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"You're lucky you have Beck."

Yes. I was definitely lucky I had Beck.

Beck was always the kind of guy who was there when I needed him. He was loyal. He was smart. He was just all around amazing. I'd give him that any day, just not to his face.

He was the kind of guy that you just wanted to be around. He was funny. He was cunning. He was gorgeous, to say the least.

Also, another one of his notable traits, very gullible. Of course, that was great for me and bad for him.

Beck was the kind of guy that could mellow me out. He had the rough outer edges and the soft inner core that could melt anyone's heart. He had this same dazzling smile everyday and I liked it when he brought me coffee in the mornings.

Whenever I was lonely, Beck was there. When my cat died, Beck was there. When I crashed my car, I was grateful Beck wasn't there. But he was there right afterwards, fighting the cops so he could drag me out of the wreckage.

Lucky didn't even describe how I was to have Beck. He was a blessing to me more than anything. He was my guardian angel, sent to protect me and guard my heart. And no matter how stubborn or annoying or irritating he could get, I liked having him.

Beck was on the same level as me. He played by his own rules, never looked back. He liked to be rebellious, but always came to his senses when he needed to. Beck was my rock, the other half of my heart; he was the glue that kept me from falling apart at the seams.

Sure, he was too good for me, and in every way, he deserved someone better. He always deserved someone better than me and he probably always would. But yet, he stuck to me like a dog to it's master, loyal 'til the end.

Beck was something. He was the kind of guy that every girl would swoon over first chance they got. He had the muscles and the nice ebony hair and the brilliant smile. I was totally in love with him, but it was something I kept secret, something hidden within my darkened heart. No one would ever know that I was capable of love. I wouldn't let them know.

That was why I protected him. I knew a lot of the sleazy girls out there who wanted him. I knew that they didn't really love him because he was a gentle beauty of a man. They wanted him for the popularity he could bring them. A guy like Beck gave a girl a lot of points.

Not me. I wanted him for him. Just like his locker, he had nothing to hide. He told it like it was. His feelings were always out on the table for the world to see. He made our relationship easier. He let me be the dark hidden one while he was his own little social butterfly. Usually, it was the other way around, but I liked it this way. It suited me better. Made things easier to deal with and handle on my own.

Beck was just that kind of guy. It was a take him or leave him deal. I wouldn't change him and he wouldn't change me. That was the way we had laid it out on the table during our first date. He was fine with me being dominant and him being my subordinate. It was the way we lived. And Beck liked me for it. A year together and he was still guarding my heart as I fended off all the female attackers that could only love him for personal gain.

Yes, I was lucky I had Beck. He was all I had ever needed.

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