Curse of Each Season

Something Controversial

A quiet girl traced the faded characters on her worn but much loved scroll with a dainty finger. She looked upon it admiringly, knowingly that it near told the exact story of her life. It was illustrated with paintings of the four seasons, sprawling across the tan paper as if the colors were alive.

She smiled warmly, moving her position on the floor to a slightly more comfortable sitting position. Smoothly rolling it back up, she tenderly placed it to the side with a few other of her dearest belongings. She crawled back to the middle of her room and sat on her futon, feeling the usual sleepiness come over her.

It was winter now, the season of sleep and purification. She was always drowsy and close to silent during this time, and during the coldest days, she could be completely mute. She sighed, exhaling chilled breath.

A charming girl with peach colored hair entered the room.

"Kasane-sama? Would you like to come out and have tea with us? You rarely do during these months, but I thought maybe, if you're not too tired..."

"Of course, Momo. I'd love to." She tried to stand up, but was too weak and abruptly fell to her knees, whimpering a bit as she did so.

"Oh, Kasane-sama..." Momo said, near silent, rushing to help.


"We've already called upon every doctor from this side of the mountains. Probably twice for each one. And every time, the answer is always the same: they can't cure her, it's a curse. We've even summoned a doctor who specializes in these sorts of things. Ted, it affected her mother, her grandmother, her great grandmother, and countless women from generations before that. And we both know she doesn't have much time left if we don't get rid of this disease soon. She won't survive next winter!" A proud girl with a long black ponytail slammed her palms down on the table, declaring attention.

"Mako-sama... We can't just let her die, we know that. But what can we do?" Momo frowned, shifting her sorrowful gaze away.

Ted looked at them, frustrated. Teto was his sister, he couldn't let her go. He wouldn't. Placing his hands over his eyes for a moment, he tried to think. Was there anyone he knew of, anywhere, who could save his sister?

He entwined his fingers and rested his chin upon them. The only thing that could help her now was something controversial. Maybe something supernatural, or occult...

"That's it!" Ted began to grin, and his face lit up.

"What's it?" Mako frowned at him impatiently.

"I know someone who can help Teto!"


Oh hai! Ah, I'm so hyper right now. Maybe it's cause I'm so glad to have started this. I have had this idea for so long! Or maybe it's because I just discovered the hoard of Love is War Remixes on Youtube. I swear, I don't know where they've been hiding all this time.

I'm really glad to be able to write a story that has supernatural parts in it. I've never written anything like this, so it's exciting. And don't worry, this is only the beginning to the story. I know, I didn't explain much, and it's short, but I'll update quickly, I hope.

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