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"No, you don't pronounce the b. It's silent."

"But, I do not understand—eet has a 'b' een eet! 'Ow can you not pronounce ze b?"

"It's—it's fairly complicated, but—"

Fleur rolled her eyes and plopped her head onto her hand, and Bill had to admit, the girl made every movement seem like that of an angel's. She could trip and fall onto her face, blood streaming from her nose, and he would question whether or not he was in heaven.

Her silver hair sometimes made him want to just reach over and touch it, to see if it was—if she was real. He knew that feeling this way about someone her age was wrong: he was graduated from Hogwarts when she was in her first year. She was practically a child. But something—something in the way she carried herself was different than others. She had pride, a distinguished walk, and an attraction that Bill couldn't quite describe or deny.

No. He couldn't think of her that way. He had to find something to take his mind off her.

Clearing his throat, he said, "Right. So, erm, adjectives now."

She wrinkled her nose. "Quoi?"

"Words that describe a thing or person. Words like… beautiful, or—or amazing, or…" She cocked her head at him and bit her lip and his train of thought never stood a chance.

After a couple of minutes of attempted explanation, she interrupted him. "'Ow do you say—kees?"

"K—keys? Why do you need to know how to say 'keys'?"


"I still don't understand."

"'Ere, let me 'elp you." As she took his scarred, bristled face in her hands, he couldn't help but feel the direct contrast between the two of them—and then her cool lips were on his and (horror of horrors!) he liked it.

What seemed like a blissful eternity later, one of them—his head was spinning too quickly to know whom—came up for air, and he said, "Oh. A kiss."

"A kees." Fleur smiled and reached over to hold his hand.

Age differences be damned.

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