Claire's POV

I stood in the middle of a graveyard. I knew it was bad to be here. Of course it was bad to be here. But staring down at my mother and father's graves brought me some reality, since things hadn't seemed too real in the past few days.

I had been putting my bag in my room, after coming home from collage. I walked down the stairs, grabbing the ringing phone.

"Glass House, Claire Danvers speaking." I had absentmindedly riddled off, as I watched Shane and Michael play a zombie game.

"Mrs. Danvers. This is Officer Scott, calling about your parents."

"Is everything ok?"

"Mrs. Danvers, your parents were in a severe car accident earlier this morning. It was impossible to identify them, because they carried no identifications, no founder's bracelets. Amelie came to the sight, and identified them. My sincere condolences."

I sunk to the ground, after letting out a shrill shriek of horror. I vaguely saw Shane and Michael rush to me. Clutching the phone tighter to my body, I whispered a question. "So what are you saying? Are you saying that their dead?"

"I'm afraid so. Amelie should be coming by later today-"

"No, I think you have the wrong number." I started, my heart 1,000 miles an hour. "That can't be right."

"If your Claire Marie Danvers, and your parents are David, and Jean Danvers, then I'm afraid that this is the right number."

"That's impossible!" I shrieked into the phone. "They can't be dead, they were just here this morning!"

"Mamn, this would be better talked over in person. I just wanted to inform you of the problem at hand here."

"There is no problem!" I cried, ignoring the startled looks from Shane and Michael. "Because their not dead! You have the wrong number!" the phone cut off, as I threw the phone across the room and started to scream.

Wincing from the flashback, I stared at the graves that were buried earlier this morning. Shane was in the car, waiting. He had been so good to me in the past days, wanting to comfort me in my mourning. He knew all about losses, he said. Growing up in a dysfunctional family helped him in the long run.

But I felt cheated. I didn't just loose my mom, or my dad. I lost them both. I hated that term. I 'lost' my parents. There not missing. There dead. And there not coming back. I wanted to go home, find a dark place, and just sleep until I died. But that's depressing.

So I placed the roses on their grave and whispered goodbye to my parents, my only family. I had no aunts, no uncles here with me. They were off, celebrating with my parents. A few old friends had come to the funeral, and a family that my mother had been close to, here in Morganville. But they left, after I assured them that I had a loving place to stay tonight.

I smiled thinly to Shane, who had been leaning against the car, watching me.

"You know that's kinda creepy, right?"

He shrugged, awarding me with a half smile that sealed a tiny crack in my broken heart. "This is a scary place."

I nodded, taking his hand in mine. His hand was so large compared to my own. I glanced down, chuckling slightly at an ironic thought.

"What is it?"

"My parents." I said giggling. "I know this isn't funny, but to think that my parents died from a car accident, in Morganville. That has to be the epiphany of irony, am I right?"

"I know you keep forgetting Claire, because of my charming attitude, and extremely good looks, but I don't have super genius Claire brain. I don't know these big words."

I smiled at him, getting into the car as we drove home. It truly was my home now. Other than my parents place, the Glass House was my home, which held the only family I had left.

"If my mom were here right now, you know what she'd say?" I asked Shane. He shook his head, glancing at me. "She would be giving me a hard time on my shoes, I kid you not."

I had worn my favorite brown shoes. My dad gave them to my for my birthday, last year. My mom hated them, claiming they were slacker shoes. The shoes were beat up and dirty now, but they had been super comfy house looking shoes in the beginning. And brown, as a well known fact, did not go with black.

He shook his head, smiling along with me. He got along with my mother more than they let on. I secretly think that she approved of him, but my father's stubbornness got in the way of her thought process.

We pulled into the drive way, hand in hand. Holding Shane's hand never seemed to be a big thing, until my parents died. Now, all I wanted to do was hold his hand, touch his cheek, or kiss his forehead.

"Hey Shane?" I asked.

"Yea babe?" he said pulling us through the doors, and into the smell of tacos.

"You'd tell me if I was being clingy, right?"

He stared at me in shock, as Eve came dancing into the room. She smiled at me, taking my other hand, and pulled me into the kitchen. I smiled at her, as she sat me down with a big plate of Tacos.

"Thanks Eve!" I called after her, as she moved from the kitchen to the Living Room. She blew me a kiss, as she ran up the stairs. I turned back to Shane, who had recaptured my hand, looking into my eyes.

"Claire. You are not clingy. God. Your going through a lot right now, and I'm glad that I get to be here for you." He leaned forward, and gave me a kiss on my forehead. We have been strictly kissing on face, not lips too. I don't know whose rule that was. I'm pretty sure that it was Shane's because I hate that rule.

Eve came back in the kitchen, bringing her hot vampire boyfriend in tow. Michael was in all ways but blood, my brother. He looked at me sadly, probably thinking about the same thing I was.

"Claire, what's the matter, what is it?" Michael had asked, after I threw the phone. My breath was coming in shorter and shorter, as I stared blankly at the wall. "Shane, go in the kitchen, and grab a paper bag." I heard. I vaguely saw Shane stand up and rush away. Everything was thick, like I was seeing through thick glass, and hearing though a tunnel.

Tears slowly coursed down my cheeks, as I pulled in shakier and shorter breaths. I was sitting on the stairs, looking at Michael's ear. He has interesting ears, you know. The colors around his ear, making it seem so pretty…

"Claire, I need you to look at me, ok?" Michael had said, pulling my face towards his. "Claire, who was on the phone? Claire, this is important. I need you to tell me if everything's ok. Are vampires coming to our house?"

I shook my head slightly, tears splashing off of my cheeks. My head feels so light…

"Claire, I need you to stay with me, ok?" he said, as Shane came rushing back into the room. Michael opened the bag, and pressed it to my lips. The air seemed thicker, better for breathing. I was able to focus on Michaels face.

"Claire, who died? You said someone died? I need you to tell me." Michael had said, staring into my eyes. My lips trembled, as I tried to pull in enough breath to tell him. Things were too dizzy right now.

"Claire?" I heard someone say behind me. Eve rushed down the stairs, taking my hand. "What happened to her?"

"I don't know!" Shane said frustrated. "She talked on the phone for a second, and then screamed, and started to have a panic attack!"

"Claire." Michael said looking in my eyes. I saw something familiar. A name popped into my head. For some reason, I wanted to call Michael, Danny. His eyes, bored

into mine, as I struggled with a faint thought, that slipped away. "Claire, who died?"

I drew in a shaky breath, as I cried out, "My Mom and Daddy!"

"Whatcha up to Claire Bear?" Michael said, taco coming out of the corner of his mouth. I smiled at him, shrugging, putting the taco I had just taken a bite out of, back onto its plate. I hadn't been too hungry. But when tacos were fixed, I never complained.

"Nothin much. How was VC?" I asked. VC was the vampire council. Since recent events, the VC became more exclusive. Every vampire was required to go. But they didn't all have a say in what happened.

"The same. Boring."

I laughed, and took the last bite of my taco. "I'm starting work and school again tomorrow." I stated, standing up to put my plate in the sink.

Three pairs of eyes stared at me in shock. "Claire." Eve started. "We all know you hate to be behind and all, but you gotta give yourself some time to…"

"Heal?" I asked. "I'm fine, really. And there's no point in having a Claire pity party. And I might as well start tomorrow."

The silence in the room was awkward. I sighed, and turned around. "I'm ok. Really. I promise. Am I sad? Yes. Do I miss them? Hell yes. But I knew I had to say goodbye to them someday. And it happened. I just want things to go back to normal, ok?"

Before they could respond, the door rang. I sighed, and went to open the door. Anna from school came to drop by my work. With a smile, I thanked her, and went back into the kitchen. The three were whispering furiously to each other, but as soon as I walked in, they fell silent.

I rolled my eyes, and continued to the fridge, to grab me a drink. Pushing Michael's blood aside, I grabbed a bottle of water.

"Hey CB." Eve started, walking towards me. "Some guy came by the house today, looking for you. Said he'd be back tomorrow."

I looked at her curiously. "Who was he?"

She shrugged, putting her plate in the sink, along with mine. "I don't know. He was real tall, and, um, gorgeous." Michael growled, looking up from Shane. "You know he holds no candle to you, dear." Eve stated sarcastically, smiling as Michael turned away.

"Is he a relative or something Claire?" Michael said. "He looked a lot like you."

"He looked like me?"

They must have heard the shock in my voice, since they all turned around and stared. "Yea, he did. He had brown hair and brown eyes, just like you."

"Descriptive." Eve smirked. "He had the same, like face as you. It was surreal. Was he like a cousin or something?"

I shook my head, frowning. This was weird. "What was his name?"

"I'm not sure. Shane, do you remember his name?"

"I wasn't here smart ass."

"Oh, bite me. Michael, do you? And no biting, please." Michael rolled his eyes, and scrunched up his face.

"It was something familiar…hmmmm….Manny maybe?"

"Danny?" I asked.

"Yea, that's it! Do you know him?"

My head grew foggy as I tried to think about it. It was almost like the panic attack. Things grew thick in my head, until I stopped trying to remember. "No." I said. "I've never heard of him in my life."

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