Leaving home that day, Trigak hadn't thought much of his job. A quick in-and-out, home in time for dinner. The "Order of the Stick" whoever they were, wouldn't know what hit them, until he said his name anyways. Plus. The "Three for one" discount had earned him quite a bit more money than the job was worth. Stupid Lich.

As Trigak walked to the door, he gave his girlfriend a kiss.

"Come home safely now," The Hydra's three heads echoed, "We're having a barbecue with some nice black dragons I met at the store tonight. You wouldn't believe the trouble they have been through. Apparently, her husband was killed and turned into armor for an adventurer! Make sure you are nice. They seem like good people. Be on time."

"Of course dear," Said Tr, the Dragon head.

"We'll be fine." Said Ig, the Lion head.

"This is an easy job." Said Ak, the Goat head.

Trigak flew off towards the dungeon where the adventurers were supposed to be. However, that day he was slightly distracted, thinking of the night before.

"OH TRIGAK! MORE! MORE!" The five of them had been at it for hours, and she still wanted more. Of course, Trigak was MORE than happy to oblige. However, Hydra only had two heads. Tr and Ig both had a head to keep them busy, but Ak didn't. As he dutifully satisfied her, Ak became more nd more frustrated. Finally, with a huge burst of will, he seized control of their arms and slammed his claws into her neck, and straight through. Her head went flying and landed with a wet smack on the floor. Everything stopped.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Tr yelled, "Why would you do that?"

"I…I-i-i-i… Felt,… Left out… Besides, it will grow back…" Ak looked down, his horns hitting Ig softly.

"That is NOT the point! Look at her!" Ig pointed at the head on the floor, blood gushing out, forming an almost perfect circle. Then he looked over at the head still attached and gasped. Where there had been a bloody stump a few seconds earlier, two new heads had sprouted, and now there were three.

"Hey, don't fight, I'm perfectly fine. I understand why he did it. Now come here, I'm still not done."

He would definitely have to make up for that. Though everyone HAD been a lot happier afterwards… He would just buy her flowers and pick up a cow on the way home. Pretty simple. Too bad though… In a few hours he would be burned, shocked, and severely intruded upon, but he didn't know that. Not yet.