Chapter 19 Atemu's Plan

Joey's POV

For the second time in my life I wake up in Seto's room, without knowing how I got there. But unlike the first time, I'm not surprised to wake up in his soft and spacious bed. I look around for him and see him sitting and sleeping in the chair that he slept in during the first month I was here. Before I could bare to sleep in his arms. It feels strange to remember that time now. To remember it now that I want nothing more than to feel his arms around me. Seeing my father and getting remembered of the darkness that once was my life, showed me that it truly was gone. During the last about two months my sun had gone up and I haven't even noticed the rising sun at the start. The light had been creeping up slowly and I have hidden in the darkest shadows to afraid to look at it. Afraid to see the light, just to lose it again.

But there is no place to hide anymore. I don't nee id because I won't run from it anymore. I trust my light and my sun more than the darkness I used to fear. I trust that he won't leave me. No matter what's going to happen. I look around the room and see the two jewels I bought for him at the market. I smile and get out of the bed to pick them up and walk with them to Seto. I put the necklace on him first, hoping he'll stay asleep but he must be too worried for me, for he wakes up and looks at me in surprise. "Good morning sleepyhead. I thought you'd never wake up." I tease him. I still like teasing him a little but smile at him and sit down on his lap, legs spread and close to him. It's surprising him even more but one arm of his finds it's way around my waist and the other into my hair.

I enjoy the feeling of his hands like always, as he says with a smug grin "Look who's talking. You do realise that the market is not the best place for a nap?"

I just grin at him even more and say "I've got to sleep sometime and with a dragon roaring next to me in his sleep I don't get any sleep at night."

His face turns the cutest shade of a light red while he says "I don't roar in my sleep."

And he is right, he doesn't but I just love teasing him. "And with how many have you spend a night, so they could feed you that lie?"

I still grin at him, sure that there must have been a few. A man like him surely could get whoever he wanted. Even if Serenity had said that he never had a bed slave, I doubt he needs one to get sex. But he just smiles at me and says with a smug smile "Mokuba told me that I move around restlessly when he came over after having nightmares when he was a kid. But he never complained about roaring."

I smile and whisper "You never move restless with me."

He just says lovingly "Because I've found what I've been looking for." I keep smiling at him and play with his new necklace. He looks at it like he hadn't noticed it before and asks "Is this for me?"

I chuckle and say: "No. I just put it on you to keep it safe till I wear it. Sure it's for you, my silly dragon."

He smiles and says "Thanks", while I cuddle a bit more against his chest. I'm still holding the black dragon bracelet. I want to give it to him but don't know how to say it. It doesn't look like it's made for him. It looks like it's made for me. But that's why I want him to wear it.

After a while he notices like always that something is on my mind and sees the bracelet in my hand as well. But this time his assumption about my thoughts are off "Do you want me to put that on you?"

I smile at him and feel my face grow warmer and know that a blush is spreading on my face this time but only say as feisty as I can "Don't be stupid, why would I want that?" I can literally watch his face fall apart as I say it and find it amusing right now. I must seem about as moody to him as Serenity to me. But I don't torture him for long and add quickly "I already have a dragon, your dragon. To remind me that you always think of me. So, do you really not get that I want you to have mine for the same reason?"

His face is priceless as he first looks into my eyes and I know I'm still a little red, maybe even more and I still worry that he doesn't want it but then he smiles and puts his hand through the bracelet, so I only have to push it up. After that he kisses me with more passion than ever before. A day ago I would have made a run for the door to get away from this passionate kiss but not today. He is my sun and under his gentle hands I have nothing to fear. Even with the memory of the pain. I know he will be different.

After a while I can feel his hands roaming over my body slowly reaching places he hasn't touched before. At least not outside of the bath. I enjoy the feeling even if the fear is still a bit on my mind but he is so gentle that I can manage it. He starts kissing my neck, gently moving towards my collarbone. I can even feel his teeth on my skin every now and then gently nibbling on my skin not hurtful but playful and I find myself enjoying even that.

But before he gets much further I hear a knock and someone is walking right in. I don't turn until I hear a chuckle and the pharaoh's voice "I thought I told you to let him rest, so we could discuss some matters, cousin."

I can feel my face blush once again and try to move a bit away from Seto but he holds on too tight and says "He was resting but after finding out a bit of your plan, my dear cousin, I'm afraid it might be better to get my feisty little fox in a better mood." I look at Seto confused. What does he know, did he find out what will happen to Serenity and why does he need to get me into a better mood before telling me?

"Seto," I say, not caring right now that he is talking to the pharaoh in person and that I'm just a slave. I need to know what's going on. "Tell me what you know and tell me now."

I say as fierce as I can, getting another chuckle from pharaoh Atemu who says "I guess that's were I'm going to leave you two love-birds and run for the hills before your little foxy can bite me. Enjoy yourself Seto and I expect the two of you in about one hour in the throne room." And with that he's gone. I just ignore his exit and stare down at Seto to make sure that he doesn't try to distract me.

He still smiles and says "By the way, nice necklace you have there." I look at him surprised. The only necklace I own is the cartouche from him, why would he mention it? But in that moment that I focus on it, I can feel something else around my neck, something very light. I reach up with one hand to touch it and can feel the eye all the millennium items have. His rod has it. And I know that this thing around my neck must be the millennium necklace.

I stare at him and stutter a "Why... how... when..." unable to decide which of the many questions popping into my mind, I should ask first. I see him reach up too, but he holds my cartouche and moves it up, so I could just about see it. But it isn't the same. Or at least it doesn't look like my golden Anubis cartouche. It's red and black, like my Dragon is.

I stare at him once again and he just says "To be honest, I was hoping you'd have some answers. All I know is that there was a strange light and I assume that the necklace was in it and reached you that way and your cartouche somehow changed your dragon, you must have noticed that. You said so yourself that it can transform."

I keep staring at him and then to the cartouche again and back to him. Before finally saying "I knew it had changed but not really how and I haven't noticed the necklace at all. How can that be?"

He looks at me with his gentle smile and says "I'm not sure but my best guess would be that Anubis or Isis helped you out. Maybe both did a little. You know the woman that had the Necklace before was named after the goddess Isis and I think that now it will be yours. I mean, so far the pharaoh hasn't taken it back from you and the gods themselves must have send it your way. So I guess, that I'll lose you as a slave once we're with the pharaoh but I hope that you'll still be with me, at least sometimes."

I can see worry in his face. Worrying what I will do if I truly will be free. I still doubt it so but I only smile at him and say "You know I hate being a slave and never wanted to be your bed slave." His face falls apart once again, even more than the first time and even so I sort of feel sorry for scaring him like this, I still truly start to enjoy this but again add quickly "But only because I hate not having a choice and no free will. And I want to choose myself. I want to choose to be with you every night for the rest of my life. I want to choose to be in your arms whenever I can and to let you kiss me. I mean, you gave me a choice but it was your choice to give it to me. So it still didn't really feel like I had one. I was always afraid you'd take it from me one day. And I want to truly choose you with my own free will. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?" I love to watch his face transform from utter depression to pure bliss within seconds and to see his face light up just before he kisses me again.

Soon everything else is forgotten, everything but his lips on mine and his hands on my skin. His gentle touch is all that is left in my world and I forget even that I was still a little afraid a while ago. Now it feels like all that never happened. There was nothing before this moment, just now and here. Just him and me. Just his arms around my body, his hands on my skin and his tongue gently playing with mine. Nothing but the ecstatic feeling I get from his touch and kisses. Nothing but the feeling that makes me arch my back to get my body closer to his, that makes me moan in delight under his gentle touch and that has me nearly begging for more. Everything else is gone. The world could come to an end and I wouldn't notice, for all that was left in my world was pure pleasure and bliss. All that was left, was him and me.

It feels so good as his hands slowly start to undress me. As he lifts me onto his bed with him. He takes his time kissing and nibbling at my skin. Touching me everywhere. I love his soft hands and lips on my skin and the feeling they leave. I love the longing I start to feel, the longing for him, that I can see reflected in his beautiful eyes. I want him more then I ever believed myself capable of wanting someone. And I welcome it when I finally feel one of his fingers in me. Slowly and gently preparing me for more. It doesn't hurt, it's not even uncomfortable. I only want more. His hands and kisses left me longing for more. But again he takes his time. Entering first a second finger and later a third. I hold on to him the whole time. Cling to him and touch him. I want to feel as much of his skin on mine as I can. Want to feel him close to me. Want to feel close to my Dragon, my Sun, my light and my love. I can't believe the feeling I get after he finally removes his fingers and slowly enters me. I can feel him move, first slowly but my moans encourage him to more. I can't believe how good it feels, his steady movements in me. And for the first time I feel truly complete at happy. And I know I will never fear anything again. For I've found the light that will forever brighten my live. It doesn't take long until I can hear myself scream his name as I come. And after a few more thrusts of his I can feel him come in me filling me with his warm semen. After that he just holds me for a long time, with a blissful smile on his face, before whispering into my ear, how much he loves me and how beautiful I am.

About one hour and a half later we finally make it to the throne room. Everyone else is already there. I see the other sacred guardians, the pharaoh, Yugi, Mokuba and even Serenity. And feel Seto moving one arm around my waist whisper "Maybe I really should warn you, your sister is pregnant from Mokuba."

I spin around to him shouting out loud "MY SISTER IS WHAT?" everyone in the room but Mokuba, Serenity, Seto and me starts to chuckle about my outburst but I don't care.

Seto looks sheepishly and says "Don't worry, I'm sure it will work itself out."

I keep staring at him while the pharaoh says with an amused voice "Honestly my dear cousin, I give you one hour to tell him and after one and a half you come in here and tell him now? What did you do during all that time with him, alone in your room?"

I hear another round of held back laughter through the room, this time including Serenity and Mokuba while Seto just answers, absolutely cool "I did what you told me to do my dear cousin, I enjoyed myself and very much so I have to say."

Now the laughter is no longer held back and I can feel my face turning a dark red colour and I gently slap Seto on the arm. But I look over to Serenity worried. She smiles at me and looks happy so I let that matter go, for now at least, but I will get back to Seto for that at some point later, I'll make sure of that. But for now I only whisper to Seto "You better make sure she doesn't stay a slave or do you want your nephew or niece to be one, too?"

This might be her way out of slavery even if I don't like using it for it and I hope Mokuba will be good to her. Seto smiles and whispers "Oh don't worry, that child's future is already brighter than you might think, if I'm correct."

I wonder what he means but let it slide for now too. We're not alone right now and the pharaoh wanted to see us half a hour ago. And I want to finally know this plan, he keeps talking about and that has something to do with my sister. I try to stare daggers at him to show that I won't let him hurt her. Even so I know that I can't defeat him but I want to know what happens.

As my wish to know how this will turn out gets more intense, I can suddenly see an image flash in front of my eyes. I see myself still with the millennium necklace round my neck and I also wear clothes that look just as valuable as Seto's and my own DiaDhank. I look up to Seto, as he smiles at me and asks "What did you see?"

I'm still not sure if I understand. This image can't possibly ever come true. I looked like an equal to Seto and how could I ever be? But Seto keeps smiling and I can feel everyone's eyes on me, as I slowly start to answer "I saw, myself. I was with you and I was, I mean I had..." I look to his DiaDhank, unable to speak out loud what I saw, even after Seto had said something like this earlier. I never had believed it to be even considered by the pharaoh.

I see the pharaoh move one hand to signal someone to come forward and he stands up and walks towards me. A servant, probably the one he had signalled, walks up beside him and has a DiaDhank with him. He gives it to the pharaoh who holds it out to me saying "I guess this was what you saw yourself wearing. After all you need it as one of my sacred guardians. Priest Joey." He turned to Seto with a smug grin, saying "Sorry to break the news to you but you're one slave short my dear cousin."

I just stare at the DiaDhank, hardly able to comprehend the words but took it after a moment. Just holding it in my hands. Seto looked at me and whispered "Don't worry, I'll teach you how to use it as well as the rest you need to know. You'll learn it in no time." And then he says louder, to the pharaoh "I guess he won't be the only one I lose today, will he?"

I stare up to him again. Still not able to see why I got the DiaDhank but Atemu just says "I'm afraid so. But this one wasn't part of my plan at the start as you surely know. But obviously the gods favour him rather much and I've never seen any of the items react so strongly that it glowed in such a distance during a fight, not to mention move itself towards it's bearer."

I hear the words about me but don't really care that much anymore. I don't know why I got the DiaDhank or even if I'll be able to really learn how to use it. But for now I'll just take it and wait what will come from this. More important to me right now is that I still don't know what will happen to Serenity. And they said something about Seto losing another slave, the only other he still has left is Serenity. I look at the pharaoh and he looks at me. He looks like he is waiting for something to happen, while I just wish to finally know what will happen to my sister.

We look at one another for a while until another image flashes before my eyes. But this time it's not just a fast flash. I can hear something as well, and it's longer.

I'm in the throne room, wearing the millenniums necklace and the DiaDhank. I stand next to Seto, right next to the pharaoh and in front of us are two children holding each others hand. Both have the same height and both have black hair. Both are dressed with even better garments than me and Seto. One has long hair, the other a little shorter and wilder. As both turn around to me in the same second, I can see my sisters eyes in both of their faces. One is clearly a girl, the other a boy.

Both of the children ask, speaking in perfect unionism "Uncle, why can't we play with mother and father in the garden?" I feel my face light up as I hear the voices of the children. But don't know what to answer.

I hear Seto whisper quietly to them "You both can go soon, this is nearly over but you'll need to listen now. You'll need to learn for one day you," Seto points to the male sibling, for they're clearly twins "will be ruler of all of Egypt, and you", he points to the young girl, "will need to help your brother and advise him, and for that you'll need to learn."

I now stare to Serenity, unable to believe what I just saw. Could she really be expecting twins and could her child become the next ruler of Egypt? But how can that be?" She is with Mokuba, not the pharaoh.

I see pharaoh Atemu smile at me as he asks, "What is it going to be, a girl or a boy?"

I just stare for a moment, unable to speak again before I ask "How can that be, what I saw?"

He smiles at me and says "I'll explain in a moment but it will really help if you'd answer my question first."

I look over to my sister again before I more whisper than say, since I'm not sure if all this can be and unsure how to explain what I saw. "I saw twins, I think. They looked alike but not the same. One was a boy, the other a girl. They were close and talked in the same second."

I look at the pharaoh,who is smiling and says "Not were, but will be. The necklace allows you to see a glimpse of the future. And it seems like you truly are learning fast, like my cousin once mentioned to me." He smiles, looks around, holding out a hand to Yugi and beckons him over. Yugi nearly runs up to him and into his arms. And then pharaoh Atemu says something I'd never expected to hear. "I want to change something. I think that two of the same gender should be allowed to marry and now, Yugi, I will set you free too, you're no longer a slave." I can see Yugi's face turn to shock and then I know why Serenity's children will rule over Egypt. I know the next words the pharaoh will say. Not because of the necklace, but because every one in this room knows, or at least almost everyone. Atemu smiles at Yugi and says "I love you, will you marry me?"

It's nearly as fun to watch his face change as it has been with Seto and after a moment Yugi squeaks and nearly screams "YES YES YES YES YES YES YES..."

And probably won't have stopped, if the Pharaoh hasn't kissed him for a moment only to stop and say "That means, now I won't have a child to succeed me and since an adopted one won't be of the line of Horus, I declare that one of my cousins children will be my heir and since I doubt Seto will ever have any, Mokuba I'm afraid you need to marry soon so the children will officially be yours."

I keep staring at the pharaoh with a more than happy Yugi in his arms and still can't believe what just happened. I'm not a slave but a sacred guardian of one of the millennium items, wearing the millenniums necklace that lets me see the future and my sweet little kid sister isn't a slave any longer and pregnant with my lovers brothers twin children, that one day will rule over Egypt. I must be dreaming.

I hardly hear anything of the rest that is going on, until pharaoh Atemu ends the meeting he has started. My sister smiles at me once before happily leaving with her future husband and father of her twins Mokuba. I leave with Seto, happy that he hasn't left my side for a second. Once in our room, and for a second I wonder if I can stay here since I probably would have my own rooms that are just as big and safe with guards as his, I look at him. I look him deep into his azure blue eyes still confused. And he just smiles down at me and pulls me into his arms. He kisses me and whispers once again gently into my ear "Don't worry I'll teach you like I said. You'll be fine. I know you'll be." He kisses me once again soft and gently and as he stops, he whispers "Remind me to thank my cousin, for he helped me without knowing." I look at him, wondering what he means.

I don't have to wonder for long. For he holds me tighter and starts kissing my neck and work his way up towards my ear, playing with my earlobe and whisper into it with a seductive voice "Will you marry me, my love?"

Unlike Yugi, I don't squeak or say yes about a hundred times. I just kiss him and then whisper "Stupid question, What ever way you want it I'll always be yours. No matter if slave or lover or husband, my heart belongs only to you. I love you."

Authors note:

Thanks to everyone for reading this story and I hope you liked it. There is a prequel named Enslaved. It about how Yugi came to stay with Atemu.