I've decided to rewrite this story, because well, it needs reworking. I've finally decided on a direction to take this (honestly, the first nudge in this direction was from cuddygirl18, so much kudos to you, thank you)! It will have all new elements, and a fresh take on werewolves, but nothing too wild, just my take on things! So I hope all you readers will enjoy the new take, and all you new readers will enjoy it too! 3 Upstairs!

Sam- 17.

Dean- 21.

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or any of the boys, I just enjoy dressing them up and forcing them to do my will. D


Sam sat in the backseat, his hand on his right knee, his leg jittering nervously up and down. He flicked his bangs out of his eyes, glancing out the window at the dark countryside. Trees zoomed by, the saucer moon high in the sky, and he caught the flare of a deer's eyes in the headlights as they sped past.

He glanced up at Dean, who'd peered back, as if to check on him. Seeing Dean's eyebrows crease together, he realized his hazel eyes must be wide open, his mouth pursed. Sam gave him a shaky smile, trying to reassure his older brother, who watched Sam for another moment, then reached back and gave Sam a friendly slap on the leg before turning back in his seat.

Sam let out a shaky breath, running a hand through his hair. It wasn't that he was scared… well… yeah, he was. It was his first real hunt. What if he messed up? What if it got him? Or worse, Dean or Dad? He wanted to be on this hunt—hell, he'd gone to his knees begging—but there was just so much that could go wrong, Dean or Dad could di—no, no, it'd be fine. It'd be fine.

He was talking about Dean and Dad after all, the two best hunters out there. They'd kill it. Then they'd go home, order a pizza, he and Dean would fight over the second bed, Dean would lose—give in, but he wouldn't let Dean know that he knew that—and Dean would sleep on the couch while he fake-gloated over having the bed all to himself. It'd be fine.

He looked up, catching John's flint grey eyes gazing at him in the rearview. John glanced back at Sam. "You okay boy?"

Sam gave John a half-smile. "Yeah. Just wondering when we'll get that wolf skin rug," he supplied half-heartedly. Dean grinned at Sam through the mirror, and suddenly Sam felt more optimistic. Yeah, this hunt would be just fine.


And onward the story shall plunge….