A/N: Slightly more mature one, but only barely. Hope you all enjoy this one. I, personally, found it hilarious.

NejiTen: Santa Suits

When Neji finally lost control, Guy-sensei was going to have no one to blame but himself. After all, he was the one that had insisted that TenTen wear her traditional Christmas outfit to the party. Which was fine, when they were eleven and the red fur-lined dress was baggy on her. What their oh-so-perceptive teacher had failed to realize, however, was that TenTen had grown. Maybe only three inches in height, but that was all in her legs, and she'd grown in other ways too.

Namely curves. Which, Neji had to grudgingly admit, he hadn't really be aware of either until just now. Was it he to blame if TenTen usually dressed in clothing that completely hid her shape? He didn't think so. In fact, maybe TenTen could share a little of Guy's blame, for hiding it all this time so he didn't have an immunity to it.

It wasn't like he didn't usually find TenTen attractive. He did! Nobody else challenged him the same way TenTen did, with her sparkling brown eyes and cheeky smile. She always had this way of…grabbing his attention. But now, now, with that skin tight red velvet dress clinging to smooth skin, dipping down to expose just the tiniest bit of breast, the black belt showing her narrow waist, and finishing off as it spilled over shapely hips and only barely covered her below…what was he supposed to do? He couldn't stop staring. And the longer he stared, the closer his hand inched to getting just a teasing touch of exposed flesh usually kept so carefully covered.

Touching, of course, would only end badly. Because they were at the Academy, acting as Santa's helpers like they did every. Single. Year. A few of the teachers were shooting TenTen scandalized looks, and some were out and out gawking. All of them were watching him and Lee like a bunch of vultures, ready to dive in on the first one to show any speck on inappropriate behavior.

If Guy-sensei didn't get there first, of course. He kept glancing over at TenTen and shifting around, making the most uncomfortable looking Santa Claus in history. Neji could tell that he desperately wanted to throw something over her and force her to change, but couldn't. Because, one, taking off his Santa coat would reveal the pillow he had strapped to his stomach and crush the Christmas dreams of over a hundred children. Two, TenTen would win. She HAD told him that he wouldn't like it if she put on the old costume, but he had refused to budge on the issue until TenTen eventually caved. If he made her change now, it would only prove she had been right all along.

Not, of course, that it was that simple, because it was pretty clear that TenTen had won. More importantly, TenTen knew she had won, and seemed determined to force Guy-sensei into admitting it. Displaying a confidence in her body that Neji had never seen before, his female teammate was making quite a show of bending down to get the next small present from the sack they had brought with them. She would dip down at her waist, giving Iruka-sensei quite the view. For his part, the Academy teacher kept looking at her like she'd lost her mind, which was somehow comforting to the young Hyuuga.

Ebisu-san, however, who was standing next to Iruka-sensei, had to keep excusing himself. Either the man had a serious bladder infection, or he was the pervert Naruto had always claimed he was. Neji hadn't quite made up his mind yet which it was.

Far worse than any of this, in Neji's humble opinion, was the fact that TenTen had a candy cane in her mouth that she kept lazily sucking on. She would roll back from one side to the other, and occasionally take it out for a lick that would send Guy-sensei's eye twitching. She was almost certainly grounded when this was all over. Neji couldn't help seeing that as a bit of a blessing. He wasn't sure when he was going to be able to look his best friend in the face again.

"Hey, Neji!"

He was reluctant to turn, but TenTen's call had to obeyed. He started back at just how close she was, her face less than an inch from his own. However, he wasn't fast enough to avoid the candy cane that jumped from her mouth to his.

The I'm-gonna-be-in-so-much-trouble-for-this-but-I-don't-give-a-damn grin was back on TenTen's face, and the Hyuuga couldn't help gulping a bit. The kunoichi leaned forward still further, and he could feel her hot breath on his ear. "Is that a candy cane in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

It was now inevitable. What he'd been hoping and praying and struggling to make not happen all morning was happening now, whether he liked it or not. Lee was never going to let him live this down.

Face heating up, breath coming in short gasps, Neji closed his eyes and waited. He'd be meeting the floor, in true Hyuuga fashion, in 3…2…1…

"Neji? Neji, did you just pass out? Neji!"