Rated: K
Warnings: Slight OOCness
Title: What It Spells

"Harry . . . what is this?" Draco questioned as he inspected the unusual object sitting on top of the kitchen table. It was a box of some sort with the label 'reusable hangman' embossed on the front. Sitting on top of the box was a stairwell that led up to some sort of stage area where a rope hung. An idle wooden figure stood at the bottom of the stairs.

Draco blinked. Since when was Harry into art and crafts? And even if the twenty-six year old Golden Boy was into such things, Draco didn't comprehend why he would carve out a man, a set of stairs, a stage, and a rope that had a loop at its ends as if it was prepared for someone to hang themselves- wait. Did this imply Harry was suicidal? Draco froze as he came to this conclusion.

Harry couldn't be suicidal. Last time he observed the ravenette, which was this morning before he departed to meet up with Granger and Weasley, he was grinning and apparently very happy. Then, what was this 'reusable hangman' thing?

Gray orbs surveyed the label once more. His sight soon captured the words that were printed above and below the name of the object. On top was 'Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes' and on the bottom was 'Spell It or He'll Swing!' Definitely odd. But concluding from those words, he reckoned that Harry, thankfully, did not carve this dreadful object. Though, why would Harry acquire such a thing? What was it supposed to do?

Draco knew the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes was a joke shop, but dangling a wooden person? It was a sick joke, and that was coming from Draco's thoughts alone.

Frowning, Draco picked up his cellphone ( some sort of muggle device that Harry insisted him on using ) and dialed Harry's number. The phone rang for a few moments. After the fifth ring, the sound of his boyfriend's voice spoke. "Hello?"

Draco cleared his throat before starting off. "Hello, Harry. There's something rather unpleasant on our kitchen table labeled 'reusable hangman'. Is it going to explode?" He asked this in a even-tempered tone as a pitiful attempt to not expose his concern.

At the other end of the line, he heard Harry laugh. "No, no, Draco. It's not going to explode. It's a muggle game, wizard style. Fred and George made it specifically for me." Draco permitted these words to sink in before he replied with "oh".

Draco stayed inaudible for a moment, then decided to interrogate his mate, "will the wooden guy actually . . . hang himself?"

"Yes, but he'll unhang himself when a new game starts."



The line grew silent for a bit. Hating the eerie pause in their conversation, Draco began once more, "how do you play?"

He could almost feel Harry smile at his question, but made no noise to voice his train of thought. "Oh. Easy. One person thinks of a word or phrase and the other players try to guess what it is by suggesting letters. If the letter isn't in the word or phrase, the wooden guy will take a step up the stairs. You get six chances before he hangs himself," Harry explained.

"I see."

Another pregnant pause filled their conversation, but this time, Harry started, "Want to play?"

And well, Draco had nothing better to do. Plus, that meant that he could stay on the phone with Harry longer. "Sure."

"Okay. Hold on. Lemme think of a word or phrase . . . Okay. I got it. Two words. Five letters in the first and two letters in the second. Question mark at the end. Start guessing letters!"

When given the hints ( two words, five letters for one, two for the other, question mark at the end ), Draco quickly jotted the blanks down on a clean napkin. He tapped the quill on his bottom lip before randomly stating a letter. "A?"

"There's an A in the second blank for the first word."

Draco celebrated inside his head as he wrote the letter into the second blank.

"Hm . . . E?"

"Yep! There's one at the end of the second word! You're good at this, Draco."

The blond male smiled. "I know. I'm just that amazing."

Harry chuckled once more. "Yes, you are. Now, guess another letter."

"Uh . . . O?"

"I spoke too soon. Maybe not as amazing. Don't huff, Draco! I'm kidding. But seriously, there isn't an O in it. Tap the wooden doll's back one time."

Draco looked at the figure standing at the bottom of the stairwell. He hesitated, but complied to Harry's orders. The wooden man took one step up the stairs before turning to him and hanging his head in shame. Draco knew exactly what the actions meant. Don't get any more letters wrong!


"No T," Harry giggled. "Tap his back every time you get a letter wrong."

Scowling, Draco tapped the doll's back. Sadly, the small wooden toy took another step up before turning his blank head towards him. Draco looked away.


"Nope. Turn that W upside down."

Once again, Draco regretfully tapped the back before puzzling over Harry's hint. Upside down W? Draco blinked. Oh.


"Yep. Both words start with a M."

Happy now, Draco filled in the blanks and gazed back to the person on the steps. The wooden doll was jumping up and down, apparently happy for his awesomeness in guessing the correct letter.

Smirking faintly, Draco continued to guess. "P?"


Disappointed washed over him, but he waved it off. "T?"

"You already said that," Harry stated, stifling his laughter.

"Shut it, Potter," Draco muttered before tapping the doll's back twice ( one for the T and the other for the P ).


"Yep. Two R's. The third and fourth letter of the first word."

Draco wrote this down. Seeing the one blank left, he grew excited and didn't bother to look at what the words formed out.

"Is it . . . S?"

"No S. And that was your sixth chance."

A frown dawned upon his lips as he brought his finger to the doll. The wooden figure, frightened, took a step back from his finger. With a sigh, Draco drew his finger away and the figure looked relieved.

"Did he hang himself?"

Draco coughed. "Uh . . . yes."

"Don't lie to me, Draco. I can tell that you haven't tapped his back yet. But I'll give you another chance. Look at the letters you have already and try to figure it out."

His gray orbs returned to the napkin. The second he saw the blanks, he knew. His cellphone slipped from his palms the moment after he realized what it spelled out.

Moments ticked by as he stared at the two words and the question mark. He knew what letter was missing. And he wanted to tell Harry, but he couldn't. His body remain frozen.

"Draco? You alright? Draco? DRACO!"

Jerking out of his trance, the ex-Slytherin quickly picked up his cellphone. "Y," he breathed.

"Yep! Now, what does it say?"

Draco's eyes focused back on the napkin, then turned to the wooden man who now was hiding something behind his back.

"Draco? What does it say?"

His breath caught in his throat as he opened his mouth to answer. And when he finally found his voice, he whispered the answer, "marry me."

The moment he said the two words, the wooden doll revealed to him what he hid behind his back. It was a silver ring. With a shaking hand, Draco extended his hand towards the object's direction. The figure placed the piece of jewelry into his palm. Still in shock, Draco drew the ring to his focus. He could clearly see the seven words that were imprinted on the silver ring: I want to love you forever, Draco.

"So . . . is that a yes or a no, Draco?"

Oh. He forgot that he was on the phone with Harry. Clutching the ring in his hand and allowing tears of joy to spill from his eyes, he answered the proposal, "Yes, Harry. Oh, God, yes!"

This time, Draco knew Harry was smiling, for he had suddenly Apparated in front of him and embraced him.

"I love you, Draco," his mate breathed.

Draco buried his face in Harry's shoulder and smiled. "I love you too, Harry."

Once more, an enchanted chuckle escaped from his fiance. "But our wedding decorations will be in gold and scarlet."

Draco snorted. "Silver and green, Potter. Slytherin owns Gryffindor's arse."

"Wanna bet?"

"Mm, later. I want to choose the cake."

Draco felt his partner draw away from him and look at him with a quirked eyebrow. But no explanations were needed ; the two broke into childish giggles before Harry grabbed Draco's hand and tugged him towards the door.

AN: So I'll be starting a series of oneshots with Harry and Draco proposals! Each chapter will be a different proposal and a different story line, so you can read them separately. Reviews and suggestions are LOVED! Thanks fer reading ~ C: