Then I got angry, and picked him up by his sweater and put him against the wall.

"You're not making any sense.", I replied, with an irritated expression on my face.

The other Freddy laughed, unperturbed by my aggressiveness, which irritated me. But I let him talk, biting my tongue with impatience.

He laughed, saying, "I'll talk about the pills first. You don't remember it, but every night Jason and Michael got you drunk, and gave you a certain pill. Combined, they made you nicer than you'd normally act. I suppose Michael and Jason wanted you not to kill her for some reason."

He laughed openly at Michael and Jason, who bristled at him. I had to jerk him to get his attention back. "What about you?"

He smiled, saying, "Me? I'm here because…well, that's my house." Then Freddy laughed again, amused at something I didn't see.

I growled and said, "Explain."

He replied, "The house you three are living in, I created that. You're all dreaming right now. Everything that's happened, I've had a hand in it, somehow or other."

I snarled in defiance and tossed him again, growling when he landed on his feet like a cat.

He went to the left, and I followed, trying to block him, but he was faking and went to the right, passing me when I paused in confusion. I growled and jerked forward, my thought process changing from, my, Julia's, thinking, strategic point of view, to Freddy's thought process: an unthinking want to kill.

I tackled him, and he slashed at me; I grabbed his wrist and pulled it back so it would break. I didn't know what we were fighting for; I just wanted to fight. Suddenly, the other Freddy went into a smoke-like form, no more substantial than mist. I slashed at him, but it went through, not harming him at all. I didn't know what to do, and that was a mistake.

He thrust his blades into my stomach, and I fell over in pain; he ripped his blades out, dragging me, my soul, along with them. Tossing me on the floor, he turned back to Freddy, who was getting up with an angry look on his face. I hoped he beat him.

Suddenly, I couldn't breathe.

I knew why almost instantly. I needed to be in a body to be able to breathe. Looking around, I gasped for air, no more solid than air, only just visible if you knew what to look for. But I found my body, empty, but usable, having healed itself quickly. I clasped onto it tightly, and it absorbed my soul easily; being empty made it usable. I inhaled quickly, back in my own body, turning to see what had become of the fight.

They were moving too fast for me to see much of anything that they were doing, much less who was winning. But then someone was flung backward and landed on his back with a loud crack. Concerned, I looked and saw that it was our Fred, not the new one.

I pursed my mouth in concentration; our Fred was going to lose, I could see that, if someone didn't interfere, regardless of what I thought earlier. Michael and Jason sure weren't going to do anything; they were just standing there, watching the fight.

The last thing I saw before I got up and turned around was the old Fred getting up, holding his already healing jaw. Almost immediately, I found what I was looking for: a ladder, going up the metal wall of pipes onto a ledge above me. I climbed it, gaining the upper hand. I truly didn't know what I was going to do; I just knew I was going to do something.

I turned around, now looking down upon them all, irritated to no end. Would this nonsense ever stop?

"HEY, ***HOLE!", I shouted down at the new Freddy. "UP HERE!"

He looked up, both of them pausing in their onslaught, to stare, confused, up at me. I waved my arms as if to say, "Come on, come get me." He snarled, and disappeared, the old Fred snatching at him and missing him. The old Fred had just enough time to jerk his head up to look at me, a slightly worried expression on his face, before the new Fred appeared before me, blocking my view of the room down below.

Aw, ****., I thought. He smiled in an evil way, one that made my skin crawl. I tried to look past him, to see why no one was helping me, but a wall appeared right when I looked, blocking both my view and any help that might come. I heard a loud banging noise come from the other side, which meant that the other Fred couldn't come in. I could hear him mumbling curses to himself from the other side.

The new Fred smiled at me again, and walked toward me. I backed up, not even bothering to turn around, if only to keep him in my field of vision; but my back hit another wall, and I stared sideways at him, knowing I was pretty well trapped at this point.

He did that scissors-like thing, where he made two of his blades scrape against each other. I flinched, closing my eyes and pinning myself as close to that wall as I could. If death was coming, I hope it would be quick.

I heard a movement, like he was moving his arm back, and I opened my eyes quickly and made to punch him. If I was going down, I wasn't going down without a fight.

But before I even touched him, everything around me took on a smoke-like quality before he disappeared from my view; everything went black.