A/N: What is this? It's my contribution to Reggie's (that's me) "Christmas Cookies" challenge. The goal is to write as many Christmas related stories as you can between now and Christmas. The catch? You can't take more than 20 minutes on any single story! Why? Simply because its fun, that's why. Now, enjoy.

NejiTen: Gingerbread

There was something sitting on the counter that Neji couldn't quite place. There were some shapes he recognized. A few brown, cracked squares crumbling into a heap in the middle. Trying to hold these in place was some kind of white substance. It was piled up in odd twisted piles, and dripping off the top. Rounding out this madness was a bunch of candies. Some of them chocolates, some of gumdrops. What they were doing, Neji couldn't really say. They seemed to be falling off the top of the pile, mostly.

Frowning ever so slightly, Neji glanced across the table at his girlfriend. TenTen was grinning at him from on top of the counter, looking quite pleased with herself, and it was difficult getting the words out. They might hurt her feelings, but he had to know. "What is that?"

"Gingerbread." TenTen was swinging her feet, heels beating an odd rhythm against the cupboards. "I made a house with it, and brought it to show you."

"You madeā€¦a house?"

TenTen's bangs bounced excitedly as she nodded, making Neji's mouth twitch ever so slightly. "I made the house I think we should get."

He didn't really have the heart to tell her that he wasn't inclined to move in to quite that much of a fixer upper. Something with a few walls that were actually standing, at least, would be good. Instead, he wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her temple. "It's perfect."