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Chapter 1

*This time tomorrow we'll probably all be dead.*

The thought was stuck in Dean's head, refusing to move, refusing to be ignored – just there, taunting him. He glanced around the motel room slowly – Gabriel lounged on one of the beds, eating a candy bar and attempting to explain the merits of sugar as a food group to Castiel, who in turn listened patiently while looking thoroughly confused. Sam sat at the desk, eyes glued to his computer screen, no doubt hoping to find some last crumb of information that would make what they had planned for tomorrow seem less like the kamikaze run Dean knew it to be.

Their last night on Earth, and they were sitting around a cheap-ass motel wasting it.

"Screw this!" Dean muttered, standing quickly, grabbing his jacket. Gabriel raised an eyebrow.

"Going somewhere?"

"You want to spend your last night alive in this dump? Personally, I'm thinking a nice bar, some quality alcohol..."

Dean didn't even get to finish his sentence as Gabriel snapped his fingers. The next thing he knew they were in a dimly lit car-park, Sam exclaiming at the unexpected trip from his spot on the ground, having not had any warning before the chair he was sitting in was no longer there to support him.

"On your feet Sammy – we got some drinking to be getting on with, last night on Earth and all that!"

"Yeah Dean, because it's not going to be enough of an impossible task tomorrow, we should definitely add hangovers to the mix."

"Do not worry about consuming alcohol Sam, Gabriel and myself are quite capable of ridding you of the adverse affects of it in the morning – I believe you deserve to 'have a breather', and relax a little."

Dean grinned. If even Cas was advocating getting drunk then Sam wouldn't have a leg to stand on. He reached down and pulled his brother off the ground, slapping him lightly on the shoulder as they began to walk towards the bar.

"Live a little Sammy! It might be our last chance, after all." And wasn't that a cheery thought. *Oh well,* Dean thought, shaking his head to clear it, *at least we'll be going out with a bang!*

Two hours and many, many drinks later, the two sets of brothers were all much more light-hearted, Castiel having proved to be a very happy drunk, while Gabriel seemed to thoroughly enjoy introducing his brother to a wide range of sugary multi-coloured cocktails. Dean and Sam were laughing and joking, and everyone seemed to have temporarily forgotten the apocalypse hanging over their heads like a guillotine.

When Gabriel suggested a change of venue the others readily agreed, and seconds later they found themselves in the corner of a large room, dimly lit with a small stage are at one end. The place was packed, and the person on stage was bowing to a light spattering of applause.

Gabriel headed for an empty table near the stage, ordering a round of drinks off a passing waitress along the way.

"Where are we?" Sam asked as they sat down, glancing at the stage, taking in the microphone and display screen set-up, and hoping like hell it wasn't what he thought it was.

"Okay, so here's the deal – I like karaoke, this is one of my favourite bars, and I've already put all of us down to sing." Dean looked like he was going to interrupt, but Gabriel snapped his fingers, temporarily silencing him. "Suck it up Dean-o, our names are in the hat, and I mojo-ed the sign-up sheets to pick the most appropriate songs for each of us – just have a few more drinks, it'll be fun! Unless of course you're chicken...?" Gabriel grinned wickedly, his eyebrow raised in a challenge. He snapped his fingers again and Dean found his voice restored.

Whatever insult Dean had been about to throw out was cut short by the arrival of the drinks Gabriel had ordered.

"Dean," Castiel spoke up quietly after taking a sip from the bright blue cocktail Gabriel had ordered for him this time, "what is karaoke?"

"A form of torture." Dean bit out, taking a drink from his beer.

"It's where people sing along to backing tracks of well-known songs Cas – although unless the people involved can actually sing Dean's description is actually fairly accurate. Just listen, the next one's up by the look of it..." Sam trailed off, pointing towards the young girl walking onto the stage nervously.

When the opening strains of Bon Jovi's 'Living on a Prayer' started up Dean groaned, rolling his eyes.

"Awesome! Freaking Bon Jovi!" he muttered, grimacing.

"I distinctly recall you saying once that Bon Jovi rocked..."

"Only on occasion dude!"

"And...?" Sam replied, not seeing the problem.

"This isn't 'occasion'!"

"Dude, check out the posters..."

Dean looked where Sam had pointed, then turned to glare at Gabriel, who shrugged innocently.

"Seriously? Not only do you drag us to a karaoke bar, but you drag us to a karaoke bar having a Bon Jovi night?"

"Hey, how was I to know you had no taste in music? Bon Jovi are awesome Dean-o! Aren't they Sammy?"

"Oh no, you're not dragging me into this – and leave Cas be too!" Sam warned as Gabriel's gaze drifted to his brother.

"I do not know any songs by this group Gabriel, I apologise, but I will not be able to sing." Castiel stated, taking another gulp of his drink.

"Nonsense, bro! The words come up on the screen in front of you as you sing, I can peak and see which song you pulled so you can see them in advance if you want?" As he spoke Gabriel was already snapping his fingers, and then handing over a piece of paper to Castiel. "Don't go showing Sammy or Dean-o though – songs should stay a surprise until you sing, more fun that way! He grinned at the three less than enthusiastic men, finishing off his bright pink, umbrella laden cocktail. "Who needs a refill?"

He snapped his fingers and fresh drinks appeared in front of them all.

Three songs later Dean had finally loosened up a little, and was no longer glaring daggers at Gabriel for the assault on his ears.

The man onstage thanked the three girls who'd just sung, and then glanced down at his sheet to see who was up next.

"Okay ladies and gents, let's give a hand to Gabriel Winchester!"

Sam and Dean's heads snapped round to look at Gabriel, wide-eyed.

"What? The sign-up sheets asked for surnames, and Castiel and I don't actually have one, so we're borrowing yours – nothing to get your knickers in a twist over!" He grinned, standing and heading up to the stage, taking the microphone.

He almost laughed out loud when he saw the song his little trick had picked out for him. He grinned widely at the room in general, before settling his gaze on their own table as the opening notes began.

You say you don't like my kind,
A bitter picture in your mind.
No, it don't matter what I say,
I hear you bitchin' when I walk away.

Gabriel's voice rang out strong and low, catching the attention of all present.

I'll never be what you want me to be,
You tell me I'm wrong but I disagree,
I ain't go no apology.

Just because I don't look like you, talk like you, think like you,
Judge and jury, a hangman's noose,
I see them in your eyes,

Good guys don't always wear white.
Good guys don't always wear white.

Sam watched as Gabriel threw himself into the song, listened carefully to the lyrics. He had thought, perhaps, that Gabriel had picked everyone's songs in an effort to be able to embarrass him or Dean with what they end up having to sing. Gabriel's own song had him reconsidering.

Gabriel's eyes – still fixed on their table – as he sung, had him reconsidering.

When Gabriel had approached them after they'd figured out who he was, they hadn't trusted him. They weren't stupid enough to turn him away - he was a big gun, one they desperately needed. But they still looked at him as something they'd hunted, an unwelcome, necessary evil.

You judge a man who don't stand in line,
Just because he ain't on your side.
You know the man who wears those shoes,
If you cut me don't I bleed like you? (You know I do)

I don't know what you've been told,
Can't buy guts with a pot o' gold!
A rich man's poor if he got no soul.
Rich man, poor man, beggar man, king,

All that shit don't mean a thing!
Do you know which one's behind those eyes?
It's all a disguise,

Good guys don't always wear white.
Good guys don't always wear white.

Hey baby, whose side you on?
You think you got it all figured out, where we belong.
Forget all about your dark from light,
Day from night,
Wrong from right.

When Sam thought about it, he realised that no-one had even asked for Gabriel's help – sure, Dean had called him a coward, saying he was too afraid to stand up to his family, but they hadn't actually asked for the Archangel's help – he'd come to them of his own accord, offered to help of his own free will.

Sam found himself smiling slightly, and gave a small nod towards Gabriel, answering the pleading in his eyes. Maybe it was time to accept that Gabriel wasn't a 'necessary evil', time to acknowledge that, in spite of his somewhat checkered history – and it's not like the Winchesters could judge anyone for having one of those – he was actually a good guy.

Good guys don't always wear white.
Good guys don't always wear white.
Good guys don't always wear white.
Good guys don't always wear white.
Tell your Mama, baby,
Good guys don't always wear white.
Don't always wear, don't always wear,
Don't always wear, don't always wear,
Don't always wear, don't always wear white!

Gabriel left the stage amidst raucous applause and even a few wolf whistles, returning to the table with a smug grin firmly in place.

"Dude, what the hell? That actually didn't suck!" Dean exclaimed, grinning and slapping Gabriel on the shoulder.

"I may be a little insulted that you sound so surprised Dean-o! Wonder who's next?" He asked, grabbing his drink and downing it. Damned if that hadn't been draining, throwing everything into the song like he had. Sam had understood, he'd seen what looked like acceptance on the younger Winchester's face as he was finishing up. If he died tomorrow, at least he'd be going out amongst friends instead of just reluctant allies.