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It's amazing how much the people we interact with affect us. In some ways they affect us more than we affect ourselves.

I still remember the first time I saw Miss Haruhi with my father. He seemed so different when she was nearby, as if he had just stepped into a fairy tale. I'd never seen him so happy before.

Over the next few months I watched him become even happier as the two of them fell in love. He finally even said "I love you" to me. I was so happy when he said that, it was like I was suddenly free to love anyone and everyone now that my father told me that he loved me.

It was a two days later that I woke up to find the two of them sitting on the balcony overlooking Green Park and Buckingham Palace in London. When I remember that moment I still feel the same excitement rush through my veins that I felt when I realized that Christmas had come early and that they were engaged.

It was as if all of my dreams had come true.

The next few months were some of the most exciting in my life.

Miss Haruhi was busy with her friend Miss Mei. The two of them planned the wedding, though really, it was more Miss Mei planning and Miss Haruhi just agreeing. Miss Mei's friend, Miss Kanoya, also helped plan. She was in charge of the menu. The two of them pulled off an amazing wedding and reception for Papa and Miss Haruhi.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. It was a small little ceremony on Christmas Day. They picked that day so that their wedding was a real Christmas present for all three of us. Mr. Tamaki was the best man and Miss Mei was the maid of honor.

I got to be the flower girl. Genji and Fusao were the ring bearers. Mr. Hunny and Miss Reiko looked so proud of their boys.

Miss Haruhi looked amazing. She wore a dress that Mr. Hikaru and Mr. Kaoru designed for her. I personally thought she looked like a fairy tale princess.

The wedding was the first time I saw Aunt Fuyumi since the events at the hospital. That was the first time Papa let her anywhere near me. I don't think he'd forgiven her completely yet, but he definitely didn't hate her like he hated his brothers or father.

What he did to them was probably the worst thing he could've done.

He ruined them.

Completely ruined them.

By the time of the wedding they barely had two cents to rub together.

My father bought enough stock so that he was the majority shareholder, and then he fired them from their own company.

Because they had no insurance they had to pay from my grandfather's medical bills out of their own pockets. This, plus the inability of my aunts to curb their spending habits, resulted in disaster in just a few months.

Around New Years they gave in and sold their stock to Papa. They've struggled to make ends meet ever since. My cousin Kikuko works as a janitor at the same hospital where his father used to be the head physician. How far they've fallen.

To think, they didn't fall because of what they did to Papa as he was growing up, the fell because of what they tried to do to me.

He did this because he loved me and didn't want to see me unhappy.

I hope I love my child that much. She's almost here, you know.

The doctor says that she'll be here soon and I trust him since he is my little sister's boyfriend.

That's so odd, thinking that my baby sister has a boyfriend. I mean, I know she's twenty, but still, she's my baby sister and her boyfriend is a couple years older than me.

At least my baby brother doesn't have a girlfriend – probably because he's having too much fun in the Host Club.

She's coming!

My baby girl is coming!

I'm about to make Papa and Miss Haruhi grandparents in a few minutes.

They're going to spoil my little girl rotten aren't they?

Just like they spoiled me with love and happiness.

After all, that's all that really matters.

Making those you love happy.

Author's Note: So I end it here. As their first grandchild is being born. I hope you've enjoyed this story. Please let me know your thoughts and feelings. I was trying something new with this story - first person introspective (I think I made up that name, lol). Where events happen, but most of the changes and growth of the main character are internal. Honestly, I'll say that I had absolutely nothing planned when I started writing the first chapter. The only thought in my head was Kyoya not believing in love or happiness. Over the course of the first chapter I figured out in which direction I wanted this story to go and then just took off with it. Did I intend to have Kyoya's father have a heart attack from the beginning? No, I just came up with it to explain why Kyoya couldn't explain to Haruhi right away. Did I intend to send them off to London in the beginning? Nope, I did it just so I could stretch out the drama.

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