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Summary:::: What is a girl to do when while out camping with the girls,she stumbles on to a pack of Werewolves? Well run like hell of cource and prey she can make it back to the cabin before the wolves do. Can she out run a pack of Werewolves in order to warn her friends? You'll have to read to find out!

The Northern Forest

She ran as fast as her legs would carry her. She was terrified, how the hell had she gotten into this mess? She had made one stupid mistake after another. The first one would be comeing on this stupid trip. Damn Temari and Tenten for this it was their fault she was running for her life. No it was all fucking Gaara! This was so totaly his fault,that damn cheating bastard. She hoped that he would rot in hell for second mistake was going on a hike all alone. Up ahead she could see the lights from the cabin,oh god I'm almost there. Suddenly she was tackled to the floor. Damn, damn,damn how thell hell did this happen she thought, as she was flipped onto her back. She thought back to how this all started as she stared up into deep golden eyes above her.

Flash Back

Hinata was so tired of walking in circles. How in the hell had she gotten herself so damn lost? She could see the soft glow of a fire in the distance. She started walking toward the light and heard some strange sounds coming from the area where the fire was. As she continued on she could see a group of men standing around the fire. She could not hear what they were saying but knew that what ever it was it wasn't good. She turned to walk away hopeing that she could do it without being noticed. She stepped on a twig snapping it. As the men turned at the sound, she could see their glowing red eyes. As Hinata turned and ran toward her cabin, she could hear them quickly gaining on her. She was terrified, who the hell were these guys and why where they chasing her?

End Flash Back

Pein flipped Hinata over onto her back looking down into her silver whispered in her ear" So you thought you could get away little girl?" Pein smiled as he saw the fear in Hinata's continued to speak."We let you get this far, had to see where a little thing like you was running off to. So who is in the cabin?" Hinata closed her eyes tightly and turned her head to the side. She refused to tell him any thing. Pein smiled no matter how afraid she was she was not going to tell him anything. She was terrified but still defiying him, it was a first for him. He looked her straight in the eye and told her."You will tell me little girl, or I will hurt you! Do you understand me girl?" Hinata refused to answer him,she knew that he would hurt her one way or another. He was getting angry,but a sound on the road made him smile.

Suddenly he saw the lights from two cars coming up the watched as the two cars parked at the cabin. two girls from each car got out and was greeted by two more girls that were inside the grip tightrn on Hinata as he whispered"If you scream or cry out we will kill them all!" Hinata tried to fight or atleast push him off but he would not began to fall from Hinata's eyes as she knew there was nothing she could do. Pein held her down untill the group of girls entered the cabin. He looked at her one last time,bfore getting up.

Pein stood up then pulled Hinata to her feet. He began walking to the men standing deeper in the forest. He pulled a struggling girl behind him. He stopped in front of two men then spoke." There are six more women in the cabin." The black eyed stranger nodded then started to walk to the others."Oh Itachi tell them to be very quite, we do not want them to know we are coming" Itachi incliened his head and continued on his way. Pein turned to the other man and started to speak." Sasori watch her and do not let her escape! I would become very angry if she was to get away." Sasori looked from Pein to the girl and back befor he answered." Very well I will watch her." Pein turned and walked to the the waiting men.

He stopped then walked back to Hinata, she stepped back. He grabbed her and began to run his hands along her sides. A smile graced his face as her felt what he was searching for. He pulled the cabin keys from her pocket. He then turned to Sasori and said." Do not come to the cabin for five minutes. Do not allow her to get away from you either." With that said he and the others made their way to the cabin. "no leave them alone please leave them alone." She began to cry and struggle in Sasori's arms. Pein turned and smiled as they opened the front door. He walked in and shut the door.

Sasori looked at the trimbling girl and told her"You must stop this. If you make him angry he will make you watch as he kills your friends." Hinata's knee gave way and she fell to the ground. She began to sob into her hands. She knew this was all her fault she should have run away from the cabin not to it. Her sobs grew when the screaming started. Her whole body began to shake as she cried. She didn't know how long she cried but she hurt now from it. She also noticed that it was all quite now. This scared her more than anything,what had they done to her friends? Sasori pulled her to her feet once again.

They began to make their way to the silent cabin. Hinata tried to stop them but he was just to strong. The first thing she saw when they entered was her friends huddled on the couch. She tried to run to them but Sasori would not release her. Temari looked up and joy krept into her eyes as she saw her. Temari tried to rush to Hinata but one of them men made her sit again. Hinata smiled at Temari to let her know she was ok. She felt releived her friends were ok, but for how long she did not know. Also her friends knew that she was ok as well.

Hinata felt eyes on her so she looked to the doorway. Pein stood there looking at her. He gestered to Sasori with his head. He walked into the kitchen. Sasori dragged Hinata there as they were in the kitchen Sasori released her and left. Now she was alone with Pein in the kitchen. "Come and sit down at the table girl." Hinata rushed to do as he said she was far to afraid not to obey him. She did not speak or move after she sat down. She was totally focused on the table infront of her. Hinata jumped when Pein whispered " You have been a good girl,so I will not kill you yet." Hinata began to shake as terror began to take over her body." You will sit here,do not speak or move. The only time you will be allowed to is if I say so. Do you understand what I am telling you?"Pein as he tightly squeezed Hinata's shoulders.

Hinata nodded as the tears began to fall from her eyes. She was just to afraid to speak. Once he walked to the other room Hinata began looking around. Outside of the widow was a pair of red eye staring at her.What in the hell were these guy? Hinata thought to herself. She heard a bunch of noise coming from the other room but was to afraid to go see what it was? She didn't think that any of them would make it out of this alive. They were trapped in a cabin filled with a bunch of crazy men. Just then it hit her,she still had her cell phone. It was in her bra,where she always kept it. She just had to get them to let her use the bath room. they would never find it unless they made her take her bra off. For the first time in hours she felt hopeful. That was untill she heard the sound of angry voices. Hinata looked up as a very angry Pein stormed in the room headed straight for her.

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