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Chapter 13

Twenty of King Charles' guards trudged their way through the forest. All of them were the best at what they do. Even their leader, Sir Logan, was one of the greatest fighters and trackers in England. But yet, two men had eluded them at their game.

Lord Lensherr was smart, Logan would give him that. The old man had lived, at least, a decade longer than Logan.

And then there was Creed. Creed was a fighter, a killer who lived from the thrill. That was the only thing Creed had enjoyed in life was the kill, like a savage beast.

Since late night, early morning, they had been on the move. After Lady Mari, whom had deserted the group during the night to save her friend, Bobby, from the clutches of Lord Lensherr. Logan didn't doubt her talents. She was his best pupil and one of the best fighters, of her age, he'd seen. Lady Marie had also come a long way in a short time.

Her father was murdered by Creed and Lensherr wanted her dead, for some reason that was still unclear, even after eight years. The only thing Logan cared about now was getting Marie and Bobby back alive and ending Lensherr and Creed's reign.

Logan looked ahead, Lensherr's castle wasn't far away. "Heads up men, stay alert. We're heading into his territory now," Logan warned.

He looked back at his men. They were all exhausted from the travel, but Logan knew that they fought their best when exhausted. It was strange but it gave them heart to defeat the enemy.

To his left, the boy he'd just met hours ago called Gambit stood. His eyes were fixed ahead. Logan didn't know much about the lad, but after tracking Marie to the square and back to the alley, he knew he could trust him for saving Marie again.

Logan had seen the couple gazing into the other's eyes. Not many people looked at each other that way. If the two lived through this, the relationship between the two would certainly be something special. Something only a rare few endured.

Returning to the events at hand, they were closing in on the castle. Less then a mile from the castle Logan found the footprints. Lady Marie's and Creed's. Logan growled then proceeded closer to the area and traced the fight etched in the dirt. Marie had put up a pretty good fight, that was for sure. She even cut Creed from what he could tell.

He found her sword in the brush, picking it up he turned to the guards. "They've got Lady Marie. Wagner, take half of the men, enter the back, the other ten with me and Gambit, you think you could get in undetected?" Logan asked.

"Why mis ami?" Remy asked.

"Because, if we get caught up in the fighting, then you'll be our only hope of getting Lady Marie and Bobby out alive." Logan tossed Marie's sword to Remy. "And give this to her," Logan said.

Remy merely nodded as an answer. "Okay, split up and let's go wear out our welcome at Lensherr Manor," Logan ordered. The group then split up and headed towards the castle.

Marie had given Creed several bruises, a broken nose, toe and finger on their journey to Lensherr's castle. As his injuries increased, as did hers. Her right eye was swollen shut, she was pretty sure she had a broken rib, and her left arm was on the verge of breaking.

Creed had finally gotten smart and butted Marie in the back of the head with the handle of his sword. Groggily, she walked, while Creed drug her the rest of the way inside the castle.

The trip finally ended as Creed threw her face first onto the stone floor. For a moment, she lay there, not moving. Then a voice she'd recognize anywhere forced her to find its' owner. "Marie? What are you doing here?" Bobby asked.

Marie looked at him and smiled. "Saving your sorry ass."

"How can you joke at a time like this?" he asked, his eyes becoming watery.

"Well geez, let's see. I could cry, I could, scream, I could die like a whimpering little girl OR I could make a couple of jokes and stall till the room stops spinning and hit round three with Creed," she answered, rubbing her head. Blood tricked down her lip from the fall.

"I doubt you could last another round, my dear," They heard a voice from behind them say. The duo turned to see Lensherr in the doorway, with Creed behind him. "It has been a while, hasn't it, child?" Lensherr asked, walking closer to Marie.

"By my father's honor, I will stand over your grave, you murderer!" Marie threatened, trying to get up, but failed as new pain emerged from her body.

"Feisty. Now I see the family resemblance. Besides your lips and skin," he began.

"What the hell are you talking about? I have my mother's feistiness, lips and…" she stopped. A clear picture formed in her mind. "My mother," she whispered.

"Yes, my wife," Lensherr gloated, as a new figure entered Marie's vision. Though she already knew who it was.

"YOU! This is all because of YOU!" Marie said, getting up and began walking towards Lady Raven or now Lady Lensherr. Out of nowhere, two guards grabbed Marie's arms and held her so she wouldn't get any closer.

Marie fought to break the hold, but couldn't. Her injuries from Creed had slowed her from escaping, as the pain increased with every muscle she moved. "Why? Why did you have dad murdered and try to have me killed?" she asked.

"Because," Lady Lensherr began, stepping forward and touching her daughter's face, "you are an inconvenience," she answered, simply.

Marie spat in her face. Smiling Lady Lensherr firmed her hands touch on Marie's swollen eye. Marie shuttered, as she forced not to cry out in pain. "Your father, my ex-husband, loved you more than me. When you were born, it was like I didn't exist anymore. And NO ONE disrespects me like that," she said.

All eyes in the room were wide in shock, even Creed's. "I love you Marie, but every time I looked at you or looked at your father I am loved even less. I can't live my life. With your father dead I became a little more alive and with you gone, my child, I will finally be alive for the first time in sixteen years." She kissed Marie on the cheek.

"Our love will be different in another lifetime, but in this lifetime we can't be together as a family." A tear trickled down Lady Lensherr's cheek as she looked at her daughter for the last time. "Goodbye, my daughter." With that, Lady Lensherr left the room.

Silence gripped the room from this new discovery. No one spoke for several minutes, but eventually Lensherr spoke, "I would like to say that after all this time, all this planning that," he unsheathed his sword, the guards tightened their grip as Marie struggled, "life taken will be a life that I honorably take."

Just then voices and shouts were heard. All heads turned towards the noise. "Ah, Sir Logan. Always predictable timing," Lensherr said.

Three guards stumbled into the room. Clutching their wounds, though it did them no good, because once they hit the ground they were dead. Then Logan entered the room, the fighting in the back between Lensherr's guards and Logan's raged on.

Behind Lensherr he heard his reinforcements fighting another batch of Logan's men. "Wouldn't want this to be too easy," Lensherr nodded to Creed who attacked Logan.

As Creed kept Logan distracted, Lensherr returned to his other proceedings. "Tell your father I said 'hello'." He took a deadly swing and expected to meet flesh, but instead met the blade of another sword.

"You! How many times are you going to save this girl?" he asked.

"Till I be a corpse on the cold, hard floor," Remy answered.

"That can be arranged," Lensherr retorted. Another blade swung at Lensherr. "So, you've finally managed to escape, boy?" Lensherr said, looking at Bobby.

"I had a little help," he said, looking at Remy who smiled.

"Well, this should be interesting. Two against one. Still, I doubt your success," Lensherr pulled another sword from his belt, "get the girl out of here," Lensherr ordered the guards. The two looked at the other then did as commanded.

"NO!" With a quick slash, Remy cut Lensherr's arm and raced after Marie.

"Well then, it's just you and me, boy."

As Logan and Creed's fight clashed on, Logan saw two guards drag Marie away, with Gambit on their heels, Logan smiled.

The two fought for a time without words, but they soon came. "Remember that girl? What was her name? Silverfox," Creed asked, grinning sinisterly.

"Yeah! In the battle between England and France, you bailed and left her to die in the enemies clutches," Logan reminded.

"If you didn't order us on that little spy mission! I was lucky to get out alive. And when they came for my family that was when I snapped. I find killing to satisfy the past," Creed said.

"The French killed your wife and child? I thought you lost it after you were discharged," Logan stammered.

"Not exactly. Though the dishonorable discharge had partly to do with it, because it was your fault."

"How so?"

"That mission. You didn't warn us of the posted men on guard."

"I didn't know, Creed. If I did, I sure as hell wouldn't have sent the two you. Especially my two best soldiers."

Yes well, since you told your Superiors that I left one of my allies behind. She was right behind me and another group of soldiers catch us by surprise. There was just too many to save her. I heard her death cry when they stabbed her. You think I don't suffer from that night as much as you? Then try getting discharged and going home a week later to find your wife and child brutally butchered."

"How did you know it was the French?"

"Because I traced the footprints to their small camp not more then twenty miles from my home. I guess they weren't expecting me home so soon."

The fight between the two was nearing to its end. Both men knew it, though the victor was yet to be named. In the blur of the battle Creed slipped up and gave Logan the opening to finish this endless fight. He took it, a little hesitantly.

Feeling a hint of shame for it. Creed wasn't the reason his beloved was killed. And he didn't kill his own wife and child, there was a reason why he went crazy and just lived to kill. Logan had a berserker side to him and if something like that had happened to him he might just end up down the same path as Creed. Deep down Logan knew he would never go that far but there always was that chance.

Creed fought against the reaper's grip as Logan retracted his sword from Creed's chest. He fell to the ground. Logan looked down at the man and knelt beside him. Clutching Creed's hand in his, Logan gazed into the dying man's eyes, Creed did the same.

"I'm sorry, Creed," Logan began, as Creed struggled for breath, "but lives will be avenged, innocent lives."

With that last word spoken, Creed died. Logan pulled his hand from Creed's dead hand and proceed after Lensherr.


Lensherr couldn't help but smile. This boy had heart, he'd give him that, but skill wise he wasn't more than an apprentice, green fighter. To Lensherr this life wouldn't even be worth taking.

Something so easy, yet so important. But for this endless battle he had begun, it had to end and Bobby had to die. Lensherr got the opening he needed and struck Bobby in the gut. Blood covered his hand as Bobby held the wound.

Lensherr turned to head after Marie when a blade tapped his shoulder. He turned to see someone he'd never, not in a hundred years expect to see. It was King Charles Xavier. "To what do I owe this honor?" he asked.

"To see me in action one last time, my friend," Xavier answered.

"Ah yes, the girl. Well I will make your death a quick and worthy one," Lensherr said.

"And yours as well," Xavier replied.

The two circled each other. Eyes locked, swords ready, the pace matched the other, slow and patient. Lensherr opened the battle with a forward lunged. The swords clashed as the pair matched the other, but the fight didn't last longer then a minute.

Xavier caught Lensherr's wrist with his blade. Lensherr hissed, dropping his sword, he fell to his knees. Xavier brought the blade to Lensherr's chin. "What to do?" Xavier began, "If I let you live then this pointless search for Marie will never end until she's dead or you are dead. But if I kill you then I will go against everything I stand for. So, I am left with a dilemma. Let you go, and have Marie's life be in jeopardy, if I put you in prison you will escape, somehow, or I can kill you right here and now. So I ask you Eric, what to do?"

"In the end Charles, I will live. That is how every fight, every battle between us ends. I am at you mercy and you will leave me to walk another day. To fight another battle. What are you going to do? That's simple, you're going to let me live," he answered confidently, he stood up.

Before Xavier could respond a scream echoed from behind him. Xavier stepped to the side just in time as Lady Lensherr's dagger missed striking him in the back. Instead the blade sliced through Lensherr's heart.

Lady Lensherr immediately dropped the dagger from shock and covered her mouth with her hands. "My love," she said, catching him as he began to fall.

Lensherr looked at her and struggled to make out his last words. "Even in death…your love…will be with me…and my death struck by your hand…was worth the touch."

Then the usual full of life body of Lord Lensherr was drained to a lifeless corpse. All Xavier could do was watched the exchange.

"Life without love," she began, kissing Lensherr's lips and touching his face for the last time. She let him drop to the ground. Then picked up the bloody dagger, "is no life at all." She stabbed herself with the blade, then fell, dead, next to her husband.

A groan was heard. Xavier turned to see Bobby breathing slowly. He was quickly at his side, examining his wound. Xavier bandaged the wound up. "Stay awake, Bobby. You must stay awake."

Bobby's eyes fluttered open. "Lensherr missed the deadly blow. It looks like he didn't want to kill you Bobby. But this could still be fatal if you don't get some medical attention soon," Xavier warned as Logan walked in to see the new occurrence of events that had just taken place.


Remy had finally caught up with the guards down an abandoned hallway. They were a little slower since they had to drag Marie. The guards saw that there was no way they could out run their pursuer anymore. They dropped Marie and unsheathed their swords.

Remy smiled and tossed Marie her sword. The guards paid her no heath, since she was struggling to get up. With Remy's skill the guards didn't last long. Remy walked over to help Marie up when he was knocked over. He turned to see three more of Lensherr's guards were standing over him.

Two guards picked him up while the other raised his sword to strike.

Marie forced herself to get up and stabbed the guard with the sword. Dropping his sword he fell to his knees, then hit face first on the stone floor, dead.

Remy took the opportunity, elbowing one guard in the gut and the other in the head. He picked up his sword, but not without kicking both guards unconscious for good measure.

"Damsel in distress, I am at your service," Marie mocked.

Remy laughed. "I may have to rethink how I use those sort of lines around you."

The two laughed and began to reunite with the others. Remy put Marie's arm around his shoulder and he helped her walk back to the others. For the first time in her life, Marie accepted the helping hand.


"Is he going to be all right, Charles," Logan asked, kneeling on the other side of Bobby.

"If we can get him to a medic soon," Xavier said, looking from Bobby to Logan.

"I'll go see if Gambit got to Marie," Logan said, just remembering. He was heading to the hallway when Remy and Marie appeared. Logan smiled. "How are you holding up, kid?" he asked Marie.

"Ah, only a flesh wound," she said, sarcastically.

Kurt and his group of guards headed inside to join the others. All in all three of Xavier's guards were dead and several others were injured.

"Marie," Bobby said, trying to look up.

Marie walked on her own over to Bobby and sat down next to him. "What is it, Bobby?" she asked, holding his hand.

"Promise me that…that," he began, gasping for words.

"That I'll always be there for you?" she guessed.

"No…promise that you'll never do what you just did again," he said, sarcastically. Marie smiled.

"Alright, it's agreed. The next time you've been kidnapped and held up for bait, I'll let you die," the two laughed.

"Marie, we need to get Bobby out of here," Logan said, putting a hand on her shoulder.

Marie got up, moving out of the way as two guards carefully picked Bobby up and headed for the horses.

"What are we going to do about the bodies?" Kurt asked.

Charles thought a moment then responded. "We'll burying them, out behind the castle and with no head stones or markings, Eric would want it that way. Buried among his men and wife."

After the barrel, the tree guards that died were strapped to the horses to be taken home and buried properly amongst their family cemetery and the rest of the guards were ready to go Marie took one last look at where her mother was buried and sighed, now she really felt alone in this world.

But when Remy rode up next to her, she suddenly felt the burden of loneliness fade away. She knew that her life was now changed forever. With the endless hounding that had never allowed her to travel outside of King Charles' domain and her new relationship with the man she only knew to be Gambit.


Logan had kept his promise to his horse and returned to find a spot where he always rode Red to when he needed to be alone. There Red would roam free, in Logan's heart he knew that here Red's soul would be free.


~One week later~

After a much needed break, Marie set off to check up on Bobby when she ran into Gambit in the hallway.

"Morning, chere," he greeted, bowing politely.

"Good morning, ,sugar," she said, smiling.

"Going to check up on Bobby?" he asked, though he knew the answer.

"Of course, every day you ask me the same question. Do I detect a hint of jealousy?" she asked mockingly.

"Why, chere, why would I be jealous?"

"I don't know, is there any reason for you to be jealous?"

"Well, maybe just a little hint," he said.

Marie smiled and went to walk pasted him when he stopped her. She looked into his eyes, questionably.

"There's something I've been meaning to tell you," he began.

"Yeah, what?" she asked.

"I lied to you when I first met you. I am not just wondering the lands. I ran away from home when I was ten. My father had a contract that expected me to marry some girl I had never met. Regardless on whether I loved her or not. My life isn't written in some contract I do what I want and marry who I love."

"Why would your father set a contract for you to marry someone. I thought that only kings and royalty did those type of things," Marie said, waiting for his answer.

"Oui, my father is the, the King of France," Marie gasped, as Remy continued, "and I am the Prince of France. My name is not Gambit, it is Remy LeBeau," Remy got down onto one knee as he asked this next question, "I have traveled many places and met many people and I have yet to find the one person that makes me feel, well the way that you do. So I ask you this, will you, Lady Marie Worthington, be my wife?"

Marie gasped again. Silence befell upon her as she sank to her knees. Her eyes welled up with tears as she looked into Remy's eyes. "I would be, ah hell, YES! I will!" she said, hugging Remy tightly. "Although, since my father is dead, I think you should ask Sir Logan for permission," she said with a chuckle.

Remy laughed in response. "If that's what you want then Remy happy to obliged."

Together they headed to find Logan.


"Logan," Marie said, walking up to him and hugging him, "Remy has something he wants to ask you." She then disappeared behind Logan as Remy approach him.

"Sir Logan I would be eternally grateful if you would make me the happiest man on earth and allow me to wed Lady Marie," he stopped. Logan was shocked that he was even asking him this, but after all these years Marie did feel almost like a daughter to him. Remy continued. "I will cherish, love and devote everything that I am to make her happy. For only her love and happiness will allow me to live the rest of my life with any meaning."

Silence fell upon Logan, he didn't doubt the couples love for the other, but just the fact that he was stepping in as a father and 'giving' Marie away was just something that totally baffled him. "This last week you have proven your love for Marie to me. I would feel better knowing that type of compassion lied in whomever Marie wished to wed."

Excited, Marie hugged Logan once more, before leaping into Remy's arms and hugging him tightly. "But," Logan interrupted. Becoming serious, "in the one chance you break her heart and I find out, I will find you and you will wish you had never been born."

The color from Remy's face went white. Though the color returned quickly as he knew he could never break Marie's heart, not without his own breaking first.


Marie had told Bobby the news after she packed her belongings. Bobby didn't speak, he could feel his heart breaking at the news. But he couldn't bring himself to stay angry, he knew there was no chance for him and Marie to be together for they were just friends.

"So Remy and I have decided to have a small wedding here tomorrow and then we're leaving for France to see his family," Marie said.

"There is one thing I have never told you Marie," he began.

"What's that?"

"Ever since I can remember I have always wanted you to be safe. And now that you are I know what I want to do with my life. I want to train with Sir Logan to one day become captain of the guards just like him."

"Why Bobby, that would be great."

"Yes, well I thought you might like that. Promise you'll write to me everyday."

Marie smiled as she leaned down to hug him. " I promise. Though you and Logan are making me regret leaving, but I got over that quickly," she said.

Bobby and Marie laughed at the humor as they walked together towards the balcony for one last sunset together.


The wedding was small, as Marie wanted it to be. Only close friends attended. After Marie and Remy exchanged vows they said their goodbyes to everyone. When Marie finished her goodbyes to Logan and Bobby, her eyes filled with tears as a single tear drop slid down her cheek.

They left, man and wife. A carriage took them, which would take close to a week, to one of King Charles' ships in a small city just on the shores of England. From there, they were to sail to France, taking a month. Once in France they would get an escort to Paris and to the palace to reunite with Remy's parents.


The time it took them to travel to return to Paris didn't seem that long. As Marie enjoyed the sights and travel, especially Remy's company. They talked of the past, present and the future that was in store for them.

When they arrived at the palace Remy soon became nervous at the reaction he would get from his father. Though it didn't matter since he was an adult and already married.

After an announcement was made on their arrival, Remy couldn't help but smile at his mother as she ran to meet him. He hugged her tightly. Marie smiled through the confrontation, feeling a little out of place, but just then Remy's mother turned and looked Marie from head to toe, smiled and hugged her tightly.

"So Remy, is she the reason your future as it should be and you are happy?" she asked.

Remy smiled, "So you find my letter."

"Of course, I knew you just had to write one. It wouldn't have been proper of you not to leave one somewhere."

"Remy," a loud voice said from behind the three. Remy cringed slightly as he turned to see his father standing. The man looked nearly the same, despite some of his hair was now gray.

"Yes, sir," Remy said.

His father held out a hand. Remy took it. "Welcome home, my son," his father said, pulling him into a hug.

"So what's this I hear you got to married to the most beautiful woman in the world," he said, looking at Marie who blushed. "Well, tonight we feast on behalf of the happy couple and where will you go next, Remy?"

For a brief moment Remy thought, then he answered, "To see the world."

They walked up to the stairs as the celebrations began.



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