Crystal and Gold were watching Ruby when he woke up in the post-operations room. Sapphire had agreed to sleep for a while after she kept falling out of the chair from exhaustion after sitting at Rubys bedside for hours and hours.

Crystal went to wake her up the second she was certain that Ruby wouldn't just fall asleep again, and the wild girl beat her back to his room. She came in to see her standing there, giving him a careful hug, with a broad grin on her face.

"Don't ever ever do that again!" Sapphire mumbled. Crystal took Golds hand and dragged him out of the room, despite his quiet protests and moans of pain. Just before she exited the room she heard Sapphire add: "And if you fake amnesia again, I am going to jam my thumb into your wound..."

Outside, Silver was lounging in a big armchair, only moving to look at who exited the room.

"Oh its you" he said. "Ruby is awake then?"

"Yep!" Crystal said, smiling.

"And... you two are official now, or what?" Silver asked, nodding at their hands, which, Crystal realized, still intertwined. She released it with a blush, shaking her head, but not fast enough. A laugh sounded from behind them and she turned to see Blue come into the room from the café, two big mugs in her hands.

"So here is another lovely couple" she said, giving them a grin.

"It's so not like that!" Crystal said, blushing and rushing out through the door and leaving Gold to stand there.

"It's not, but she totally wants me" he added.

"I think she's not the only one who wants someone here" Blue said, laughing. She sank into the sofa next to the table Silver was sitting at and placed one of the mugs in front of him. Gold bit his lower lip, then followed Crystal out through the door with Blue laughing behind him. Green was standing just outside, muttering something about "the noisy woman".

In another room of the hospital, Red and Misty were catching up on some things when Yellow came in, not seeing that Misty was also there as she was looking down into her bag.

"Hey Red, I was going fishing and I wondered if you-" she started, then interrupted herself as she looked up, blushing. "Oh, oh I see you are... busy. Sorry!" she said, leaving the room.

Red looked after her, mouth half open as if he was about to say something but couldn't quite find the right words. Misty felt a knot of resolve in her belly.

"Shouldn't you follow her?" she asked, smiling sadly.

"What?" Red answered, finally tearing his attention away from the door.

"Well, it is quite obvious what you two feel for eachother" Misty said, looking away.

"And what about you?" Red said, fixing his eyes at her. She raised her eyes and met his.

"Red, I love you" she said, smiling. "But... there is someone else out there, who loves you even more."

"Misty," Red started, "I'm sorry that I-"

"Who needs you even more" she continued, looking him straight in the eyes now, in a very determined way. Red bit his lower lip for a while before answering.

"I know, but how about you?" he asked. This time, she gave him a geniune broad grin.

"Don't worry! I'll be fine!" she said.

"Promise?" Red asked, swallowing.

"Promise!" she answered. He nodded.

"Thanks Misty."

And with that, he gave her a hug and then ran out through the door to catch up with the blonde girl who was just outside. Misty sat down, a couple of sad tears coming to her eyes. She would be fine, of course. Sometime.

He caught up with her just a bit down the path to the lake. Thankfully, he had only gotten minor injuries and could move without too much pain or delay. She was hanging her head as she walked, fishing rod in one hand.

"Yellow!" he called out. She spun around on the spot as she heard her name, and stopped completely, eyes wide in surprise.

"R-Red?" she stuttered. "What-"

He stopped next to her, panting, then took her hand, holding it carefully as he started walking towards the lake, Yellow blushing furiously as she followed him along.

"There's something we need to talk about..." he said.


The last scene can be found as a 'comic' form on my deviantart account gallery, Pkmn2legacy.

Please note that I made the deviantion before I wrote this fanart and that I didn't plan on putting those two together until rather recently, which is why they are not 100% the same!