One shot: Suicidal vampire

" I swear, if John turns that wrech Seward I'll throw him into the sun!" Quency seethes. John walks up to Quency with a smile on his pale, white face. " My, darling brother, Quency! I have the most wonderfull news! I am to be a father." John beams.

Quency pats his kin on the back. " Well done. So, who is the lucky woman." Quency exclaims, truely happy of the news. " Mary." John grinns. " So. Where is the home recking- I mean... uh... Where is the little darling?" Quency smiled. " Oh, and John? Would you come here. I feel like sharing a brotherly moment."

Quency takes hold of Johns jacket and throws him into the sunlight medow outside. Mary walks in. " Oh, Quency!" She exclaims, reaching up to smooth out her gold hair, batting her eyelashes. Quency looks at her. " So, since were alone and both atotomically correct, do you want to..."

" Quency!" The young golden-haired, vampire exclaimed. Mary's usually emrald greens were now a blazing firey amber. Quency backed up, and put his pale hands up, in surrender. " Ah, uh, Marry... Hold that thought. I just remembered-" Quency never finished that sentence. 'Cuase he jumped out the window into the sunshune outside. " John wait for meeee!"