Leyla's Story: Prologue

Me: Hi! I'm new to the Alpha and Omega category, so this fanfic.'s going to be pretty bad, but I'll hopefully get better at it as I go. This is the Prologue, obviously. Anyway, hope you enjoy this fanfic.

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Hello. My name is Leyla. I am the eldest sister and daughter of my family. Well, what's left of my family, that is. My father got killed by hunters, and let me tell you, it wasn't a pretty sight. I was so close to my dad. We would always chase each other and dad would use to tickle me. My family was such a happy and vivacious pack, but then my father's death changed everything.

My mom would always howl in sorrow and sob nonstop. My little sister and brother, Summer and Travis, always ask me what was wrong with our mom. All I tell them, every time they ask this, is 'Oh, she's just having one of her moments'. I really wish that I could really tell them why, but I didn't want them to worry about her. So, that's what I tell them, even though I hate to lie to my young siblings.

Every night, once I help my mom put the twins to sleep. Yes, Summer and Travis are twins. Anyway, once we put the twins to sleep, I always give my mom a worried gaze. Whenever I would do that, she would look at me then sigh sadly and whisper 'Leyla, it is so nice to know that I have such a wonderful daughter who always has so much compassion for anyone. I may love Summer and Travis a lot, but I love you just as much. Promise me, Leyla, that you will always love and care for your sister and brother. The reason why I keep on telling you this is because, one day, you won't always have your mother to protect you and take care of you. You, Summer, and Travis will have to face the world together without me soon.' 'I know, mom. I know that it won't be easy, but I'll be ready.' I would tell her. She would smile at me and mutter 'That's my girl.'.

Then, a few months later, she died because of anorexia. That's right. After my father's death, my mother stopped eating and I watched, as each day went by, how slowly my mother was suffering from the lack of energy and how her dark blue eyes would slowly lose their luster. Her name was Felicity, and my father's name was Aaron. My mother looked like Summer and Travis. She had long brunette hair and fur, but had cream-colored fur on her belly. Then, my father looked like me; he had white fur all over except his belly, which is black-colored.

So, now, it's just me and my two siblings. Join us on our journey as we begin to take on the world together, as my mother said. This is my story.

Me: Crappy start, right? Oh well, then again, I'll get better once this fanfic. really gets started. I'll try to update as soon as I can.