Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon or anything related to it.

WARNING: This story contains spoilers from Ruby&Sapphire and Emerald chapters of the Pokemon Special manga.

"Oh, just admit it Ruby!" she yelled, pushing him up against the wall. "You remember!"

"Sapphire, please, this is a new jacket" he started, but the look in her eyes told him to shut up. Had she been crying? "Sapphire-"

"You. Rembember."

Figuring it was best to tell the truth, he nodded carefully. Apparently, that was a bad idea. Sapphire threw him to the ground and looked down at him, teeth gritted and lips pulled back.

"Why have you not said anything?" she wailed. "For all this time-"

"I was scared!" he interrupted.

"What?" she answered, slightly less menacing.

"I was afraid, because I had never felt like that for anyone before. Like I do. I didn't want to risk getting hurt, and I know it was stupid but-"

"YOU didn't want to get hurt?" she screamed, flying at him and hitting him hard. He simply lay there, shielding his face with his arms and waiting for her to calm down. Eventually, she stopped punching and sat back on the ground next to him.

"What about me?" she demanded, tears coming to her eyes. "Ruby... I thought you had changed."

"Sapphire, I am sorry" he managed.

"Well it's too late!" she yelled, getting to her feet. Ruby felt his heart break when he saw the tears he had caused run down her cheeks.

"Sapphire!" he said, but she just turned around and ran. "Sapphire?"