I can't promise anything in the way of finishing this, ever, but I still thought it might be fun to try… So here's my version of the Royai 100. =) Hope you enjoy it.

1: Military Personnel

Colonel Roy Mustang sat one day with a chess piece in his hand, stopped in the middle of setting up a game for no apparent reason. The pawn in his hand was made of smooth, white tree, further smoothened by many times of handling during the many games he had enjoyed with Lieutenant General Grumman.

It was a beautiful piece, with a quiet, simplistic, majestic elegance that few chess pieces managed to posses, no matter what particular set they came from. Then again, it wouldn't have mattered if this pawn had been the singularly most gaudy in existence, he would still have loved the pieces. Held them as dear as anyone ever can a board and pieces they've lost more games with than they've won.

Depends on who gave one the board and pieces, of course.

"Sir," Lieutenant Hawkeye's voice broke into his thoughts. "Is there a reason you've made ready for a game?"

"Ah, yes, as a matter of fact. I was wondering if I could talk you into taking a game with me? I do believe you've never had the pleasure of putting these pieces into play…" He stopped himself just short of reminding her of the fact that she had bought them.

Hawkeye seemed to waver a bit, as if unwilling to pick up the pieces. Then she finally nodded. "Very well, sir, although it would be beneficial to finish the paperwork first."

So it came to be, that the two sat at the Colonel's desk late that evening, carefully making their moves, both trying to avoid sacrifices as much as possible.

"What were you thinking of earlier?" Riza asked quietly, to avoid ruining the soft atmosphere. "While you were setting the board?"

"That the pieces are military personnel of a different time, but are essentially the same as us," Roy answered just as quietly, somewhat reluctantly taking one of Riza's rooks. "Soldiers are just pieces on a board… This is one of the oldest games in the world, you know? Apparently it's name has some connections to the old Xerxesian word for 'king'…"

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