It was a cold October night, the first signs of November were now beginning to frost the trees. It was now only a few weeks after the 'PVR' incident, and that meant it was still in the news, everywhere.

Stefan was driving the car to the Berlin Stadium, where the Bundesvision was going to be held.

Lena was sitting next to him in the passenger seat.

"Wow, a Bundesvision in October?" Lena asked, "That's a little late, isn't it?"
"Well yeah but after the whole PVR thing I thought I'd take a little break from all this for a while," Stefan said, parking the car in the reserved space, "But now we're back!"

"Yay!" Lena said, and they both got out the car and walked into the stadium.

Stanfour were already waiting around the entrance.

"Lena, I'm going to go and get all the bands together," Stefan said, "You can come with me, if you want."

"Tee hee," Lena giggled, "I'll just take a look around, if that's alright with you."

"Sure," Stefan said, as Lena walked down the corridor.

Stefan went in the opposite direction and saw five people sitting around, looking at the pictures on the walls, and generally making a noise. And it was Juli, of course.

"This is great," Marcel exclaimed to the rest of his band, "We'll get back at those Northeners..."

"Yes!" Eva said, almost jumping up into the air in exitement, "We won the most points in this contest the last time we entered, and we will do it again! We will wipe the floor with them once more! Hessen power!"

"Great," Stefan said sarcastically, walking over to them, "Juli. You know, you lot have already been in this contest, many times. We will no longer have you in any more contests."

Eva looked at him blankly.

"But we must solve our rivalry with-"

"Fettes Brot. I know, I know, you have some sort of thing with them," Stefan said, "But look, let it drop. Because god damn it, I don't want you guys using my contest as a background for your weird fights."

"But-" Eva was interrupted yet again.

"This is not a platform for musical rivalry..." Stefan said, "This is a serious song contest."

Suddenly, the front door flew open, sending in gusts of cold wind from outside.

"Never fear, Fettes Brot is here!" came the voice of Bjorn Warns, more commonly known as Schiff, as he and his two bandmates came through the doors.

"I knew you'd be here," Eva growled, "I just knew it. You vile vermin!"

"Don't you dare call us vile vermin, when you are such yourself!" Schiff hissed, as they all walked down the corridor and away from Stefan and Juli.

"Now where are you going?" Stefan shouted.

"Down the corridor," Marcel said, "Stop following us, you lot," he snapped at Fettes Brot.

"No!" Boris said, "Make us!"

They were walking up next to the door which lead to the stage now.

"Spring spring spring!" singing was coming from inside.

"Well, that sounds bloody awful," Eva said, "You know, we could write a much better song." Eva looked to the rest of her band.

"You mean, we could write a much better song," Schiff said, "What state are they representing anyway?"

"Baden-Wurttemberg," Stefan said, "Anyway, I think they're good."

"Nah, we're better," Schiff said.

"You lot just specialise in putting people down, you know that?" Stefan said.

"You know, I heard they eat fish heads on sticks in Baden-Wurttemberg," Schiff said.
"Yeah, I heard about that," Boris answered him.

"Fish heads? On sticks?" Stefan said, annoyed, "Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?"

"I heard about that too," Renz said, "I wonder if they have fish heads on sticks with them now?"

"God damn it! What is this obsession with fish heads on sticks?" Stefan shouted, "Do you want me to go in there and ask them? Go in there and say, 'Hey guys, Fettes Brot thinks you eat fish heads on sticks'?"

"Go ahead," Renz said.

"Fine," Stefan said, walking towards the door leading to the stage.

"No wait!" Renz said, "I didn't mean that, don't ask them."

"See, " Stefan said, "Now we're getting somewhere."

"Hey," Eva whispered to her bandmates, "This is boring being around these northerners, let's go somewhere else."

"Sure thing," Marcel whispered back, and they all set off, with no one noticing.

"So do they really eat fish heads on sticks in Baden-Wurttemberg?" Stefan asked Schiff.

"I don't know," Schiff replied, "It's just rumours that I've been hearing, you know?"