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Lover of Blonde

I brushed past a girl in an alley. She turned and gave me a long hard stare.

Her eyes were chocolate, dazzlingly dark and enticing. Her face was windswept, her features pale and cold. Snarls of gold and dirty browns were her hair but I could only see a gorgeous blonde under the tattered clothes and beat-up body.

"Sorry," she breathed, not yet turning to look away from me. Her eyes scanned me over, as if I were a threat of some kind. Her gaze felt piercing, like she could see through my soul. The girl gave me a long hard look and she didn't seem to be moving very quickly.

"Sorry," I repeated, feeling bad for running into her. But some part of me wasn't. She was pretty and I was just looking for some company. She was scowling at me, but I figured that was her version of a smile. Or maybe not.

"You should watch where you're going," she warned me. It was no new threat. Null Void teaches a guy to watch where he walks. One guy might just let you off with a warning. Another could toss you into a wall or beat your brains out. Her eyes analyzed me again.

I kind of liked it. It was like she was sizing me up for something. I let her look. I was all muscle. What would she find wrong with that? And if she liked what she saw, maybe I had a chance.

"I'll remember that," I told her, giving her my most charming smile. She looked about sixteen, fifteen at the least. Probably could've passed for nineteen if she tried hard enough. Her hair curled into her face and she brushed it away with bloodstained fingertips. I noticed but didn't care. I'd seen a lot of things too. Maybe we'd have something in common.

Her eyes squinted and I knew my shot was blown out of the water. She turned on her heels and began heading off in the direction she had been going before. I watched her blonde hair flutter with the slight wind that filtered through the alleyway, bringing in the smoky smells of Bellwood's inner city streets.

"Bye!" I called after her quickly before she began to vanish. She didn't even turn around. I shoved my hands in my pockets and watched her walk off, whistling a bit to myself. She was hot. Really hot. Crazy hot. She just made me want more. Gwen had attitude, sure, but this girl? She was just dumbfounding. She made me look tame.

As she hit the end of the alley, she turned and headed left. I debated following her, but I let her go. She probably had better things to do than hang out with me. I was nothing to her.

So I walked off in my own direction, secretly hoping I could see her again.

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