Missing family's ties.

This is my first transformers story. I do not own transformers if I did prime will never had died and bee will never would have turn into goldbug. Please enjoy and please review.


" Sir they had come for your newborn son!" said Ratchet. "Ironhide, Ratchet what is wrong?" ask Optimas Prime. " The newborns are in danger." Replied Ironhide. "Then we have to have our newborns go to an unknown planet. They are no longer safes on Cybertron." Said Optimas Prime. " Cliffjumper take the these newborns down to Earth and make sure they are in good hands. Cliffjumpers say goodbye to your brother." Said Optimas Prime. " Goodbye." Replied Cliffjumper. Cliffjumper got on the space ship with the four newborns and set off for Earth. He left them at the door of the orphanage and left. Soon the four newborns were adopted and took on human forms. They were given the names Cody, Corbin, Dan, and Shun.