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Chapter 1. Too late

Victor stared at the window. Watching the moon. He remember suddenly Emily dancing around in grace around him only just a few days ago. I didn't know he would miss her so much after she left. Now though it was too late to have any thoughts on her. She was gone. She's been gone fore a while now. Now..he is married to Victoria. Victoria was meant for him he always thought...until a few days ago. When he realized that he wasn't thinking of Victoria anymore. His mind was somewhere else. He thought he loved Victoria. But now...here standing in the middle of his room looking up in the window he couldn't help and think of Emily. It's foolish to think of her now. Now...

It's too late.

He could of said something before but now. She's gone and she'll never get back. If only Victor had realize that sooner. If only he realize before that Emily had actually filled something in his heart. At first when Emily left he thought that was for the best. He thought that he had everything he ever wanted with Victoria. But something was missing.

A touch.

Whatever happen though he tried to be happy with Victoria. Victoria was just and easy person to love. She wa friendly and kind but there was something in her now that Victor just couldn't connect anymore. Ever since Emily left he's had this feeling creeping in him. That tells him that he needed something. Like hole that was one him. If only...if only he's realized before this. Before he made his decision. He thought that Victoria was the one for him. He truly did.

But now?

Was he so sure that Victoria was the perfect one. She would've been the perfect one if Emily hadn't appeared. If Emily hadn't come into the picture Victor would freely love Victoria. He would've of been happy with Victoria after all Victora was all Victor ever wanted. Victoria had everything...everything exept...she was a complete opposite of Emily.


Emily was not shy at all. She would talk to anyone. She was more outgoing. The only thing Victor didn't realize sooner was that he thought he loved Victoria and he probably did love her. Only that changed.

Why couldn't eveything be perfect? Just like he wanted it too? I wanted to marry Victoria and that's what he wanted most of all but after the whole thing with Emily. It made Victor realize something. He only wish that he would've known Emily just a little more before she left. Only a vague memory is left in place of Emily. That and some dreams Victor would think.

Was he truly happy now?

Now that he had what he always wanted before...

No..he wasn't. He has everything he ever use to wish to have before.

A wife so humble like Victoria.

The perfect wife.

They were married it should be a happy ending right?

So why couldn't he stop thinking about Emily. Remembering the way she danced around him with the moon shining around.

Whenever he close his eyes he would see her.

Blue unatural hair and herself looking so blue but with the moon she looked more lively. Almost as if she were part of a moon spirit. Now that he thinks about it. He wished he could see her one more time swirling around. He missed her. He missed the way she could play the piano in a sweet grave expression with such harmony.

He missed the way she laughed.

But most of all he missed the way she would be around him.

If only,...if only he'd realize that sooner.

" Victor? What are you doing here? Come back to bed," Victoria came standing at the doorway.

" Coming," Victor sighed before he close the window and looking one more time at the moon.


If only...I loved you before.

if only...

He step back and walked to his wife now.

He didn't notice a butterfly fluttering right outside the window.

He didn't know that Emily was going to come back.

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