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Summary::::Well the guys are facing each other. Where are the girls? What is going to happen? Well I don't know you'll have to read to see what happens.

The good guys vs the bad guys

Naruto rushed at his brother catching him off guard. They both crashed to the ground with a loud thump. All of a sudden every one was fighting. They were punching and kicking each other. It looked as if they were each evenly matched. They pulled back from each other to catch their breaths. Gaara looked at Naruto and he looked at Neji. When the nodded they ran at someone totally diffrent than the first time.

Naruto launched hisself at Hiden. He pretend to swing left then kicked him with his right foot. Hiden punched Naruto in the left side of his face staggering him a bit. Naruto never one to stop just rushed right back at him this time landing blow after blow on Hiden. Hiden was staggering back as each of the blows made contact. With the last of his strength Naruto hit Hiden one last time in his face. Hiden unable to dodge it took it full force. He fell to the ground unconscious. Naruto looked around to see the others fighting.

Gaara stared at Pein who was standing across from him. For some reason Pein had a big smile on his face and it was pissing him off. Gaara charged at him but Pein was waiting for him. He caught Gaara as he came punching him in his gut. All the air rushed out of Gaara's lungs. He staggered back a few feet, trying to catch his breath and watched as Pein came at him. As Pein got closer Gaara kicked him in his stomach. Then punched him in the face. When Pein hit the ground Gaara was on top of him. He was trying to strangle him when Pein spoke. "I slept with your girl. I love the way she kept begging me to stop, cring for some one to save her. She tasted so good I love to watch as she cried as I took her over and over again." Gaara lost it when he heard this, he began to pound Pein's face as he laughed."I'll kill you, you monster how could you!" He screamed every time he brought his fist down on Pein's face. He was pulled off of Pein.

Naruto looked at his best friend and was stunned by the display of rage. He and Neji were having trouble holding him back from going after Pein again. "I'm going to kill him, let me go now!" Gaara shouted at his friends as he struggled in their arms."You need to calm down Gaara, we need to find the girls."Neji's calm voice reassured Gaara. He slowly started to calm down. He looked around and noticed that everyone was finishing up their fights. Gaara looked to where Kiba, Choji and Shino stood."You three go see where the girls are." they nodded then took off in the house. Withen a few minutes, the girls began to run from the house. When the men finally exited the cabin they were caring a very pale Sakura. Once they were far from the cabin it blew up. The blast knocked everyone off their feet.

one mile from the cabin.

"What are you doing?" a soft voice asked from the back seat. The red head in the front seat turned to the girl. "Why making sure everyone will think you are dead." The girl began to cry as he put something on her face. Withen a few moments she was asleep. Sasori exited the car and made his way to the place he was supposed to wait. When he got there he checked the telescope to see what was happening. There he would wait untill it was time. When he saw that the guys had carried the pink haired girl from the cabin he pushed the button on the remote. He watched as the cabin blew sky high. He gathered his thing and walked back to the car. He looked in to see that Hinata was still sound asleep. He got in drove off heading to the only place he knew noone would look for them.

Back at the cabin

They watched slowly as the cabin burned to the ground. Thegirls were all crying, untill Temari started screaming and running to the burning cabin. Shikamaru had to knock her to the ground and hold her while she fought him. When every one realised what she was screaming they froze. All you could hear were her broken sobs now. "She's in the back room, she's in the back room." Everyone started to look around untill they heard TenTen scream "Hinata" as she ran toward the cabin Neji grabbed her while crying "its to late, we were to late!" Gaara fell to his knees as tears ran down his face. This was not possible she could not be gone. He got to his feet and ran around to the back of the house. He looked in the back room to see it was engulfed in flames. He could make out two people on the floor. It looked as if they had been tring to get out. She was covered by fire as was the other person. Naruto had to drag him back away from the cabin as it fell down.

Gaara got to his feet and walked woodingly to the front. He walked over to Pein and asked "Who was with her Pein?" Pein looked up at him then shook his head "why do you ask question you already know the answer to. Who is the only person not here?" He stood up and glared at him before a name left his lips "Sasori!" He started to walk away but turned back and asked "are you telling me he died trying to save her?"Pein shook his head then said "I don't know but he did like her."

In the distance you could hear sirens from the police coming. Every one stayed their untill Pein and the others were arrested and taken to jail. Soon a car pulled up and Hiashi Hyugga stepped out of the car. Hanabi ran to her father crying. Tears ran down the Hyugga elders face when he was told that his eldest daughter did not survive the fire. He heald his sobbing daughter in his arms. "Neji come we must tell her mother that," he broke down before he could finish his sentence. Neji nodded grabbing TenTen hand he drew her with him.

"What are you doing Neji? she asked him. He stopped turned looked her straight in her eyes and told her. "I almost lost you, I've lost my cousin who was like my best friend, Iwill never let you out of my site again." With that he kissed her then pushed her into the car. They road all the way to the hyugga house hold in silence. When the entered Hanabi ran straight to Hinata's room throwing herself on the bed and cried. Hiashi made his way to inform his wife of Hinata. A few minutes later a heartbreaking scream was heard throughout the large house. There were tears in everyone eyes for Hinata was loved by everyone. She would be missed by everyone in the house.

TenTen and Neji made their way to Hinata's room to confort a distraut Hanabi. They held her while she cried out her pain. "I heard her crying but I could not help her. The way she screamed I knew he was killing her. I hope she was already dead and she did not burn in the fire." Neji pulled her closer to him as she cried harder. TenTen looked at Hanabi and said."I think she was already gone, I think I knew when they gathered us and she wasn't there. I knew then that I would never see her again." TenTen began to cry as well cause she thought if she had to fight harder than her friend would still be alive.

With Gaara, Temari,Shikamaru,Naruto and Kankuro

Gaara sat on the floor in his living room clutching a picture. It was the one of him and Hinata. Tears ran down his eyes as he remembered Peins words. Then she died in the fire so she would never be able to forgive him. He could never see her smiling face again. He didn't know if he could live through the pain of losing her. He felt arms embrace him, he looked up to see the teary face of his sister. Hinata had been her best friend for 15 years. He pulled her close and they cried. They never noticed the other three people in the room who all in tears. They would never recover from this blow. Hinata had been the one who brought balance and her happiness. She lifted everyone spirits when they were sad or having a bad day."What are we gonna do with out her Gaara?" Temari pain filled voice asked him. "I don't know" was all he could say. "We will make sure them bastards pay for what they have done. They will not get away with this." Naruto said as he stood on shaky legs.

Gaara became angry they didn't understand what had happen."He beat her then he raped her then he cut her up." Gaara screamed at them before he fell to the floor as the truth of his words hung in the room. "Can you imagine what she went through, then to die so pain fully. He told me he carved his name in to her back, then raped her as she watched him in the mirror. The sick bastard made her watch him do that to her. Why didn't you let me kill him?" The all sat down and tried to make sence of what he had said, but there was none to be had. That monster had made the last few days of her life pure hell. Then she died in a very painful way. He had to be made to pay for his crimes this time.

They all sat there and plotted diffrent ways that he should be made to pay. Gaara got a call saying that Pein had been murdered in his Jail sell that night. It would seem that another one of his victems family happen to be locked up there and he tortured him to death. This made him feel alittle better atleast he was made to pay for the things he had done. He woud never hurt anyone ever again.

Somewhere in the middle of the ocean

Hinata sat up on the bed looking around. "Where am I?" she asked herself. "We are on our way to a little tiny island that is far away from everything and everyone you ever known." Hinata turned to see that Sasori was laying next to her on the bed. When she tried to scoot away he pulled her to him he smiled when he saw the terror in her eyes. "You are mine now and I will never let you go."He said as he laughed. "What about Pein he will come after me." The smile that crossed his face terrified her "Oh I wouldn't worry about that." Hinata tried to pull away again but he wouldn't budge fromhis spot. His smiling face was the last thing she saw as the darkness came over her.

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