Is this a nightmare?

I had just gotten finished with yet another tedious Algebra I study guide that fateful Thursday at my house. I was sad again, for obvious reasons. Yet another five pimples had appeared on my face that morning, and it made me sad, yet again, and the homework made me anxious. Again.

Man, I bet those horror movie killers don't have to worry about homework, or pimples. They have masks to cover their faces, or they're burned. And they'd probably kill anyone who gave them homework., I thought, wincing in sympathy for them, sympathy that no one gave them, and that they rightfully deserved (to my eyes, at least.)

After watching TV, (nothing good on that night), I went to bed, grateful that tomorrow was Friday. I held my favorite stuffed animal, Pound Puppy, close to me, and waited to fall asleep.

Ugh. What a weird dream. I "felt", but did not see, people in my dream, one laughing, another saying, "Ki ki ki ma ma ma.", and yet another not saying a word, just making a slashing sound with a kitchen knife.

I woke up, and opened my eyes.

This is so not my house.

I screamed, and fell out of the bed that wasn't mine, in a house that I didn't recognize. Damn!, I thought. How the hell did I end up here? Where, or what, is here? I got up off the floor, realizing I was still in my pajamas and socks that I'd gone to sleep in the night before, and raced out of the bedroom, my mind racing so fast it was almost numb. There was a hallway, and several doors. I heard a voice coming from one room.

A voice I recognized.

"When's she gonna wake up? Man, I'm bored!"


Coffee is your friend, I told myself over and over. He doesn't have any power if you aren't afraid of him.

I tiptoed to the door, and, wishing for a good coffin, creaked the door open.

I stood there, open mouthed. Once I got over the shock, which took a long time, I smiled weakly.

They stared back. All three of them.