Fettes Brot and Juli had now arrived back in the Bundesvision stadium.

They were still annoyed with each other, except Andreas, who seemed more than willing to try and work out a friendship between the two.

"Come on guys," Andreas said, "We can work it out."

But Eva was still blaming Fettes Brot for what had happened earlier to Peter Fox.

"It's all your fault!" Eva screamed, "You dumb Northerners!"

The door opened suddenly.

"Look guys," Peter Fox stepped into the room, "I'm alright now, so there's no point arguing over this. It was no one's fault."

The audience all turned around to see Peter Fox.

"Oooh," Peter smiled, "The audience are here! Hey everyone! I'm fine now!"

"Well," Stefan had returned to his position on the podium with Johanna, "It's good to see you're doing ok now, Peter!"

"Yeah, you had us really worried," Johanna said, "Oh, I've just been informed, the votes have been counted and validated. We now have the results from all 16 states. Remember, you've been voting all night... now... let's see what the public think!"

The votes were counted, the voting was similiar to the Eurovision, which was what the Bundesvision was based off. Stefan had always liked the Eurovision, and had decided to make his own version for Germany.

"Well," Stefan said, "That's it... the votes are all in... and the winner of the Bundesvision Song Contest 2010 is... Unheilig, for North Rhine Westphalia!"

"Yes!" Unheilig smiled and walked over to the stage, where he performed his song again for the cheering audience, as gold and silver confetti flew down from the ceiling.

Sebastian had scored pretty highly himself, which many believed to be due to the appearance of the spaceship at the beginning of the Bundesvision.

"Well, that went pretty well," Lena smiled.

"Ah, you're being sarcastic, aren't you?" Sebastian said.

"No silly, I mean, you really did do well! And this was a great night tonight," Lena said, as Unheilig walked past, "Hey, Unheilig, congratulations!"

"Thanks Lena," Unheilig smiled.

Stefan Raab came into the room with a trophy and presented it to Unheilig.

"Hey, thanks," Unheilig said.

"Well," Stefan said, "That went well, didn't it?"

"Yeah!" Lena said, "That was awesome!"

"Fettes Brot and Juli still don't get along though," Stefan said, "I hope they quit coming into my contest all the time. You know they're always fighting."

"So I've heard," Unheilig said.

"One day," Lena said, "I think they will learn to get along, look, I think Andreas may be getting it."

Andreas from Juli had come into the room where they were.

"Ha... yeah," Andreas said, "I just want to apologize for my band's behaviour back there..."

"Ah, it's quite alright," Stefan smiled.

The entries for each state were now packing up, ready to go home. As it wasn't as large scale as the Eurovision, which involved travelling to different countries, most of them would be home fairly quickly.

Lena and Stefan went outside and got in the car, beginning the drive home.

They were driving through a secluded forest road, there were no other cars about. Snow began to fall.

"Sweet," Lena thought, "Snow! Just in time for winter!"

"Lena... just once... just once I'd like to get through the day without having something weird happen," Stefan said, "Because, god damn it, this kind of crap happens way too often!"

"So... you're fine with me being a robot and all, but aliens... that's no good! That's what you're saying, right?"

"Robots have a logical explanation, aliens are just. God damn, aliens!"

"I know, I know," Lena said, "Aliens. But the Tangolians won't be coming bac-"

"Lena!" Stefan said, "That guy can't have been an alien, just some sort of weird fantasist or something! Come on, do you really believe in-"

"But Stefan, you saw it too, didn't you? When he transformed... into his true form!"

Stefan sighed.

"Alright Lena, I can't come up with an explanation for that... but... you know what, I'm just going to concentrate on the road now..."

"Silence," Lena smiled, "The sound of defeat."

"I'm not defeated I just don't want to talk about it anymore," Stefan said.

"Because you know you're not right," Lena said, "Sebastian was a real alien."

They had arrived home now, and were about to go in their house, but then, in the sky, they saw something flying, flying high above. It was flashing purple and blue.

"Look! It's the spaceship!" Lena yelled.

"Well..." Stefan said, "It looks like it is... god damn, I guess we are not alone in this universe after all. You know what, if there are sentient robots in this world, then, god damn, there can be sentient aliens too."

The spaceship then blinked out of sight.

"I guess that was the final farewell from Klangor," Lena said.

"It certainly is," Stefan smiled, as they returned to their house, while the moon shone brightly in the sky, signalling the end of another day.

The End.