope you change your mind tomarrow."

"I won't!" James retorted back and retreated to his chambers.

James sat on the edge of his bed, counting some coins he had collected earlier that day.

"Twenty five...twenty six...twenty seven..."

Clunk! Scraaaape! Clunk! Scraaape!

James looked up and stared at his door. Fear etched on his face he hestiantly called out, "Earl? Bonham?"

There was no answer.

James was about to get up when a box attached to some chains came through his door, sending the small man scambbling backwards and he hid on the other side of his bed.

Clunk! Scraaaape! Clunk!

The noises stopped. James waited for a good five minutes before he poked his head up and gave a great scream. A man was floating in the middle of his room, chains and boxes were strapped to him. James then noticed that not only was this man see through, but that he looked familiar. The man was wearing clothes similar to him and his hair looked almost like his. The only thing different was that the man's hair looked silvery white.

"U-uncle J-j-jack?" James stammered, trembeling in fear. "I-is that you?"

"Yes! It is I James. I have come to give you a warning so that you may be saved from the fate that is my own." The man said, his voice echoing slightly.

"I don't understand. Wait! Earl is that you? This isn't another trick is it?"

The man shook his head making many of his chains tinkle. "No. This is no trick. James you will be visited by three spirits this night. Each will arrive at the toll of the hour."

It was James turn to shake his head. "No! No one is visiting me unless they are donating money."

Jack suddenly lurched forward, heaving his chains with him. He thrust a box into the smaller man's hands. "You see this box? These are chains that I have forged, these boxes are the weight of guilt and selfishness that I must drag around with me forever! Never resting! Know this James, if you think these are heavy, yours will be heavier and longer!"

James dropped the box. It was the heaviest thing he had ever held. "But I don't want to walk around with chains! It's to heavy! You have to help me!"

Jack heaved himself to the window, the tattered purple curtains fluttered a little. "Remember three spirits James. Each hour they will come. Learn from them. Do not make the mistakes I did."

"But you taught me everything I know about accounting! I now live a better life because of it! That was no mistake!" James blinked and Jack had vanished. The window was open. James quickly ran over to shut it, before turning back to his bed.

"Well spirits or no spirits, I've got coins to count!"

I know it's probably stupid. But I'm using James as Scrooge. Don't worry, the others will be appearing real soon! After all, it wouldn't be Eroica without the Earl and Major!