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Sam woke the next morning with an unusual but entirely welcome feeling of euphoria running through his body like adrenaline; his fingers and toes were actually tingling with happiness as he gazed up at the white ceiling of their room. He could see.

He smiled to himself as he raised a hand upwards; turning it so he could get a full view of a part of his body he hadn't seen in some time.

'Sammy, what are you doing?' Sam looked across at the bed and his eyes settled on Dean, a quizzical look on his brother's features.

'Can't you see?' he grinned, before sitting up in bed, a wide smile on his face.

'Very funny dude-oh man it feels good to hear things again!' Dean replied, sitting up as well and turning his head from side to side, as if to get water out of his ears. He could hear morning birdsong, and it sounded like the most beautiful music he had ever heard...but not quite above his mullet rock.

'Doesn't it? We're finally back to normal!' Sam stated, before a contented sigh rushed from his mouth. 'Come on, we have to go say thanks to Bobby-we would still be like we were if it wasn't for him.' He said, walking into the bathroom and closing the door.

Dean heard the snap of the door and smiled. He knew he would never take anything for granted again-things like sight and being able to hear were way too precious...they had to be thankful for everything. Dean shook his head, grinning; chick flick moments seemed to be taking over all the time now...

He quickly dressed, moving past Sam to brush his teeth after Sam had washed, and together they walked down the stairs, looking around to see where Bobby had got to-they found him in the kitchen, three ready made mugs of coffee on the side.

'Morning Boys-sleep well?' he asked, looking sideways at them as he continued to wash up.

'Yeah thanks Bobby-listen, we want to thank you, for what you did. For everything...' Sam trailed off, the feelings of gratitude overbearing this early in the morning.

Bobby smiled and put the washing up cloth down, before turning to the boys. 'Listen-You don't need to thank me for any of this, you really don't-you two are like sons to me...that is what a father does, right? Look after his kids?' he asked, looking from Sam to Dean, wanting them to answer.

'Yeah, yeah it is.' Dean replied first, before stepping forwards and giving Bobby a tight hug. 'Thanks Man, you're the best...' he said, his voice muffled by Bobby's shoulder.

Bobby chuckled and rubbed Dean's back, and as the younger man let go he wiped his eyes with his sleeve, muttering 'Idjit' as he did so.

Sam smiled, his eyes shining. 'You're right Bobby, that is what they do.' He too stepped forwards, and enveloped their surrogate father in another hug. Bobby chuckled as his head was forced upwards; Sam was quite a bit taller than him, he couldn't really do anything apart from just standing there until Sam decided to let go.

'Thanks man.' Were Sam's departing words, Bobby waving it away once more. 'You don't need to-idjit.' He grinned, before motioning the coffee. 'Breakfast?' he offered.

'If you boys need anything, anything at all-don't hesitate to call, yeah?' Bobby said from his crouching position by Dean's open window.

The older Winchester grinned and nodded, 'Will do Bobby-we may be sooner than you think?'


'Yeah, we figured that you'd be lonely, stuck here by yourself-so we're gonna go do a local hunt, and be back tomorrow morning to make these few days up to you.' Sam said, craning his neck to talk to Bobby.

'Guys...you don't need to do that, I'm-'

'Shush, no you're not. You need some fun in your life-and we're the people for you!' Dean grinned. He leaned in conspiratorially, shielding Bobby from Sam. '...I'll bring the Whisky.' He whispered, winking at Bobby as the older man chuckled and rolled his eyes.

'What? What did you say?' Sam said, frowning at his brother, who pretended to lock his lips and throw away the key.

Bobby laughed and nodded. 'Okay, you've swayed me-I'll get more coffee in.' He conceded, standing up and crossing his arms.

'Yeah...' Dean said, grinning as he turned the ignition on. 'We'll be real soon Bobby.' He promised, before reversing the Impala and turning the car around.

'You ready?' he asked Sam, looking at him with brotherly eyes.

'Yeah, I'm good to go...' Sam smiled, looking around the car and grinning. 'It's good to see things now...' he said, reclining in his seat.

'Yes it is...' Dean smiled, before putting the Impala in drive and directing out of Bobby's road.

Bobby waved as he watched them disappear, and only when they had turned the corner, with a toot of the horn from Dean, did he turn and walk slowly up to his porch.

He looked back at road, before shaking his head once more and chuckling.

'Idjits...' he muttered, before walking back in his house, closing the wooden door with a snap.

The End.

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