Hi, so this is going to be a HUMOUR multi-chapter story, using the basic idea for the Film See no evil, hear no evil, but it's not going to follow the plot or anything, just the basic idea!

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Sam and Dean stealthily made their way to the entrance of the warehouse; in their hands was a loaded handgun, loaded with lead bullets, more than capable to deal with their nasty witch problem.

They had been tracking this bitch for days now, even camping in the Impala to make sure they didn't lose her.

Well, they couldn't, given that she was randomly going through the small town and turning the children into rats and mice and other unpleasant creatures. She had to be stopped by any means possible.

Sam opened the door quickly and quietly, allowing Dean to be the first one to get in. Dean scoped the abandoned warehouse, noting there was an upper level, connected to the ground floor via some rickety metal stairs.

He nodded to Sam and pointed, Sam giving him the thumbs up when he understood. Sam then entered the warehouse, gun pointed expertly at the top level, completely ready for an attack.

They quickly made their way to the stairs, Dean climbing them first, Sam keeping watch down below.

Just as he was going to follow his big brother up the stairs, a shadow caught his eye and he stopped, gun held up the his eye so he could aim properly.

'Sam, what's up?' Dean muttered in an urgent whisper.

'Shh...I thought I saw something!' Sam whispered back, and he turned his back on Dean and went to investigate.

With a twinge of panic Dean cursed and climbed down the stairs, keeping an eye out, watching Sam's back.

Sam approached the shadow slowly, gun raised and held tight in his slightly sweaty grip; this witch was a seriously evil fugly, and she needed to be stopped at all costs.

The witch came into view, and she smiled serenely at the youngest Winchester.

Sam, without even thinking about the fact that she looked human, fired off a double tap, each bullet pumping into the witch.

As the witch screamed, but before she died, found time to raise her hands at both Sam and Dean and scream out an incantation.

As the witch fell to the floor, thankfully dead, the two brothers' were immersed in a bright flash of light, and the sound of a clapping thunderbolt.

'Sammy!' Dean shouted above the noise, but he couldn't see anything. He felt a blistering heat swell on his body, and suddenly everything was jumped into silence, and with one final yell, he fell to the floor unconscious.

'Sammy!' Sam heard his brother's final yell, but just as he was about to see where his brother was, and try to help him, his whole world went a blacker shade of black, and he too fell to the floor, laying next to his brother, unconscious.

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