Here I am again, uploading a new story when I know I should focus on my already uploaded stories thata re still in progress but I've had this file on my computer for over a year now and I wanted to upload it here because I wanted it to be read by someone else rather than just myself. I think that the sequel to Bambi was a great sequel, the bond between Bambi and his father is so sweet and I just love this movie. If you've read the summary, which I think you have, because why else would you have come to this page, yeah whatever, then you know that this is the sequel told from The Great Prince's point of view.

Chapter 1 – Bambi

The Great Prince of the forest was on his daily patrol through the forest. The ground was now covered with a thick blanket of snow and the sky was gray and boring. The deer had been forced to eat bark from the trees and hence the trees were now mostly naked. The forest was not as lively and joyous as it used to be. Most animals had gone to sleep for the winter and the birds had all flown southwards. There weren't many animals left aside from the deer. That was actually a good thing because that meant that most of the animals in the forest were safe and there hadn't been any accident in days.

Currently he was making his way to the meadow. The meadow that was closest to where they lived. Maybe he would see them there like that summer day. Though he hoped that wasn't the case, he almost lost Bambi that day, he went out on the meadow to warn the herd and Bambi got lost in the crowd and if he had not been there Bambi could have gotten shot. But Bambi had a smart mother that was more than capable of looking after him; as long as they stayed inside the forest they should be safe.

Suddenly he heard the sound that he hated the most in the whole forest. There were intruders in his forest. Quickly, as fast as his legs could carry him, he ran towards the meadow.

He was running towards his destination with high speed when he heard a shot. The sound of something collapsing followed and he knew what that meant. An animal had been shot, a big animal. He kept running.

When he reached the meadow he saw it. A doe was lying in the snow. He looked around for dogs or hunters but there were none yet. Slowly he approached the doe and his heart skipped a beat when he recognized it. It was his doe. It was his love. Her crimson eyes were lifeless, the light gone from them never to return.

He caught the smell of Man, it was stronger than before and he knew what that meant. But there was nothing he could do to stop what was about to happen, she was dead and Man was coming for her. After casting one last look at his beloved he retreated to the forest. He ran to the ticket that he knew she had lived in with their son. He hadn't seen the little fawn anywhere so he figured that he managed to escape and returned to the ticket.

But when he reached the ticket there was no fawn, however he did find prints from four small hooves and so he could guess that Bambi had gone looking for his mother. He sighed and went to follow the prints.

When he had followed the prints for some time he heard the voice of a child. "Mother where are you," it screamed. The Prince immediately knew that the voice belonged to Bambi.

And right he was, moments later he caught sight of a little fawn and he immediately recognized it as his son. He slowly approached the young Prince and Bambi gasped in shock at the sight of him.

"Your mother can't be with you anymore," he told his son.

Bambi lowered his head in sadness.

"Come," he told the fawn.

His son obediently followed him to his den where he told the fawn to go to sleep.

It took less than a minute for his son to fall asleep; he assumed that the effort of looking for his mother along with lack of food had tired him out. He silently watched Bambi's sleeping form. The poor fawn was without a mother now, what could he do? The little one was too young to survive on his own, especially in winter.

He heard the sound of bashing wings approach and he turned his head to see no one but Friend Owl.

"Friend Owl," he greeted.

"Yes, I'm sorry to just step in like this but I had to come," the owl said, looking at Bambi. "Poor little fellow, he is too young to be without his mother".

The Prince agreed. He watched his son solemnly.

"Well if I can be at any help," the Owl began. He didn't answer but just kept looking at his sleeping son. He heard the owl prepare to fly off again.

"Wait," he said, before the owl managed to leave. "I could use your help".

The owl nodded, telling him that he was listening.

"Find a suitable doe to raise Bambi," he said.

"Yes of course," Friend Owl said, digesting his words. "But I don't know, there's so little food and the does can hardly feed themselves". The Owl thought about it for a while. "But perhaps you cold…"

"Me?" the Prince said, surprised. "You know as well as I do that a Prince looks after the herd and the does care for the younglings".

"Yes but you are his father and circumstances being what they are…"

The Prince digested the owl's words for a moment. He did have a point there. He sighed, knowing that he had no choice. "Until spring".

"Wonderful," Friend Owl said. "Who could better raise the young Prince than the Great Prince of the forest himself?" With that said Friend Owl took to the skies.

The Great Prince of the forest looked once more at his sleeping son and sighed. This was going to be a difficult winter. He laid down in the den beside his son. He couldn't get her off his mind. Today he lost his beloved. He would never ever see her again on the meadow, playing with their son; she was gone, never to return. He couldn't get the picture of her beautiful lifeless form out of his head. Knowing that she was gone made his heart ache, it was the worst heartache he had ever felt in his entire life. She was gone. She was gone and would never come back.

Yeah I still don't know why I broke it into chapters, maybe because I myself hate reading stories that are 10,000+ words in one piece So that's why. I hope some Disney fan liked this.