This is a first of what I hope to be a lot of chapters. Basically the X-Men are slapped back in time to the age of kings and queens. A story with many twists and a somewhat 'ever after' theme to it. The story centers around Remy and Rogue.

I do not make profits from this. If I did (snicker) I might be curious as to why.

Based on the feedback I get and my inspiration from the story will decide whether I should continue. It's all up to you!!

Chapter 1

"How could a boy so young be so dishonorable and care so little about his duties as a prince," Jean-Luc said, as he paced the room.

The wooden floor beneath him groaned. His pace becoming heavier as his thoughts continued to rage.

His wife lied on the bed desperately trying to sleep. Yet, her husbands' continuous wonders kept her from any sleep. She spoke what words came to mind as she tried to comfort her deranged husband.

"I am sure he says this out of spite, my dear. He means nothing by it. Surely tomorrow…" she was interrupted.

"No," he said, stopping and holding up his index finger. "No more excuses. I have given him everything. Yet even now." He paused. Then moved to his desk placing both hands on the table top as he leaned into it. Then he spoke again, "Either he will agree to the arrangement of my contract with our good friends Lord and Lady Boudreaux and marry their daughter Belladonna when he becomes of age or I will banish him from these lands."

His face now red. A light gasp came from where his wife lay. "My lord, you would never," Again she was interrupted.

He held up a hand for her to stop. " Don't." Jean-Luc turned and faced his wife. "Do not tell me what to do and what not to do. I am the King of France and I will not be disrespected by a ten year old. Whether or not he is my son. He knows of the arrangement. We shall see if he knows what is best for him."

With that said Jean-Luc retired to bed. His wife unsure of anything to say decided on leaving it at that. Thankful that her husband is giving Remy eight years to come to his senses and avid by the contract.

Remy had heard the entire conversation. His heart filled with rage at his father's orders of marrying someone because of her status. Remy refused to be forced to do anything he didn't wish to do.

He packed some food and clothing into a sack. Leaving only a note that which was addressed to the only person he cared for in his family, his mother.

Dearest Mother,

I shall return when my future is what it should be. A place where I can be happy.

Your Loving Son,

Remy placed the note inside of a book his mother used to read him when he was younger.

Without any fear or wonder of what might be in store for him, Remy stepped into the dark night. He had walked a long way before he glanced back at his home. It was still enormous, despite the distance.

"I shall return when the time is right," he whispered to everything he knew.

Then he returned to the road that awaited him.

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