Hey there. I'm surprised no one wrote fan fiction for this yet. Anyways, here we go! -The Author

Prolouge: The Explosion Seen Round The World

The first few events were hectic: A tower left the world for the first time, an ancient enegy generator reawakened, and a "product" changed this world forever. No one could tell where they were going because they were bound to a 3rd dimension. The most famed inhabinants were unable to help... or so they thought. In another corner of the world, versions of the creatures used to this kind of envrioment are racing to stop this threat. A few days later, a building suddenly exploded from an overflow of spam. This explosion was seen around the world, and the creatures then went through a series of pipes to reach the ruins of the building, where they raced to build a gigantic tower to a faraway planet, because the pollution from the explosion was unbearable. Who were they, you may ask? They were called Goo Balls. And the only one left was about to make a discovery he should have made... because he was isolated from the rest of the world.