Title: Guided By A Star
Genre: Drama/Family
Warnings: SLASH, mpreg, non-graphic violence & torture, mild swearing
Characters: Harry Potter, Sirius Black, OC's, Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa, Draco, Andromeda, Tonks, Weasleys, Hermione, Dumbledore, Bellatrix, assorted DE… LOTS!
Pairings: Sirius x Harry, Lucius x Narcissa, Draco x Hermione, Bill x Tonks, Severus x Remus & Others!
Summary: SLASH !SBHP! HP is convicted of murdering Ginny. He's innocent & breaks out after entering Azkaban. Add into the mix the war, people convinced he's guilty & one special little boy born in Azkaban prison & you get… a typical mess as only Harry can get into!

Prologue February 15th, 2001

Rain lashed upon her face like the slashes of a whip, driven by the howling fury of the wind and the storms that hovered constantly around this awful place. She shivered and drew her cloak closer around her shoulders with fine, gloved hands. Dressed in heels and a designer gown she looked more fit to be at a ball or party than to be entering Azkaban prison of her own will.

Dropping her hood as she pushed through the huge double doors she straightened out the fine blonde strands that fell like a halo around her fine, delicate features. Ignoring the appreciative glances of the guard standing in the corner she approached the warden and submitted her oak wand for inspection.

"Destination?" he asked, bored.

"Cell Omega-29," she said clearly.

The startled warden looked at her, horn-rimmed glasses sliding down his long, skinny nose. Beady blue eyes looked into her softer blue and he repeated, "Omega-29, are you sure?"

"Absolutely," she snapped. In a haughty tone of voice she added, "I know the path and I wish for the trip to be without escort."

"Listen here lady, that's a dangerous prisoner. You have no right or ability to—"

"I am Lady Narcissa Rhosyn Malfoy, wife to Lucius Malfoy, a member of the Wizengamot," she snapped, "do not tell me what I have the right or ability to do! I demand the trip be unescorted and that I have access to the cell without the presence of a Dementor."

The man recoiled from the obvious flash of temper in Narcissa's blue eyes and stuttered, "It ought to be all right, don't know why you'd want to see him though. He's a scary, murdering bastard, that one."

Coldly she took her wand back from the warden and snapped, "My reasons are my own."

Turning on her heel she walked up to the door leading to the cell blocks. Glaring at the guard, Narcissa swept through the promptly opened door without a backward glance.

Omega-29 was on the innermost cell block, very near to the center of the prison. The centermost cell was Omega-77, considered a magical number most wished to avoid. The cell blocks of Azkaban prison were not only set in levels but spiraling layers. Omega layer was actually an inner tower, Omega-1 at the top and Omega-77 was at the very bottom and middle of the prison.

It was a 45-minute trip from the warden to Omega-29. Narcissa passed 30 Dementors on her trip; she counted them carefully and frowned as she did so. Her goal was going to be extremely difficult to attain, but it was worth it.

Narcissa reached Omega-29 and placed a finger against the metal lock. She felt the small prick as it accessed her blood and the wards around the cell hummed for a moment before dropping. Pushing on the door she entered and left a crack behind her. It wouldn't open again once she shut it.

A silent tear slid down her cheek as she looked at the occupants of the cell under the dim moonlight coming in through the bars of the window. Cornelius Fudge was an idiot, instead of admitting he was wrong he'd imprisoned another innocent in Azkaban.

Though the figure in front of her had only been in here 7 months, he was already paler and thinner than Narcissa had ever seen him, even after being abandoned to those horrid Muggles. There was a twisted pain in the slender, elegant features. His sleep was too agitated to be restful. The trial for the man in front of her had been one of the most insulting public farces Narcissa had ever attended. Had the Aurors involved done any investigation at all, they would have released him. It was not physically capable of the man in front of her to kill.

Oh he could have waved his wand and said the spell, but the area the idiot girl had been killed in had wards that prevented anyone who was expecting a child to get near. And the tiny, not quite 24-year-old baby boy cradled protectively and lovingly against his shoulder was proof of the impossibility.

Nearly as painful as watching the trial itself had been watching people tear into the young man afterward. Narcissa could have throttled Molly Elizabeth Weasley nee Prewett. She had been so important to the young man and she'd torn into him so badly after the trial that he'd willingly walked over to the Dementors that waited for him.

Narcissa watched with a sad smile as the baby stirred and slowly blinked large, beautiful eyes feathered with the long, dark lashes most girls would die for. Though the baby's eyes were soft blue Narcissa had a feeling she knew what color they were going to end up. Tiny fingers brushed against a thin shoulder and the little boy let out a soft sound that was a mixture between a coo and a whimper.

With the feeling that she was being watched Narcissa reached out and traced a soft cheek. "Hello baby," she crooned softly, smiling. Though 7 months of pregnancy and the birth had been in the prison, the little boy was surprisingly healthy and vigorous. Heartbreakingly beautiful as well, but that was to be expected with who his fathers were.

Lifting her head, Narcissa gazed directly into piercingly dark, intense emerald green eyes. As always, any direct contact between herself and Harry James Potter left Narcissa feeling breathless. The power that flooded this young man's veins was heady and frightening at the same time. Narcissa had wondered for a long time how one young man could have that much power and still be sane.

She'd eventually given up her desire to know, it was just one of the many things that no one understood about Harry. As Harry watched her tears filled his bright eyes. He bent his head and pressed a soft kiss to the small forehead of his son. After a moment he asked brokenly, "Who are you taking him to?"

"My sister Andromeda Tonks," Narcissa answered softly. "She will be good to him; Nymphadora was the only child she was able to carry."

"She is Sirius' favorite cousin, isn't she?" he croaked quietly, shoulders shaking.

"Yes. Am I allowed to tell her who he is?"

Harry nodded. Pressing one last kiss to downy black hair he whispered, "Be good my little star. I love you, my precious Polaris."

Then he gave the tiny baby over to Narcissa. Turning away from her he started crying. When Narcissa reached out to comfort him he choked out, "Go, Narcissa. Nothing you can say or do will help this hurt less. Thank you for helping me."

Narcissa stepped out of the cell and shut the door. The wards flared red and locked down. Narcissa tucked little Polaris against her shoulder underneath the fur edge of her cloak, completely hiding the small body. The little boy was very quiet, as if he sensed it was important that he not make a single sound.

The first Dementor approached her when she was half-way down the cell block. It passed right by her and she sighed in relief. Her suspicion had been correct; the creatures only noticed those who were trained in magic. The next test would be the most important one.

The walk out of the cell block was quiet, only the soft warmth of Polaris' small body against her shoulder reassured Narcissa that the baby was really there. As she approached the front doors she took a deep breath. There was a powerful Sensory ward on the doors, she could only hope that it wasn't attuned enough to separate Polaris' untrained magic from her trained abilities, or detect the small life form resting against her much larger one.

To her weak-kneed relief they passed through without a problem. Once clear of the anti-Apparition wards she concentrated on her sister's address and disappeared with a crack. When they appeared again just outside of her sister's wards Polaris whimpered a little, upset by the pressure of Apparition. Narcissa comforted him; she would have preferred another method of transportation with a day-old child. Andromeda was inaccessible by Floo and Narcissa would not tempt fate with an unauthorized Portkey.

Drawing her wand she whispered, "Expecto Patronum!"

Narcissa knew her sister would recognize the white fox as her own Patronus. She could only hope that Andromeda would be in a good mood and not hex her on sight.

"Narcissa?" A voice called. "Cissy, is that you?"

"Yes it's me, Andromeda. I used to call you Andra as a child," Narcissa replied.

"Come on inside," she said eventually.

Narcissa stepped through the ward and up to her sister, a slightly prettier and less masculine featured version of their mutual sister Bellatrix. Her dark eyes softened when she saw the tiny baby and she asked, "May I hold the child?"

"Of course," Narcissa replied, handing Polaris gently over to her sister.

"What a gorgeous little boy," Andromeda crooned at him, brushing back downy black hair.

"Sister, do you believe Harry Potter guilty of murdering Ginerva Weasley?"

Andromeda looked up, startled. "No, I never did. Both on my own and because of our cousin Sirius. He was so adamant that there was no way Harry could or would do such a thing. I have to admit, he seems far too gentle natured to hurt another, let alone kill them. Why do you ask?"

"Because he had a favor that he wanted me to ask you."

"What would that be?"

"To love his son and treat him as gently as you did your daughter until such time that it is safe for Polaris to be with his fathers."

Andromeda's face paled and she looked down at the tiny baby boy. The aristocratic, proud features of the Black family were prominent on the tiny baby's face and hands, and he looked so familiar…

"This is Sirius' son!" she breathed, stunned.

Narcissa nodded. "It is not safe for Polaris to be with his father at this time. Sirius may have been exonerated after an Auror saw Pettigrew, but since Harry's imprisonment he's become more reckless than ever. For now it is safer and more secure for Polaris to remain unknown."

"He's safer from the Death Eaters as well," Andromeda guessed.

Narcissa's expression grew grave and she whispered, "I fear Bellatrix may have already guessed that this child exists. She keeps hinting that a more 'satisfying' way exists to hurt our cousin. Will you do this, Andromeda?"

"Yes," she answered. "One question, sister. Why would you not raise him?"

"I would gladly do so, but as you know Lucius was found out as a spy for the Order. What you do not know is that we are turning the Manor into headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix. So if I kept Polaris, he would be around Sirius constantly. Our cousin is no idiot, though he may act like it sometimes. He would eventually guess."

Narcissa stood to leave. Just before doing so she retrieved a small necklace and matching bracelet. The necklace looked like twisted rope and had three charms on it. To the left was a large dog, the right had a wolf's head thrown back in howl. In the exact middle was an eight-point star, hollow, with a bright purple amethyst in the center. The bracelet had the same image embedded in a flat link the length of an adult pinkie finger.

"The necklace is charmed to never choke or harm Polaris, once he is 2 years old only he can remove it and it has protective wards and enchantments. The image on the bracelet activates a passive tracking spell that can't be blocked."

She pressed a kiss to the tiny forehead and said softly, "Goodbye Polaris Sirius Black. I will never forget you and I hope to the star you were named for that we shall meet again soon."

Little did Narcissa Rhosyn Malfoy know it would be 2 ½ years before she would once again see little Polaris.

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