Nina sat up on her bed ,a bowl of ice cream rested on her now protruding stomach, she was quite large for a pregnant women( but we must remember she carries twins) ,but the growth only took its toll on her stomach. Besides that she was as fit as could be.

The babies had stopped kicking for the day so she was bored. Over the months she found it harder and harder to have fun, Ayu visited her almost every day with Sayaka and Tetsushi sent his greetings. It somewhat saddened her that her childhood friend had barely spoken to her since her announcement. Sayaka told her it was only because he was scared that she (Sayaka) would now want a child. Sayaka thought of that idea as stupid and ridiculous.

Nina didn't think that was the reason, she didn't know what was.

Yuta and Sayaka were in an "open" relationship, many of their friends, including Nina, thought ill of it but said and did nothing of it.

Nina was dosing off into a light slumber when she felt the vibration of her cellphone she picked it up and answered without seeing who was calling.

"Hello" Nina asked groggily.

"Hey Nina, how's it going" the voice said .Nina's eyes widened with delight.

"Yuta? Is it really you?" She asked stunned

"In the um, never mind, how are you, have you popped my niece and nephew out yet." he asked jokingly, Nina recognized how unsure the voice sounded, something was wrong.

"Umm no, ha-ha, I'm well, but umm Yuta are you okay?" Nina asked, she felt concern for her friend, all of a sudden the babies began to kick furiously, and Nina couldn't make anything of it.

"Yea, sure, I-I'm fine, it's just uhh, I gotta go" he said stumbling over his words.

"Yuta, wait I" Nina began but the phone clicked and Yuta was gone. The babies kicking ceased and once again Nina was bored. She sat and pondered the conversation for well over a half an hour, then she fell asleep.


Nina was once again on the park bench, her children had ran to retrieve their father. She knew what was coming next.

The two children appeared once more from the bushes, Yuta in tow, a smile was forced on her face.

Yuta walked over to the bench and sat beside her. He smiled at her. No words were spoken as they watched the two children play energetically. Yuta slowly inched his hand over to Nina's, Nina looked over at him, something told her to move her hand but her body wouldn't allow it. They're hands intertwined.

Yuta leaned over and pressed his lips to Nina's gently. Nina's eyes widened, she didn't pull away, and instead she kissed back.

"Eww mommy and daddy are gross" the little girl giggled, then ran off to play with her brother. Yuta and Nina separated and looked at each other with loving smiles.

"I love you" Yuta said sweetly.

Nina awoke from her slumber once more, only a little more peaceful. She didn't know what to make of it. Was it because she fell asleep thinking of him? But what about kissing him, kissing him back at that?

Hiroki wasn't home yet and wouldn't be until Monday (today was Friday).Nina decided it was time to talk to someone about her dreams. They were starting to scare her. She sat up from her bed and grabbed her phone and pressed her speed dial. After three rings the person on the other line picked up and said "hello".

"Ayu dear I need you" Nina said. The phone clicked and in records time Ayu was at the house, with bags, and food.

It had been such a long time since Ayu and Nina had had a "sleepover". Nina was always off somewhere doing something exciting with Hiroki. Ayu was always somewhere with Tetsushi doing something adventurous.

The two girls where on the floor propped up against the couch watching "home movies". Ayu was too busy poking and prodding at Nina's swollen belly to actually pay attention, she hadn't even taken the time to ask Nina what was the reason for the spur of the moment sleepover ,and also why wasn't Sayaka there too, she had slowly become part of the group after the gym incident back when they were young.

"Ayu dear?" Nina asked softly, Ayu looked up at her best friend and smiled.

"Yes Nina?" she asked as her smile faded when she saw the strained look on her face, Nina looked as if she were about to break down in tears. "What's wrong Nina?" she asked a bit more alarmed. Nina looked at Ayu then sighed.

"I talked to Yuta today, he sounded …sad, and when I asked what's wrong he just said he had to go and hung up" she began Ayu looked confused. "But the thing is I've been having these strange things, and I don't know what to think of it, here I'll show you" Nina directed Ayu to the TV, and replayed her dream onto it.

Ayu watched the screen change colors and flash twice as it faded in, Nina's latest dream played. The two sat in silence till the end as the screen faded Ayu sat in shock.

"Nina what does this mean" she asked

"i-I don't know, I mean when this happened I had just fallen asleep after I had talked to him, I thought maybe it was because he was on my mind" Nina stammered.

"But when you think of someone in your dream you imagine hanging out with them or talking to him, you kissed him and had kids with him Nina, that's A BIG DIFFRENCE!"She almost yelled.

"That's why I wanted you to come over, I'm so confused and I don't know what to think, I mean why would he be in my dreams, and the father of my children, huh" in a gasped. Ayu looked in alarm,

"Nina what's wrong?" she asked,

"You remember when me and Hiroki separated?" Nina asked tears brimming the bottom of her eyes. Ayu nodded, although she remembered vaguely.

(A/N: alright flashback time this is from a viewer's point of view not just Ayu's)

Nina and Hiroki had broken up after a very heated argument. Nina who hardly ever gets angry was on fire. She decided that it was time to go out, she had called up the whole gang minus Hiroki and they went clubbing.

Sayaka and Tetsushi couldn't make it because they had to work, which left Nina, Ayu ,Yuta and Yuta's sister( A/N: God I can't remember her name for nothing, I'm gunna call her Sis) to have all the fun. Nina mainly hung with sis and Ayu, Yuta was making his rounds, and he was a regular there.

Sis had been able to cool Nina down with a couple of drinks ,as we know from when sis had taken a much younger Nina and Ayu to the club Nina has a little too much fun.

Nina had a martini in one hand and was dancing with some guy. After a while she had grown tired of that guy and moved on to a taller man. He had medium length brown hair and chiseled features, a grin across his face. Nina was now on her 6th drink and far away. And was now doing more, sexual dances. Ayu had been watching her the whole time, rejecting dances from every guy who came up to her, and only drinking non -alcoholic drinks.

One incident she had to throw out one of her drinks because she spotted a guy tampering with it. Ayu had finally taken a break and went to the restroom. The man dancing with Nina took notice to her exit and acted. He leant down and whispered into Nina's ear.

Whatever he had said, Nina didn't like .with her drunken personality she shook her head and slapped him. The man's facial expression turned from a grin to an angry smirk. He grabbed Nina's arm harshly as she tried to leave. And began inching her away out into the night.

The man had managed to get Nina to a bust down motel; he had a pre rented room right at the bottom floor.

Nina was now crying and pleading for him to let her go.

"Please I won't tell anyone, just let me go, I'm sorry for leading you on, pleeeeease just let me go." She cried. The man ignored her please and began to rip her shirt open; he had torn the blue silk blouse open exposing a black bra. The lights flickered.

"LET HER GO" a voice thundered from nowhere. The man looked up from his prey.

"Who-whose their". The man stammered clearly scared. The TV across the room exploded, and the lights went out, the door flew open and the man fled screaming.

Nina lay on the bed crying, the lights turned back on and the TV reconstructed itself. A young man ran in.

"Nina, Nina are you okay" he asked nearly yelling. Nina looked up from her hands.

"y-Yuta?" she asked her voice cracking. Before he could speak Nina jumped and hugged him.

"Ni-Nina we, we have to go" he began; Nina just hugged him he realized they were getting nowhere and hugged her back.

After a while Nina lifted her head and smiled at Yuta, she leaned in and kissed him. Yuta began to kiss her back but thought it would be wrong, Hiroki was his friend, yea he hasn't known him that long but it would still be wrong right? He broke the kiss. Nina smirked.

"Yuta were broken up, and we've known each other for the longest time, if it turns out weird we'll just be friends again." Nina explained, that was all Yuta needed to know he kissed Nina, flicking his wrist the room became beautifully elegant the lights were dimmed. He flicked it once more and the drawstrings to the curtains around the bed closed.

3 days later Hiroki showed up at Nina's door step with roses, candy and poetry (a/n bleh so cliché). Nina accepted him, and they made up (A/N: oh you know what I'm talking about…. DON'T DENY IT!). Yuta was actually quite heart broken, but shrugged it off and went about his business staying Nina's friend, ready to catch her if she fell.


Nina shook her head the idea hadn't ever occurred to her. The day hiroki proposed she broke the news of her pregnancy to him.

"Nina you're going to have to tell Hiroki, and Yuta" Ayu said softly. Tears were running down her eyes. She didn't know if the reason she accepted Hiroki's proposal was because she actually loved him or because she didn't want to raise a child alone.

"Nina it will be okay, Hiroki loves you, he'll-he'll understand" Ayu said assuredly, although in her voice was glazed with unsureness. Nina shook her head.

"No Ayu, that's not the problem, the thing is, I don't know if I want him to be the father." She cried.

Ayu gasped, this couldn't be happening, Nina never did anything wrong, how could this be happening to her of all people. This was probably the, most serious thing Nina had ever said in her life. She had even taken the dear after the longtime nickname Ayu was given. Something had to be done, problems needed to be solved.

They just didn't know how.