I'm back!
It's been one year to the day since I started Heroes of Time. It's incredible to think I worked on it for nearly a year. So, to celebrate its anniversary, which was a somewhat life-changing event for me, I believe the time is right to begin work on Scars. However, I cannot guarantee when updates will be made. Please be prepared for up to a month between them. I am very, very sorry but my job is killing me. Please check my Twitter feed (linked in my profile) for status updates and my progress on the next chapter.
I would like to thank everyone who commented on the finale of Heroes, and I hope I can welcome most of you as regular readers here. My apologies I haven't been able to personally reply to you personally; I will try to in time. To all new readers, I would recommend reading Heroes of Time first; this sequel ties in very heavily with my previous work and might not make sense out of context. Heroes is being slowly edited and streamlined; this version will remove inconsistencies and correct mistakes I made, and will eventually be compiled into PDF. Some PDFs of Heroes are available from my website (also in my profile).
Okay, without further ado, let the next adventure begin!


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Posted: 21st Solus, New Common Year 884, 3:04AM HST
Time is a measure of change. The greater the time, the greater the change. So it has been for thousands of years, millions if you believe the new theories.
Too much time has passed for this change to continue unnoticed. I implore you all, we must do something about it, before the slow change engulfs everything we know, and everything we can do about it.
We must mobilize.
We must save our future.
Time is running out.
-Black Knight