To My readers;

First, I know you're really unhappy this is another AN, and not a chapter. I am sorry for that.

I wanted to keep everyone updated on the status of Damages. I appreciate everyone who reads and reviews and want to keep you all up to date.

I am still working on getting Damages back on track. As I said earlier, the story took a turn I was not expecting and did not plan for and it has seriously given me writers' block where Damages is concerned.

I promise I will NOT abandon this story; I just do not want to force chapters when I know it's not right for the course of the story. I promise to never leave a story unfinished but I would rather take extra time, then post just for the sake of updating.

I am planning on working through the entire story and editing a bit and hopefully that will get me going again. In the meantime I will focus on my other stories and work hard to get the juices flowing for Damages again.

Thank you to everyone for their patience and understanding. I truly appreciate it.

You can always PM me with ideas or suggestions, I'll read them all.