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Chapter 8. Not meant to be

The room felt oddly and uncomfortably silent. Emily was too surprised that no emotions truly came to her. She just stared at Victor with her mouth hanging open in surprise. Victoria almost had the same reaction as Emily, but instead of having her mouth open, her eyes had gotten wide. Victor remained still, just standing there as the guy tried to recover from the punch.

" What is your problem!" the man didn't hesitate to hit Victor back. He stumbled down to the ground.

It was this that made both Emily and Victoria snap out of their trance.

" Stop it!" Victoria yelled darting towards Victor.

Emily on the other hand came in front of the anonymous man. " I don't know who you think you are! But you better leave right now!" she yelled at him.

" Look I was only doing my job," the man shouted back. " I didn't think I was going to get my teeth knocked down by this lowlife," he spat out blood.

" Job?" Emily and Victor said simultaneously.

" The lady said to kiss the one named Emily, that was all," the man grumbled.

Victor turned to Emily, accusingly. " You paid this man to kiss Emily?"

Victoria glanced between Victor and Emily. Her hands trembling. " I- I had to! How do you think I feel that everyday I'm losing my husband more and more! I wanted you to see that Emily was single that she could be with who ever she wanted, but you were my husband! My husband! How do you think I feel knowing that ever since we got married you haven't even touched me! Haven't even made me your wife! " Victoria shouted, tears already running down her cheeks.

Emily had to contain the gasp that wanted to escape her at the moment. Victor and Victoria hadn't done it yet, she could hardly believe it. They had been married for quite a while.

" -but I had hope! I had hope that once you realize that Emily was gone, that you would come back to me slowly. Little by little you would start loving me, so I gave you space no matter how much in pain me in my heart to see how much you missed her," Victoria slowly started walking back. " Yet! The moment she comes back, you're like some puppy crazy over her! Hardly even paying attention to me, your wife! You have to learn that I love you Victor and I rather die than be without you," Victoria ran away crying at this, having all that she could take at that moment.

" Victoria!" Victor called, but Victoria didn't come back, she ran out the door.

" Wow, that complicate things. I think I should go," the anonymous man uncomfortably shifted. " Tell Victoria that's it's okay if she doesn't pay me-."

He started walking out the door. Emily stood there, for a moment not even sure what she should do. Victoria's words had really hit her hard. She saw it as Emily fault and she was right. It was her fault that Victor had gone crazy over her since the moment she returned. Emily let out a sigh. How can this be? she wondered to herself, complicated with her emotions.

" Emily I'm sorry-," Victor began to stand up from the ground.

" You shouldn't be apologizing to me Victor, go after Victoria! Why are you just standing here Victor. Your wife has just left crying and your still here," Emily turned to him, eyebrows crossed.

" I- your right," Victor looked confused for a moment. As if he didn't know exactly where he belonged. If he ran after Victoria what would he say to her? If he didn't run after her that wasn't the right choice. He had to, but he wanted to stay by Emily. Without thinking he started to run after Victoria. He felt that he should run for her, but he still wasn't sure what he was going to tell her once he found her. All he knew is that his heart seemed to be confused. He knew he cared about Victoria, knew he respected her, appreciated her. But ever since Emily left the feelings that he had shared with Victoria had shifted. He dreamt of Emily now. When he closed his eyes all he saw was Emily. Even when she had been a corpse when he met her, he still pictured her. He couldn't get his feelings straight at the moment. They were so mixed.

" Victoria!" he called over and over again.

Nothing. He glanced at every direction from the town, but still nothing. Victor stood there for a moment. Had he lost Victoria and Emily tonight?

Meanwhile Emily stayed back at the house. She marched to her room and locked the door behind her. Clutching her head she started pacing around the house. Guilt was truly consuming her now. She felt bad for Victoria, truly bad. She even understood her. If the situations had been reversed she wouldn't have been as kind as Victoria. No, she probably would've been worse. Gosh, why was love so hard, Emily thought to herself completely brokenhearted. Her first love was awful, not worth even mentioning it. Then her second love Victor was already engaged to another woman. She found the perfect man only to know that he would never be hers. She knew that she had decided to let Victor be happy, but it was easier said than done.

" No, No, No-," Emily frustrated sat down her bed.

Emily thought Victor loved Victoria, now she wasn't sure. Had she made the right decision in letting him go before...-maybe she should've stayed. What difference did it make, she then realized. She was dead. No matter what she looked out in the inside. She will always be dead, there is no way to change what she is. Victoria at least was alive. She deserved to be with Victor. She wasn't dead like Emily was. With that last thought, Emily pulled out a piece of paper and began writing in it.

Dear Victor,

I'm leaving. I have complicated things with your wife Victoria, too much with my presence. Al though it hurts me to leave you Victor, it's for the best. I will always be here for you, never forget that. Dead or Alive I will be there. You are still alive Victor you deserved to be happy with someone who is alive! Victoria loves you Victor. I'm sorry I messed everything up with you Victor. I know I still have 3 days left so...I'm going to enjoy the city a while. The world in the 3 days, you already spend enough time with me. You need to focus on your wife now..and forever. We'll see each other in the afterlife...-

Goodbye for now



With shaking hands she folded the paper up. She let out a huge breath, telling herself that leaving Victor was indeed the right choice. She ran down the stairs, hopeful that she would leave the note and leave before Victor came back. She placed the letter on the table, ready to go out the door when Victor stumbled back in.

" I couldn't find her anywhere," he said, looking miserable.

Emily almost cursed herself. She wasn't expecting Victor, now she had to face him. " Look Victor- I have to go," she started.

" Go? Where? You still have 3 days last time I remembered," Victor expression changed to panic, not making it any easier for Emily to get through this.

" I know, but I-," Emily sighed taking in a breath before continuing " but I want to see the city more before I go back downstairs. Besides you already done enough for me."

" You can't go," Victor argued.

" Victor...- Come on I am a grown woman. I can do what I want. I made a huge mess with you and Victoria, it's time I go," Emily moved passed Victor, knowing she had to get out of here fast.

" Emily you can't go so soon. Everything will clear up in 3 days! Stay," Victor begged, he felt his heart breaking at that time.

" I'm sorry Victor...I can't," she started to leave.

" But Emily I love you," Victor blurted out.

Emily eyes widen as she glanced back. " You...what?"

" I know it's not right to say it, I know I'm married, but that doesn't mean the words that I said aren't true...I love you Emily! I only want to be with you. Ever since you left I felt something in my heart missing. I can only think of you, only you," Victor stammered, pacing nervously from side to side.

" You don't know what you're saying Victor, you love Victoria not me," Emily now felt tears in her eyes, she had tried really hard not to cry, but now the tears were spilling down without any control over them.

"'s not that same. I do love Victoria, but I love you more," Victor responded coming in front of her. " Please don't leave Emily- I can't - I don't want you to leave so soon."

" You think I'm going to stay after what you just said?" Emily shook her head. This only gave her more reason to leave. " No Victor...Goodbye-," Emily started walking away, but Victor held her back.

" Emily what will I do now with you gone?" tears were beginning to spring in his own eyes.

" Love Victoria, be happy," Emily pleaded.

Victor in that drastic moment pulled her into kiss her. In that moment that's all he could do. Kiss her and try to convince her to stay with him. Emily surrendered when his lips touched her. She kissed back this time, maybe for her last time. She laced her hands at the back of Victor's neck, pulling him into the kiss. If things had been different. If she had met Victor first, she would've never let him go. Emily would be the most lucky girl in the whole world. She would be the luckiest woman in the whole universe! If only...- Emily pushed him off now. She can't do this. It wasn't right.

" You can't love a person that's already dead Victor!" she yelled at him and burst into a run. Her heart beating so loudly in her chest that each pang hurt. Emily was dead, so why would she feel this...why.

Watching in a distance Victoria saw everything. The kiss, her leaving.

" Just like I thought...he loves her-," Victoria sobbed on her knees.

She saw as Emily ran away and Victor standing there, with tears in his eyes. Victoria sighed, taking out the knife that she held in her hand.

" If...he loves her and she's dead. Then maybe I should die too. Maybe he will love me once I'm dead," Victoria murmured to herself, wiping the tears from her eyes. She glanced at the knife that she held on her hand. " I can't loose Victor- I'm going to..I'm going to make everything right again," she pressed the knife into her stomach. With a sudden yelp, her dressed started soaking in blood. Her eyes rolled back, before a coldness reached all over body. She slumped to the floor.

-( Next day)

Victor hadn't slept at all. How could he, Emily was gone, Victoria was still missing. He truly did loose both of them last night. Emily's words from last night still rang in his head.

" You can't love someone who's already dead,"

In the midst of everything. Victor knew Emily was right. She was dead and he was alive. He couldn't love someone already dead. He needed to let her go. Victor felt like was dead in the inside though. How can he move on with his life, forget about Emily just like that. He couldn't, it was just something he found impossible to do. He loved her so much to just let her go. What was he going to do now? Everything was just so complicated. He wished he knew what to do, but right now he just felt lost. Soulless. He might be alive physically, but he was very dead spiritually.

" Bright new day! New day," Emily forced a smile the next day. She needed to distract herself as much as possible, to not think of Victor. " Hey! You! how much is it for that," Emily asked the vendor. She was going to live life as she was still alive. She can't possible go to back to Victor.

As the day progress, she tried doing as many things as possible. Any diversion she could think of, but obviously her mind would return to Victor throughout the whole day. Every man she saw reminded her of Victor. His kissed still lingered strongly on her lips. Last night she even dreamt of what life would be if she had him. Only foolish dreaming. Distraction, she needed better distraction. Seeing a young man walking to the streets, she approached him. Her arms flew around him and forced the young man into a kiss. She needed to wash away the kiss from Victor. The man looked surprised, but didn't complain. In fact he started kissing her back. Emily almost backed away, but knew she had to wipe the taste of Victor's lips away from hers as much as she could.

No matter how many men she kissed that day, none of them washed her head from Victor's kissed. Great, she thought with a frown. How will she ever get pass herself. She walked to the streets until she heard a scream.

" They found her dead!" a woman yelled.

People started crowding around the area.

" What happened?"

" Dear God,"

" Is that-,"

Emily moved through the crowd. As if someone was calling her. She finally got a glimpse of it when someone said.

" It's Lady Victoria! Victor's wife is dead!"

Emily gasped, her whole body shifting back. In the ground was Victoria, her hand on the knife pressed in her stomach.

" No...Victoria...-," she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

" How will Victor act?" a woman to her left asked.

" He won't care, remember last time we saw him, he was with another woman!" a man shouted.

" Then that's the reason Victoria killed herself!"

Could that had been the reason, Emily thought to herself.

" Hey! Isn't that the lady I saw with Victor! It's her," a boy pointed to Emily.

Emily jerked back. Everyone in the crowd was staring at her accusingly, angry. Emily walked off. What had she done? She definitely messed everything up. The crowd she heard cursing after her the moment she left.

" Are you happy now! You stole a married man," someone yelled behind her.

She ran to the back of an alley. What happened? Why was everything piling up against her. Destiny was being a true bitch to her. Victoria was dead! Victoria...- and it was all her fault. It was her fault. She could only imagine how Victor was feeling right now. She bend down on the wall, crying. How was she ever going to fix this? She needed to fix this...- her eyes then popped. She had an answer.

She opened her mouth and said " Hop scotch,"

Victoria awoke in a strange place. All around her skeletons stared at her. She screamed afraid of the images shifting before her.

" Hey there? I'm Mark Welcome to the downstairs,"

" Downstairs...-" Victoria eyes caught on the man.

His eyes were blue, his hair blond. But he looked nice. " I know it's pretty scary-but I'll be your tutor I will teach you everything. You'll find your way around," Mark spread out his hands.

Victoria gripped his hand, shocked when she saw her own skeleton fingers.

" I'm Victoria," she introduced.