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Chapter 9. Death is only the beginning.

Emily couldn't even recall when everything had gone so…wrong. She couldn't shake the images pouring in her brain. Nor could she get rid of this godforsaken guilt she felt for everything. She should've fixed it. Before it became too late- She cried continuously as soon as she realized she was back home. Back to the place where she belonged. A place she should've never left to begin with. She had caused pain to both Victor and Victoria. She no longer looked like an alive woman. Instead her skin took the color of a familiar pale blue. She wore her usual wedding dress all crinkled and ripped in multiple places. Looking around she realized she was the only one still here. Elder Guknecht probably was gone. Usually when someone left the living world they didn't feel as much pain. Unfortunately all Emily could feel right now was just that. Pain. If she had a heart it would be beaten, it would probably had been ripped, shattered, stomped on the floor, and completely burned right now. As if it wasn't enough that her heart had already felt all that even before Victor. She sobbed harder as the thoughts of her life passed through her.

Maybe I'm a demon. Because surely no one has felt so awful both alive and death. There is just no peace for me, Emily thought sinking into the ground. Outside she heard multiple noises, apparently they were very busy down here. Emily buried her face into her lap, ignoring the cheering from outside. All she wanted right now was some peace and quiet so she can ramble through all the crashes of her life.


A moment later she decided it was perhaps better to go check out what everyone was so noisy about. Perhaps that could ease her mind a bit, though the thought seem completely improbable at the moment. As she got closer to the cheers she heard laughter and music. The people seemed to be having a blast. Frowning, Emily got closer to the crowd, bumping into a skeleton.

" Hey! Oh," The Skeleton turned to face Emily. " Emily! Wow! What a surprise to see you back! I thought you still had another 3 days or so."

Emily knew she was being impolite, but something in her gut told her another wave of something wrong was going to approach.

" What's going on?" she asked, but by then she already saw the luminous glow of a person ascending the stairs while everyone cheered.

" Newcomer! We're welcoming her to our group," The Skeleton explained before joining all the dead as the toasted. " WELCOME VICTORIA!"

Emily hands flew to her mouth. Of course she knew perhaps Victoria could end up down here, but she thought that maybe for a slight chance she could find a way to make sure Victoria's soul had remained in her body long enough for her to figure out a way to revive her.

" Victoria!" Emily yelled, making her way across.

Victoria turned to face Emily, a look of surprise crossing her face. It was undeniable true then. Victoria was dead…- but why was she still looking so human if she was dead…-

" Victoria!" Victor called, grasping the hand of his lifeless wife. Tears strolling down his face. He shook her, hoping that she would open her eyes. " Victoria please! I- I am so sorry!" Victor held her in her arms. First Emily, now Victoria. He had lost both women that were important to his life. Victoria didn't respond to anything. A group of paramedics pushed their way across.

" There might be some time to help her out! She still breathing, barely!" a paramedic yelled for the others to help him organize her material.

At the sound of that Victor calmed a bit. If she was still breathing that meant…she was still alive? He looked as the paramedics pumped into her chest.

" Sir. I believe it's better if you step out."

" She's my wife," Victor answered numbly, feelings his hands shaking.

" We understand that, but you look horrible! We need to concentrate on your wife right now, not her husband looking as if he were to fall down any second now."

Victor hadn't noticed that his own legs were shaking. " I-I-I'll just sit down right over there," he pointed to a bench. Truth be told he was feeling horrible. He hadn't eaten since Emily left, hadn't slept since Victoria never appeared, and well basically all that was coming down on him now. He sat at the bench, the sense of guiltiness crossing over him like an arrow. Had he been the one to kill Victoria? Perhaps if that whole thing with Emily hadn't happen…Victoria would be alive. He sighed, shaking his head as tears fell down. Of course he blamed himself for Victoria death. He could've prevented it. If she really is alive, he would apologized profusely. He didn't want to see anyone hurt because of him. Both Victoria and Emily had been hurt because of him. He was the one to blame. Closing his eyes, Victor clapped in hands together.

" Please survive Victoria, don't let things end this way! Please…," he prayed. He recognized that he has messed up, but he needed some time to fix all the things that went wrong. Please survive.

" Emily…I-I thought you still had a few days left," Victoria stammered as she glanced down guilty.

" What were you thinking! Victoria! How could-," Emily gaped, shaking her head. " What about Victor? How could you do this to him Victoria?"

At that Victoria glance back up. " Victor loves you. Why does it matter? I wanted to give you the time you deserved with him- but I wasn't going to put up with a husband who didn't love me!" Victoria suddenly busted yelling back at her.

Everyone else had quieted down. No longer celebrating or cheering, instead they paid close attention to the two woman standing right opposite of each other.

" Victoria-you don't understand-," Emily tried explaining, but what was there to explain. What she had said was true.

" No Emily, it's you who doesn't understand. You've never seen the person you love pass away with someone else. It hurts, knowing that your own husband doesn't love you because he is already in love with someone else…someone who loves him back. I am sorry. I just can't handle it !"

" I know the feeling Victoria. Trust me," Emily replied brokenly as she glanced down. " I didn't plan to steal him from you Victoria I swear I didn't! He's yours. Remember I am dead- you didn't have to kill yourself."

" I didn't want to live a miserable life, unloved" Victoria replied back, with a sigh. " I didn't think…I was going to kill myself…The thought just passed through me and I panicked." All of a sudden Victoria began crying uncontrollably. " I am…sorry!" she hiccupped.

Emily stepped up, wrapping her arms around Victoria as both of them cried. The crowd glanced confusedly at each other, not even sure where to begin.

" Ah, but your glowing my dear." Elder Guknecht spoke.

Victoria glanced over at the figure approaching.

" You're in between two worlds. You're not dead exactly, but your not alive either. Some call those ghost, whatever it's called, but the thing is your not fully death. We could bring you back to life,"

Emily eyes widened at that. " She's not dead?"

" Not yet no," Elder Guknecht smiled gently. " Perhaps we should discuss this privately."

" Wait I'm coming," Mark stumbled in front.

Emily and Victoria rose an eyebrow at him. Mark just smiled. " I know I know it's none of my business and all. I just want to keep my duty of staying right beside Victoria while she's here." the answered.

Elder Guknecht shrugged. " As you wish follow me…"

" She's in a coma?" Victor questioned for the third time since they have told him.

" Yes. I'm sorry sir-were not sure when she'll wake up. I can guarantee that when she does we will be the first to in form you."

Victor sank back into his seat, running a hand through his hair he sat numbly there for hours. Yes it was a relief to know Victoria wasn't dead, yet.- it certainly fell like it. He wasn't sure what he should do now. He didn't have anyone else by his side. He was completely alone now-

" I'm so so so very sorry Victoria! I wish things had ended up different," Emily apologized as they waited for Elder Guknecht to show.

Victoria glanced down at her hands. Every second more that she spend down here she started to realize that the way she had behaved hadn't exactly been the best either. Of course she was jealous, but now all she felt was guilt. Back in the living world Victor was probably killing himself knowing that she was dead, along with Emily. How could she have been so stupid. Sure Victor hurt her, but she knew he was a nice man. She wouldn't have married him if he wasn't the man she thought he was. She remember that day she married him. If only she could take that day back. It had been an arranged marriage- she hardly even knew him. It was if it was love at first sight, but she wondered just what would have happened if they had spend more time together before they married. Perhaps then she would've discovered something else about her husband. A hand suddenly grip her gently by the shoulders. Victoria turned to face Mark. He gave her a sad supported smile. Victoria found herself giving him a smile in return. There had been something about his welcoming gaze that made something warm start in her heart. She focused her attention back on Emily.

" I forgive you. Since the moment I met you I knew you were special, since the moment you said 'I'm his wife' I knew that there was a bond between you. He was convinced to honor his agreement with you. In fact I'm sure he would've if it wasn't you who told him to stay with me. I should've known by then that I was never meant for him." Victoria sniffed. " I am also sorry for what I did to you Emily. I was hurt."

A slight smile appeared in Emily face, the first genuine smile that has ever passed between them. " Don't mention it Vicky,"

" Vicky?" Victoria frowned before a smile formed in her face.

" All right! Here I have it- your way back home Victoria," Elder Guknecht showed a picture to her. " You need to retrieve these ingredients in the living world. You have to collect a tear from someone important to you . Mix it into a potion. Drink it and…-the last thing here is…ah! You have to obtain the kiss of your true love, wow cliché- who would've figured."

Victoria sank in her seat. " That's impossible! I can't. I don't have a true love." she said, frowning. Here she thought she could fix things, but now fate threw her this? Oh goodness, what was she gotten herself into. Killing herself definitely didn't fix any problems now.

" There must be another way!" Emily jumped from her seat. " What if we collect all those ingredients, make a potion, then she kisses Victor couldn't that work?" it sounded wistful.

" I'm sorry. I don't think that's how it works. You'll just have to find someone out there who loves you Victoria. In exactly 2 days. The same goes for you Emily. You still have 2 days you know. Perhaps you could help Victoria find the man who loves her, or make Victor see her that way."

" But how?" Emily held back from thinking how much it'll hurt to make Victor fall completely and utterly in love with Victoria in the next two days.

" That's up to you. Maybe fate plan this. For the two of you to finally find a way to happiness,"

" How! You're saying Victoria must find someone to love her or else she's going to be stuck in between dead and alive and I only have 2 days to convince Victor to give her a true love kiss? While at the same time I have to locate these ingredients! " Emily started pacing frustrated.

" I doubt I can find another way- besides I think time is running out,"

" What do you mean?" Mark asked.

" I have been keeping a close eye on Victor ever since I knew Victoria had come down here. He isn't doing too well."

At the sound of that Victoria and Emily exchanged glances.

" What's wrong with Victor?" her voice shook as she asked. Pure fear was starting to crawl into her skin. Emily didn't want to imagine something horrible. Her fingers clenched. " Is-Is he in danger?"

Elder Guknecht didn't respond.

Victoria gasped. " We have to go make sure he's all right! I'll live tormented if if-oh Victor!" she cried, another pang of guilt swarming in her.

Emily didn't hesitate twice. 2 days left. There was a lot to put in the line. Even the thought that she might loose Victor forever. Still- She will not let Victor suffer this way, nor die. She will do anything in her power to bring Victor happiness even if it cost her to suffer even more.

" Bring me upstairs!" she ordered.

Victor was shaking. Maybe it had been the room or perhaps the window had been left open while gush of cold air rushed in. He sat next to Victoria's bed, the type of feelings he was feeling were too much to put into words. He looked over at his unconscious wife.

I shouldn't have done this to you-

I should've told you

I shouldn't have left you in the dark

I should've been by your side

I shouldn't have let you down

but I did…..and I am so sorry Victoria! I don't even recall when I loved Emily. It was a sudden thing. Before I knew it, she was the only woman I thought of. But I also considered you wonderful. You're special to me too- so don't die Victoria. I may not be the man you wanted or the man you deserved, but I will always be the man to stand by your side no matter what. I would sacrifice my own life to be in your position instead of you.

A sudden butterfly passed through the window. Victor heart stopped at the sight of it. 3 other butterflies followed. Two stayed at the windowsill. One stopped right in front of him. All of a sudden it transformed into a figure he knew well.

" Emily," Victor glanced up, surprised to see her here.

Emily wrapped her arms around Victor. " Everything will be all right Victor. I swear that I will fix this." she hugged Victor.

Caught completely by surprised Victor sighed, giving in he hugged her back.

Meanwhile the other two butterflies were actually Mark and Victoria. Looking more as ghost because they weren't technically alive. Victoria held back a cry, Victor indeed looked terrible. She saw as they hugged, a pain came to her heart, but another feeling started swelling her heart.

" I might be legally his wife…but spiritually he's married to her." Victoria whispered, a sad smile coming to her face. " Maybe it's time I let him go…"

Mark nodded. " I lost the love of my life because she loved someone else. I know exactly how it feels. You don't have to hold in the tears Victoria."

" Let's leave," Victoria suggested, forcing a strain smile. " Victor was never mine to keep, and while I did enjoy his company. I -I know it's my time with him has passed,"

Mark gave her a smile, his brought his arms around her suddenly. " Love hurts whether we like it or not. It's something that effects even those who are death. But you know what there's always a fresh new start. Just because your death doesn't really mean your soul is dead too. Sometimes death is a opening to a new world

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