I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate what you did back there; it was really nice of you to willingly adopt Ezio from Mr. Auditore after what happened to the poor thing's family. As requested, here is a quick overview about the entire ordeal so you could be ready by Monday's pickup at Caterina's.

Ezio likes to wake up at around ten o'clock each morning, and he strangely prefers to sleep an hour after you do—try to position your box of litter near the hallway to the left of your room so that he can move in and out whenever he wants to. If Shaun is giving you a hard time about this, tell him that Professor Vidic still wants a new test subject for his supposedly new Animus project. And it would be great if you somehow managed to get your hands on a white and red litter box: Our feline friend is particular about his colors.

As for food, never get Ezio any canned products—he is still scarred after what happened to his brothers and father after their unfortunate incident with a large tuna bone in the chunks. Stick with bits of boneless raw salmon and bass, and add a pinch of salt to his water to regulate his sodium intake. I mentioned this earlier, but this little guy is pretty high class: He eats on the table when you eat, and obviously, he dismisses himself on whim.

Don't worry about getting any toys; though, attempt to find a durable Rodrigo Borgia squeak toy for him to bat around, as that is his favorite to pounce upon. I have a box of goodies from Antonio, and Machiavelli says that he'll drop some off on Tuesday.

Oh, and one more thing: Ezio abhors—and I meant to the point where he goes beserk—those stray cats from Pazzi Avenue. I know that you live close to that area, but try your best to take the detour near Altair Street to get to college, considering how your new pet has the tendency to sneak into places without a sound. If you still don't know what to seriously buy, just remember to get one of those plush pillows for Ezio to sleep on in your car.


P.S. Ezio has this scar on his lip that's really sensitive. You can trace it to get on his good side even more. Don't forget to practice your bellyrubs!